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What’s John Tory thinking when it comes to his executive?

- November 30th, 2014


What’s John Tory’s general philosophy behind his executive committee appointments?

Late last week Tory wouldn’t reveal who he would be picking to take up key roles on city council but he did speak generally about what is guiding his decisions.

“I’ve been trying to make a genuine effort to make sure it is more representative taken as a whole of the city and of the council than might have been the case in the past,” Tory told the Toronto Sun last week. “I know from my past experience at even helping premiers and prime ministers and mayors with these appointments, it is very difficult because you want to put the right person in the right place in terms of producing good government, but at the same time you have all these other things you’re trying to achieve about the representative nature of the bodies you’re putting place.

“We’ve done our best to achieve something that I hope people will see as being a little more kind of reaching out to say, ‘OK, we understand this body is meant to serve the interests of the whole city.’”

Tory went on to say people should “take the leadership team as a whole when it is presented.

“I think when you send people to the police services board or the TTC, that’s an important signal too,” he said. “It isn’t just about the executive committee, those other places are very important – look at the size of the budget, look at what they oversee, it is very important.”

Candidates come out cheering for Doug Ford in Scarborough

- October 11th, 2014


Doug Ford at Splendid China Tower Mall on Saturday with council candidates Anthony Internicola (Ward 40), John Kladitis (Ward 41), Somu Mondal (Ward 42) and Patricia Sinclair (Ward 39). 

Four Ford-friendly council candidates joined mayoral candidate Doug Ford at the Splendid China Tower Mall on Saturday.

Ward 39 candidate Patricia Sinclair, Ward 40 candidate Anthony Internicola, Ward 41 candidate John Kladitis and Ward 42 candidate Somu Mondal were all called up on the stage in the mall during Ford’s appearance.

Although Ward 39 is an open council seat, the other wards are all held by incumbent councillors – Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly is in Ward 40, Councillor Chin Lee is fighting for re-election in Ward 41 and Councillor Raymond Cho is running again in Ward 42.

Ford has talked about running Ford Nation-friendly councillors in the past when his brother, Mayor Rob Ford was running for mayor (story here).

On Saturday, Ford’s speech focused on his own election fight and he didn’t specifically endorse any of the candidates on stage.

After the council candidates appeared, Ford denied he’s running a slate or endorsing any council candidates.

“I appreciate their support,” Ford told the Toronto Sun. “I would have a conflict if I endorsed anyone … but I do appreciate their thoughts and likemindedness. I want to wish them all the best.”

Quotes of the day: Denzil tries to derail the Scarborough subway

- July 17th, 2013



Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong – a member of Mayor Rob Ford’s own executive committee – emerged as the biggest and most quotable roadblock to the mayor’s subway push Tuesday.

Here’s a rundown of some of the shots Minnan-Wong fired at the subway report and its supporters:


“If this goes forward this proposal will end up biting this council in the ass and it will be hard and it will be deep.”

- Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong unsuccessfully urging council to refer the subway report back to staff for further study and to confirm funding commitments from the federal government. Council rejected the delay Tuesday.


“The councillor has flip-flopped more than a boated fish.”

- Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong on TTC chair Karen Stintz and her support for subways, then LRTs, then subways, then LRTs and now the Scarborough subway extension.


“Fiscal conservatives (that support this) will have to turn in their membership cards … I think this is a vote-buying exercise and the facts aren’t in the report.” 

- Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong on the push for the Scarborough subway.


Council has an addiction problem: Mayor Rob Ford

- June 14th, 2013


“Unfortunately they are addicted to spending that land transfer tax – absolutely, addicted to it.” 

- Mayor Rob Ford, who has been battling crack cocaine allegations for a month, on Toronto city councillors in a speech to a Toronto Real Estate Board luncheon on Friday.

