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John Tory & Olivia Chow won’t rule out working together after Election Day

- October 14th, 2014


Would John Tory work for Mayor Olivia Chow or would Chow work for Mayor Tory?

During Tuesday’s Canadian Club debate, Tory and Chow wouldn’t rule out the idea.

Both candidates were asked if they’d accept a position in the winner’s City Hall if they were not elected.

“I would be delighted if I’m the winner and Olivia Chow is not to find a way to involve her in the continuing administration of this city,” Tory said. “I believe she cares deeply about the city as I do and so the answer to both ends of that question is yes.”

Chow said she felt “likewise.

“But I plan to win,” she said.

“So do I,” Tory added.

Doug Ford didn’t take part in the noon-hour debate so it wasn’t clear if either candidate would be willing to keep Mayor Rob Ford’s brother around City Hall after Oct. 27 if he doesn’t win the election.

“A pint should be a pint” John Tory on beer

- September 19th, 2014


“A pint is a pint and a pint should be a pint. So that’s my statement for this morning.”

- Mayoral candidate John Tory starts off his Friday press conference on a less serious note in the wake of news that Toronto’s pints of beer aren’t always a full pint. The Tory truism comes a day after he attacked Olivia Chow’s transit plan arguing “money is money.”

Quote of the Day: The hardly humble Rob Ford

- August 8th, 2014


“People like the way I’m running the city. I’m not going to speak for the other candidates. I know what Rob Ford’s doing and I know what is going to happen on Oct. 27. Let the people talk about that.” 

- Mayor Rob Ford on the “very positive response” he’s getting on the campaign trail

Quote of the Day: Rob Ford sort of endorses Karen Stintz

- August 6th, 2014


“Karen and I disagree on transit, obviously. But to be quite frank, I trust Karen more than I would ever trust Olivia Chow or John Tory. At least she comes out, you know where she stands.  The other two, I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw ‘em. That’s the bottom line. (Stintz) is right on a lot of stuff, we’ve agreed on a lot of stuff.” 

- Rob Ford talking about mayoral rival Karen Stintz today in Scarborough

Quote of the Day: Doug Ford on where Mayor Rob Ford lives

- May 21st, 2014



“Rob lives in a suit.” 

- Doug Ford on why Mayor Rob Ford is wearing a suit in rehab.

Mayor Ford was wearing a suit when he was spotted in Bracebridge last Friday and dropped one suit off at a dry cleaner in Gravenhurst (see story).

Doug Ford, the mayor’s campaign manager/brother, also likened Rob Ford to Elvis on Tuesday:

“You’d think there was a sighting of Elvis Presley,” Ford said on the reaction to the mayor being spotted out of rehab and in Muskoka.


Mayor Doug?

- May 6th, 2014

Mayor Doug


Doug Ford in Mayor Rob Ford’s chair at city council on Tuesday (Michael Peake/Toronto Sun)

Doug Ford won’t say if he’d run for mayor of Toronto if Rob Ford drops out of the race but he’s not ruling it out either.

Councillor Ford came out Tuesday at City Hall repeatedly claiming that Mayor Ford is in rehab but refusing to talk about why his brother didn’t enter the U.S. last week (story here).

There is another thing Doug Ford won’t talk about – whether or not he would run for mayor if Rob Ford drops out of the race.

“I have no comment on that,” Doug Ford told the Sun last Friday.

“Our family is committed to serving the people.”

That’s a “never say never” answer if I’ve ever heard one.

Asked again on Tuesday if he’d ever consider jumping into the mayor’s race if his brother dropped out, Ford repeated his “no comment” answer.

“I have no comment about that,” Doug Ford said Tuesday.

That’s definitely not a “no.”

And he wouldn’t even have to reprint the Ford campaign bumper stickers:

photo (6)

Even Rob Ford can’t get Raptors tickets

- April 30th, 2014

photo (4)

Rob Ford in a Raptors jacket last week (Don Peat/Toronto Sun)

Mayor Rob Ford is on the hunt for Toronto Raptors tickets.

Ford revealed Wednesday he’s having a tough time getting tickets to the hottest game in Hogtown.

The Raptors play Game 5 of their series against the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre.

But while Ford had tickets to Game 2, he said he’s still looking for tickets to Game 5.

“I’m very tempted,” Ford said at City Hall when asked if he’s going to tonight’s game. “I need some tickets.”

“I need tickets. It is pretty rough getting tickets.”

When a TV reporter pointed out that he’s known to “curse the team” when he wears their jersey (see examples of Ford wearing Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays, Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos jerseys and those teams going on to lose), the embattled mayor acted like he’d just been kicked.

“Ooooooh! Did they win last time? OK,” Ford asked.

Another reporter pointed out Ford didn’t actually wear a Raptors jersey last time, only a Raptors jacket.

“Aaaah, now you’re taking shots,” Ford said.


Rob Ford at City Hall on Wednesday (Don Peat/Toronto Sun)

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly is getting into the Raptors spirit – and even gave a shout out to Drake and his lint brush.

Here’s what Kelly tweeted Wednesday afternoon:

Sarah Thomson punks the media

- April 30th, 2014

photo 4 (2)

Mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson invited the media to her campaign headquarters for a “major announcement” on Wednesday.

