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A new political party to be born — over a double-double

- January 27th, 2011

The advocacy group Democracy Watch is calling on Canadians to get behind a new grassroots federal political movement which it has dubbed the Coffee Party. It’s name, I assume, brings inevitable comparisons to the Tea Party movement in the United States though, knowing Democracy Watch’s general policy objectives over the year, the Coffee Party may be focused less on the fiscal issues that drive the Tea Party and more on some of the transparency and accountability issues that tend to be the focus of Democracy Watch.

UPDATE: Reader writes to say that there actually is a U.S. Coffee Party already

Indeed, the Coffee Party web site makes that explicit:

Unlike the Tea Party movement in the U.S., the Canadian Coffee Party movement is pushing only for well-researched and broadly supported changes that will make Canadian governments and big businesses operate more honestly, ethically, openly, representatively, efficiently and effectively.

In any event, here is the release/call-to-arms from Democracy Watch:

Canadian Coffee Party movement launching tomorrow morning across Canada

OTTAWA – Today, Democracy Watch announced the launch of the Coffee Party movement for good government and corporate responsibility in Canada — tomorrow morning, Friday, January 28, 2011.

All Canadians, and media, are invited to attend the launch which is being held in coffee shops across Canada on Friday morning.

Democracy Watch suggests that media go to any coffee shop in the country tomorrow morning and ask people there whether they support changes to make Canadian governments and businesses serve them better in every way, to see just how much support the movement has.

With Parliament opening again next Monday, and a federal election likely soon, and with provincial elections scheduled this fall in Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan, the window of opportunity is open for many Canadians to elect governments committed to making themselves, and big businesses, more accountable and responsible.

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