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David Soknacki brags about his lack of notoriety

- February 28th, 2014

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Mayoral candidate David Soknacki is proudly touting his lack of name recognition as a reason to vote for him.

Soknacki – who is a former budget chief and city councillor – is running to replace Mayor Rob Ford this year but, unlike the mayor, he hasn’t smoked crack cocaine so he’s not an international celebrity (NOTE: Mayor Ford denies he’s an international celebrity).

On Thursday, the Soknacki campaign released an ad on Twitter to mock his lack of global fame and draw attention at the same time to how the mayor’s antics have made him a frequent topic of late-night comics:

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Hours later after the mayor lashed out at Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair (story here), the Soknacki campaign released this ad:

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 10

Pretty slick moves for a candidate at the back of the frontrunner pack.

Quote of the day – Mayor Rob Ford on his Redemption Day

- January 16th, 2014


“I love the job, I love the people and the people are the ones that keep me going. I just can’t wait until Oct. 27, that’s the day of redemption as they would say.”

- Mayor Rob Ford to The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan when asked if he ever feels like saying “screw all you guys” when people give him a hard time.

Quote of the day: Ford more years?

- January 2nd, 2014


“Ford more years.” 

- Mayor Rob Ford on his 2014 slogan after registering to run for re-election on Thursday (story here).

Jose Canseco takes a swing at Mayor Rob Ford (again)

- February 19th, 2013

Mark Critch and J

Jose Canseco speaks with This Hour Has 22 Minutes star Mark Critch (Handout photo)

Former Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Canseco is still talking about running for Mayor of Toronto – at least to This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

I’m told Canseco is on the CBC comedy show tonight (Feb. 19, 2013) at 8:30 p.m. talking about why his mayoralty run would be a “grand slam”.

Canseco made headlines in January when he openly talked about running to replace current Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Although Canseco can’t run for mayor unless he moves to Toronto, he still takes swings at Ford – he calls him Rod rather than Rob – on his Twitter account from time to time.

In a promo clip of tonight’s 22 Minutes episode it looks like Canseco will take a couple more whacks at Ford. No really, he’s going to hit a baseball with Ford’s picture on it (see photo below). Be curious to hear what Ford thinks of that.

Should be worth watching just to see whether this sketch is a comedic home run or it strikes out.

Batter up!

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 10

Jose Canseco holds a baseball with Mayor Rob Ford’s face on it (handout photo)

Does the prospect of Shelley Carroll running for mayor worry Doug Ford?

- May 23rd, 2012

Councillor Shelley Carroll and Mayor Rob Ford

Councillor Shelley Carroll and Mayor Rob Ford earlier this year (Toronto Sun files)

Does the thought of Councillor Shelley Carroll running for mayor worry the Fords?

Carroll has said she’s still mulling a run for mayor. She came out Tuesday criticizing Mayor Rob Ford for “not doing his job” (story here).

Councillor Doug Ford said Wednesday he’s not worried about Carroll as a possible political foe to Mayor Ford in the 2014 election. But Councillor Ford quickly added he’ll never underestimate anyone’s odds at the ballot box.

“I never underestimate anyone and as far as I’m concerned anyone and everyone are going to beat us so we’re going to work hard,” Ford told reporters. “Because the biggest mistake that all the councillors did was underestimate Rob last time and we’ll never underestimate anyone.

“At any day in politics you could be beaten, no matter who you are.”