Barack Obama’s speech to the UN

- September 25th, 2012

Barack Obama
I concede: I am biased. I do not like Barack Obama. I am extremely easily unimpressed by him. So it’s no surprise that I found his speech to the UN this morning, well, unimpressive. It was long, weak and boring. And, at times, utterly offensive as well. Here’s the worst part:

That brand of politics – one that pits East against West; South against North; Muslim against Christian, Hindu, and Jew – cannot deliver the promise of freedom. To the youth, it offers only false hope. Burning an American flag will do nothing to educate a child. Smashing apart a restaurant will not fill an empty stomach. Attacking an Embassy won’t create a single job. That brand of politics only makes it harder to achieve what we must do together: educating our children and creating the opportunities they deserve; protecting human rights, and extending democracy’s promise.

If it hadn’t been for the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ murder and that of three other Americans, this stuff would be inane. But in the context of those murders, it’s extremely off-colour.

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  1. mark says:

    It was a political speech…the President doesn’t want to make anything worse, and wants to keep the lines of communication open. It wasn’t the Libyan government who killed those men. The ‘Arab Spring’ is not our problem and is none of our business. It’s another civilization, and Samuel Huntington warned us fifteen years ago that the worst thing for Americans to do was to interfere in the disputes and affairs of other civilizations. What do you propose to do, Brigitte? Go to war? Send in the marines to Libya? The best way for America to deal with the Middle East is to get the hell out of there.

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