No, this is not funny. Not at all

- June 12th, 2012

The original story, in French, is here. The quick version: While they were in the home of Quebec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir looking for something related to his daughter’s arrest, the cops noticed this poster.
Delacroix mock-up


It’s a sick take on the famous French-revolution-related Delacroix painting of 1830 (the original is below). It shows Amir Khadir, wearing the black top hat, about to step over the body of Quebec Premier Jean Charest. The distinctly dead body of Premier Jean Charest. (Bottom left, with no pants on.)
Delacroix original


The group that makes and distribute this piece of art (which Khadir called a “joke”), also has a number of other offensive pictures on their website. Including one that shows Scrabble letters making out the words “TUER MARTINEAU” (Kill Martineau, in reference to Journal de Montreal columnist Richard Martineau), and the heads of Jean Charest, Lucien Bouchard, and Quebecor President and CEO Pierre Karl Péladeau. If this doesn’t constitute incitement to violence, I don’t know what does. Time to stop this nonsense.



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  1. Jen says:

    Brigitte, when some artist took it upon herself to do a nude painting of the leader of canada without his permission then to have the painting blaster all over the media and around the world. Not one reporter at SNN ask her with conviction “how dare she paint a nude pose of canada’s PMSH.”
    PM Harper is treated worse than a criminal.

    What Khadir did in re to Charest is disgusting but so was the ‘fake’ nude painting of the PM Harper which not one reporter came to his defense.

  2. General XYZ says:

    On the contrary, it is extremely funny.

  3. XYZ Follow says:

    J’invite Yalda Machouf Khadir, la fille du député de Québec solidaire Amir Khadir, et son père À RETOURNER DANS LEUR PAYS. Espérer la mort d’une personne n’est pas une de nos valeur québécoise !!! C’est inacceptable


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