The case of Linda Gibbons

- June 8th, 2012

This case is an outrage. Punks in Quebec can riot until the cows come home and get away with it with a slap on the wrist. Linda Gibbons has spent almost as much time in jail as Karla Homolka, and she never hurt or threatened anybody. Read the story here.


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  1. C. Hutchison says:

    Canada has NO laws protecting the unborn. Yet these unelected judges, politicians continue to deny the rights and dignity of unborn children to live.

    This is a national tragedy. The recent March for Life in Ottawa was attended by those wanting change. The thousands who attended sent a clear message to the P.M. of Canada. Yet coverage of the event by the media was very poor. Canadians together can demand change. I join with you in writing this brief note. The tragedy that is abortion can be brought to an end. Justice for the unborn..

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