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- October 8th, 2012

Show me your square

Naked student protests in Quebec give rise (as it were) to porn film:

MONTREAL – Female students in Quebec who participated in the student strike movement are now selling their bodies to pay for their education. Shockingly, the women are having sex with men who supported the tuition increase proposed by the former Quebec government.

That’s according to a synopsis of the movie, Show Me Your Red Square!, a porn film very loosely based on Quebec’s student movement and its symbol, the red felt square.

The 85-minute film, created by LiveGonzo, is available on a French-language pay-per-view channel called Indigo, which is owned by Sun Media’s parent company, Quebecor.

“The strike was long,” reads the online synopsis. “Students lost their school term and their summer jobs and they need cash. These women have to let men, who supported the strike, break their little red square so they can pay for school.”

The film has very little to do with school, however.

Yeah, I’m sure it doesn’t. ;)

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