The tide, it is turning

- August 30th, 2012

Slowly, yes. But it is turning. Every day now we have new episodes that show how more and more members of the traditional media are turning on the Obama administration.

Exhibit A: The Guardian (the GUARDIAN) blasts the New York Times engaging in message-control to protect how the president looks like, and how the press discusses his administration’s selective leaks to friendly media and filmmakers after the bin Laden raid.

Exhibit B: A bureau chief makes a stupid joke about how the Romneys enjoy partying in Tampa when black people are drowning. It didn’t take 24 hours for him to get fired. (Also, he apologized.) Two years ago that bureau chief’s tasteless joke would not have led to his firing. He’d have gotten a slap on the wrist, and that would have been that.

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  1. George Well says:

    We have dropped the ball handed to us by the greatest generation of north america . We can’t see the obvious not educated and too fat!

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