Abortion in the House

- September 27th, 2012

Stephen Woodworth
I am both surprised and unsurprised by the vote on M-312 in the House of Commons last night. M-312 is of course the private member’s motion to strike a committee that would discuss the Criminal Code definition of when one becomes a human being. MPs voted against it, 203-91.

Among those who voted in favour, we find:

House leader Peter Van Loan, International Trade Minister Ed Fast, National Revenue Minister Gail Shea, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, International Cooperation Minister Julian Fantino, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue and Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose…


That’s pretty cool. And so is the fact that by far the most strident and intolerant folks on this particular issue were those – like NDP MPs Francoise Boivin and Nikki Ashton – who seemed to believe there should be no place in Parliament for such discussions. Where else should people discuss important issues of life and death if not in the House of Commons? As interim Liberal leader Bob Rae explained, “The notion that you can somehow stifle, stifle even the possibility of somebody raising a question or raising a different point of view, I find it unacceptable”. Wow. I agree with Bob Rae.

Anyhow. I was not surprised to see the motion defeated. But I have been very pleasantly surprised in the last couple of days by the civility with which most people conducted themselves in this debate, outside the House and inside it. There is hope yet.

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  1. Laura V says:

    Wow, what a happy day for Canada….we don’t have to worry about the slaughter of unborn children at any time before birth for any reason whatsoever. Women, we should be so proud of ourselves…..we have destroyed the value of motherhood so much, that now, to some, it is like a cancer than must be cut out and destroyed……until it is convenient, or until I have everything I want, need, desire, or enough money, or enough education and on and on. Why would we want to have any discussion about the science of that unknown “thing” growing in the human womb….it would be, after all, juste a waste of our valuable time and money. We can happily join China, Vietnam and Iran in having no laws to protect the unborn. And just for good measure we all get to pay for it too!! Oh happy day….for all except for those “lumps” that will be snuffed out today, all in the name of freedom and “women’s rights”. What a sad, sick world we live in.

  2. Deb d says:

    Laura, it is a great day for women, sorry you don’t get it. Women have the right to control what happens and develop within our bodies. It’s not about having / getting enough. It’s about the right to say my choice. Not what some man decides for me! My body, my rights!

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