Quote of the Day – Let’s not be juvenile: Councillor John Parker

- May 7th, 2013

Councillor John Parker

“It would be juvenile of the City of Toronto to sit here with the biggest need for transit funding, the most well-developed plans for how we would like to expand our transit system and then shy away from the serious question of just how we pay for it.”

- Councillor John Parker on why city council should have the transit tax debate this week (full story here). Although he wouldn’t confirm it Monday, Parker is the odds on favourite to move the motion that will spark the council debate on transit taxes at the council meeting.

Quote of the Day – Doug Holyday on Doug Ford

- September 25th, 2012

Councillor Doug Ford

Councillor Doug Ford (Toronto Sun files)

“I think his brother thinks he’s doing good and I think his brother thinks he’s clarifying matters but sometimes it just adds mud to the water and perhaps he might be advised not to speak as often.”

- Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday on Mayor Rob Ford’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, a day after this story happened

Quote of the Day: Councillor Doug Ford sums up the OneCity fight

- July 10th, 2012

“They tried to kill Rob once, then they try to kill him again, and they try to kill him again. And then they find out their third plan doesn’t work so now they’re backpedaling and saying, ‘We didn’t really mean to try to kill ya, we just want you on our side, just for the next time we try to kill ya.’ But anyways, we’ll see what happens.”

- Councillor Doug Ford on Tuesday summing up the political wrangling between Mayor Rob Ford and councillors advocating OneCity  happening at City Hall ahead of Wednesday’s council meeting.

Quote of the Day: Mayor Rob Ford on the province driving over OneCity

- July 4th, 2012

--From Remote-- Rob Ford has his day in council at City Hall in Toronto on Thur- Dec- 16-10- (Mayor

“If you’re in the province you had David Miller’s plan and then you had obviously my plan that came through and then you had council that revised or dismissed my plan and made up their own plan on the fly and then they came up with a fourth plan. If you’re the province, you’re going to say ‘Enough is enough,’ and I think that’s what they said. You know, next month they’re going to come up with another plan? I don’t blame the province for doing what they did.”

- Mayor Rob Ford on Tuesday applauding the provincial Liberals for throwing TTC chair Karen Stintz’s OneCity plan under the bus last Friday.

Does the prospect of Shelley Carroll running for mayor worry Doug Ford?

- May 23rd, 2012

Councillor Shelley Carroll and Mayor Rob Ford

Councillor Shelley Carroll and Mayor Rob Ford earlier this year (Toronto Sun files)

Does the thought of Councillor Shelley Carroll running for mayor worry the Fords?

Carroll has said she’s still mulling a run for mayor. She came out Tuesday criticizing Mayor Rob Ford for “not doing his job” (story here).

Councillor Doug Ford said Wednesday he’s not worried about Carroll as a possible political foe to Mayor Ford in the 2014 election. But Councillor Ford quickly added he’ll never underestimate anyone’s odds at the ballot box.

“I never underestimate anyone and as far as I’m concerned anyone and everyone are going to beat us so we’re going to work hard,” Ford told reporters. “Because the biggest mistake that all the councillors did was underestimate Rob last time and we’ll never underestimate anyone.

“At any day in politics you could be beaten, no matter who you are.”

Here we go

- February 2nd, 2012

Don Peat with Toronto City Hall in the background

Welcome to Good Gravy.
My name is Don Peat, I’m the Sun’s City Hall Bureau Chief, and I’ll be your blog host on this page.
I hope this blog will give you the chance to get the inside scoop on the news at Mayor Rob Ford’s City Hall.
I’ll be trying my darnedest to ensure this site is updated regularly with behind the scenes stories from one of the most watched (and at times the most controversial) governments in Canada.
I write three to four stories a day for the Sun on average but I’m hoping this blog will be the place where all the news I can’t fit in the print edition can be posted.
The best part of this blog, I’m hoping, will be you the reader. I appreciate feedback, good or bad, and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to suggest topics for blog posts. Have a question about city politics, send me an email and I’ll try to answer it on the blog as quick as possible.
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