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Greece looks to Canada for energy investment

- February 27th, 2013


Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos wants Canada to know his country is open for business — especially in the energy sector.

“Canada has the expertise, the know-how and we count on this co-operation,” Avramopoulos said Wednesday at a joint news conference with Canadian counterpart John Baird while on an official visit.

Greece hopes that by mid-2013 a seismic survey will help determine its offshore natural gas deposits, estimated to be large enough to generate $600 billion in government royalties over 25 years.

Avramopoulos says he sees opportunities in mining and tourism as well.

“We have created a friendly and hospitable investment environment,” he said.

Baird joked that there was only one negative to his meeting with Avramopoulos.

“We had strong disagreements on which is better, the quality of the beaches in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, or in Santorini,” he said. “We both agreed that more research is needed.”

Canada should prepare for more worldwide turmoil, report warns

- February 20th, 2013


An alarming new report warns the next year “could be even more troublesome” for Canada than 2012 in terms of global trouble spots and economic worries.

“The Middle East is in worse shape than at the beginning of the Arab Spring; Iran looms ever more ominously … North Korea threatens the U.S. with nuclear weapons; the tone between China and Japan and other players of the region over islands dotting the South and East China Seas has become harsher,” said the Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CDAI) in its latest strategic outlook. Read more…

Strut your stuff, Canada tells fighter jet makers

- January 25th, 2013


OTTAWA – The feds are playing quiz-master with fighter jet manufacturers, asking five companies for input on a draft questionnaire developed for the industry.

The move is part of the government’s new effort to evaluate the F-35, Super Hornet, Saab Gripen, French-made Rafale, and Eurofighter as replacements for Canada’s old CF-18 fleet.

“Describe the air-to-air, air-to-ground and anti-surface warfare weapon capabilities intended for operational use on the aircraft,” the questionnaire asks manufacturers, among more than two dozen questions. Read more…

From Canada with Love – Spies in “learning mode”

- October 24th, 2012

CSIS Headquarters - Ottawa

CSIS is not engaged in James Bond espionage but Canada’s spy agency is facing steep challenges as it conducts more missions abroad, according to an annual review committee report.

“They’re not old hands at this yet,” said Adam Green, acting executive director of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC). “They’re still in learning mode.”

SIRC’s annual report for 2011-2012 found that as CSIS expands “the nature and scope” of activities abroad it’s running into problems managing relationships with foreign intelligence agencies – often from countries without the same democratic norms as Canada. Read more…

Images of Senegal

- October 11th, 2012

One of the privileges of working as a Parliamentary reporter for Sun Media is getting to travel with the prime minister on his various trips.  While there is little time for tourism on these trips, you still get to see a lot of interesting things.  Here are some of the images I’ve been able to capture on my cellphone – mostly from the minibus carrying media back and forth from various events.  Enjoy.

A (stinky) seaside fish market in the capital, Dakar.


Read more…