This time for sure it will work

- October 25th, 2012

En francais!

It’s a funny thing: The more separatist politicians try to force people to speak French, the less people speak French. You’d think after a while they’d notice. But no. Separatist politicians aren’t known for their swiftness. You think I’m kidding…

QUEBEC CITY – Quebec separatists reacted with fear and concern Wednesday at new data that shows the percentage of francophones in Montreal is declining.

The Parti Quebecois is talking about an action plan to impose French across the city where most of the province’s English people live.

“The sustainability of the Quebec nation is not guaranteed and the status quo won’t guarantee it,” Education Minister Pierre Duchesne said.

“We’re a nationalist government that will do everything to promote this language.

“It takes a Charter of the French Language that’s powerful enough to protect French in North America,” the former CBC reporter added.

The percentage of Montrealers with French as their mother tongue dropped to 56.5% in 2011 from 62.4% a decade earlier, Statistics Canada says.

French speakers across Quebec declined slightly, to 78.9% in 2011 from 79.6% in 2006.

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  1. Murphy says:

    I don’t care what language that Province speaks. I have no intention of ever going there. I am going to the Maritimes soon, and when I do I am going to go around Quebec via the US.

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