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Green Party leader defends Tory MP’s moot gendercide motion

- April 18th, 2013


Conservative MP Mark Warawa’s effort to raise the issue of “gendercide” in the House of Commons is over.

A parliamentary committee unanimously shoved aside expert advice in late March to declare his motion to condemn sex-selective abortion non-votable, and now Warawa says he won’t appeal that decision to the speaker.

“I’ve decided to continue working on the sex-selection, gendercide issue by speaking at universities, giving lectures and engaging in debates,” the British Columbia politician said Wednesday.

It’s widely rumoured that Prime Minster Stephen Harper orchestrated the committee decision to kill Warawa’s motion because it mentioned abortion. Read more…

Three Tories ask Mounties to investigate possible post-abortion murders

- January 31st, 2013


A trio of backbench Conservative MPs has written to the Mounties to ask for investigations of possible homicides “that appear to have started out as attempted abortions.”

In the Jan. 23 letter, Saskatchewan MP Maurice Vellacott tells RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson that between 2000 and 2009 there were 491 infant deaths in Canada following abortions at 20 weeks gestation or greater that resulted in live births.

“They evacuated out of the womb, so under the Criminal Code definition in Canada, that is a person,” Vellacott told QMI Agency. Read more…

Rona Ambrose doesn’t have a right to choose … how to vote?

- September 27th, 2012


There’s been a fascinating reaction to Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose’s choice to vote in favour of a motion that calls for a study of whether human life begins before full birth. Some media have labelled her choice a “shocker.” Politicians have begun to give her grief. The long and short of it is, many of Ambrose’s political opponents have said Ambrose shouldn’t have a choice in the matter of how to vote on a private member’s motion because of the feared implications for abortion. Here’s a sampling of reaction: Read more…

PM Sides with NDP on ‘human life’ motion

- September 18th, 2012

Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth

Prime Minister Stephen Harper got rare praise from the NDP for siding with the left-wing party against a motion from a Conservative MP.

“I appreciate that the prime minister … has clearly stated that there will be no support for M-312,” New Democrat MP Francoise Boivin said on Monday. Read more…

Harper & Rae: Two peas in a pod on abortion

- April 27th, 2012

24V_iStock_000000195410MediumThere is little difference between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and interim Liberal leader Bob Rae on the issue of abortion.  Neither is willing to support Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion to set up a committee that would study when human life begins.  While the motion makes no mention of abortion, its implications are obvious.  If human life begins only when a child is fully removed from his or her mother, then even just minutes before that, the child is something less than human.  If a committee consulting scientists and doctors concludes human life begins at some point before birth, then a child might have legal rights before emerging from his or her mother.  Read more…