Even if one tries to be as fair to Obama as possible…

- October 4th, 2012

Like this guy here does, there is no question President Obama lost his first debate with Mitt Romney last night. And not just a little. Actually, he bombed. Thoroughly. (Check out this sample of Obama supporters expressing their disappointment last night.) Romney was good, at times even excellent. But he wasn’t all that spectacular – just his usual self: prepared, disciplined, just relaxed enough to look the part of alpha dog.

We will spend the day thrashing this debate around, dissecting every bit of it, and have a grand old time doing it, too. But for most normal, non-political-geek folks out there, only a few facts will truly stand out.

1. Without a teleprompter, President Obama is lost. That’s something a lot of us have known for a long time. But it will come as news to millions of people. I’m glad. Voters need to know that.

2. Four years of soft-ball questioning from establishment media left this president horribly unprepared for the task of defending his record.

3. This president has a really thin skin.

4. For the tens of millions of independent and disappointed Dem voters, Mitt Romney is now a “safe” candidate to vote for. The fact that he’s not a strong conservative does annoy cranky conservatives like me, but if the goal is to take the White House away from Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is working out just fine so far.

I am notoriously not a huge Romney fan. But I must say he’s growing on me.

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  1. jen says:

    Without a teleprompter, President Obama is lost

    True but Obama has his media to undo redo (polish) his mistakes.

    Just like the libs ndp they definitely don’t need a teleprompter, they have you cbc ctv g/m t/s to protect them and keep them safe from the people.

    Four years of soft-ball questioning from establishment media.

    Again true but where and how many years or decades have we seen and continue to see this same performance (soft ball questions) from the canadian medias to the libs and ndp.

    One thing for sure, the PM of Canada is not waiting for either party in the USA to make up their minds re to their country; he has Canada to run and waiting is not in is ball park. Nevertheless, whoever wins, canada as usual will try to work with them for canada. Unfortunately, that doesn’t resignate with the canadian medias period.

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