So the reward for not properly protecting an embassy is…?

- September 27th, 2012

More money? It would appear so.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi the U.S. would “expand economic assistance” to Egypt on Monday.

Clinton and Morsi sat down together while both were in New York for meetings at the UN. An official privy to the details of the meeting said Clinton assured Morsi “she is committed on following through” on the $1 billion in aid she had almost certainly secured for Morsi before Islamists attacked America’s Cairo embassy on September 11.

The official said Clinton admits “there may be a member of Congress who questions the aid,” yet she maintains “there is strong bipartisan support for Egypt being a democratic success.”

Clinton had to secure a “waiver of Congressional restrictions” on financial aid to get money to Morsi’s government earlier in 2012.

This is offensive on several levels. There’s the obvious one, of course: What do you mean, giving them more money? For what? For forgetting to protect the embassy in Cairo against protests that were announced days in advance? And there’s the little detail about having to go get a “waiver” to go straight-up against the wishes of Congress… Exactly which American voters is Clinton hoping to please with this kind of promise?

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