The morning after

- September 5th, 2012

As you know by now, a gunman shot two people during Pauline Marois’ speech in Montreal just before midnight. One victim died around 1 am. The other victim is now in stable condition.

We can all be grateful to the Montreal and provincial police officers who reacted quickly and got the situation under control in minutes. And we should also be grateful to Ms Marois for remaining calm and for making sure the 2,000-strong crowd did not panic. She calmed everyone down and helped prevent a much larger tragedy – just imagine what a stampede to the doors would have done.

Finally, if you’re near Montreal, there is a vigil tonight at the Metropolis to pay tribute to the victims and stand up against violence. Francos and Anglos equally welcome.

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  1. Laz Apostolis says:

    Well said! Democracy has spoken, and one must control his/her emotions. My thoughts to the victim and his family.

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