“Sarah Thomson is set to make a major announcement which may affect the course of the mayoral race,” read the press release for the event.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t what I’d call a “major announcement”

At 10 a.m. with a handful of media outlets filling her tiny campaign office, Thomson came out and delivered an announcement about her plan to reform Toronto Community Housing (TCHC).

Asked why her campaign described this as a “significant” announcement that would “affect the course of the mayoral race,” Thomson argued that’s “exactly” what it was.

“There’s two major issues I see in Toronto, one of them is transit and we’ve been talking about that a lot, the other is Toronto Community Housing and affordable housing across the board and nobody’s been talking about it,” she said. “I’m bringing that forward today and I’m calling on the other candidates to address it and to have real solutions to the problem.”

I wouldn’t bet on a large media turnout at Thomson’s next “major announcement.”

What time is it in Ford Nation?

- March 9th, 2014

photo 1


Mayor Rob Ford – or at least whoever runs the mayor’s Twitter account – might want to double-check what time it is today.

Ford’s account tweeted out a reminder to folks last night about the time change.

photo 2

The only problem is that tweet was wrong – the clocks are supposed to go forward an hour overnight not back an hour.

Leave it to the Ford camp to turn a simple time change into another embarrassing episode for the embattled mayor.

Other people on Twitter – who remembered that you spring forward/fall back when it comes to daylight saving time – were pretty quick to point this out and crack more jokes at the mayor’s expense.

It is worth mentioning Ford has testified under oath that he doesn’t run his own Twitter account (it came up during his conflict of interest trial) so it is entirely possible the mayor had nothing to do with this blunder and is aware the clocks spring forward this weekend and fall back in the fall.

Ford’s Twitter account eventually got it right.

The original tweet was deleted and this one went out:

photo 3

Hopefully all the clocks will be right in the mayor’s office on Monday.

Meanwhile, Ford’s rival David Soknacki – who appears to run his own Twitter account – tweeted this last night:

Quite the contrast between these two mayoral candidates even on Twitter.


Dan Jacobs, Mayor Rob Ford’s chief of staff, confirmed Sunday that he was the one who tweeted the daylight saving time tweet from the mayor’s Twitter account.

Here is what Jacobs told me via email on Sunday:

“This was my error, I had just been talking with friends that it’s spring forward, and when I posted the tweet I wrote it backwards.”

The story of Ford’s Twitter account messing up daylight saving time was picked up by several U.S. media outlets on Sunday.

Unfortunately, USA TODAY ended up making its own Twitter error – tweeting out a photo of Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, with the story rather than Rob Ford.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 3

Five minutes later, the newspaper tweeted out a correction:


Jimmy Kimmel has hardly been a Rob Ford fan

- March 2nd, 2014


A photo of Jimmy Kimmel and Mayor Rob Ford in Los Angeles on Saturday posted on Mayor Rob Ford’s Twitter account

Mayor Rob Ford is slated to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night.

The encounter is surprising given the fact Ford is only an international celebrity due to the fact he’s smoked crack cocaine so you’d think he’d try to steer clear of drawing more attention to that scandal in an election year.

But it is even more surprising because Kimmel has been cracking jokes about Ford for “probably a year” – to use the Ford vernacular.

Here’s a rundown of some of Kimmel’s Ford wisecracks:

April 2013

In April 2013, Kimmel was one of the first U.S. late-night hosts to joke about Ford. He mocked Ford for walking into a City-TV camera at City Hall and described the mayor as a “man of significant carriage.”

May 2013

Kimmel had an actor portray Ford to mock his crack cocaine scandal when it first broke. That led to a lot of late-night gags at Ford’s expense.

June 2013

Kimmel mocked Ford’s ongoing crack scandal saying he was “absolutely in love” with the mayor. He joked about Ford’s spin at the time that the scandal was helping get Toronto “on the map.” The comedian went on to roll out a map with the title, “Cities in which the mayor has been accused of smoking crack.”

“You’ve got Washington, D.C. with mayor Marion Barry, you’ve got Toronto with Mayor Rob ford and that’s it — a pretty exclusive club, very small club,” Kimmel said at the time.

“Despite all the controversy he refuses to resign. He said he’s hard at work for the people of Toronto — incredibly hard at work — in fact, he hasn’t stopped working for the last 79 hours in a row.”

November 2013

Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine while in a “drunken stupor,” leading to a lot more Kimmel jokes.
Here’s a clip:

November 2013

After the crack admission, Kimmel used a clip from the city council meeting where Ford admitted to buying illegal drugs.

Kimmel played the Jeopardy! theme song during Ford’s long pause to Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong’s question asking the mayor, “Have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?” Ford eventually answered, “Yes, I have.”

“Really at this point the only shocking allegation you can make about Mayor Ford is he was caught eating a salad,” Kimmel joked. “It’s amazing, it’s as if Toronto has a 400-pound Andy Dick running the city.” 

November 2013

Kimmel had Chris Daughtry perform “The Ballad of Rob Ford” song. The song chronicled the exploits of “the drunk-driving, crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto.”

December 2013 

Jimmy Kimmel has been having festive fun with Ford all week on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel used the audio from Ford’s crack-smoking confession with a scene from the Christmas special, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. He gave Ford’s voice to the evil mayor in the classic TV show, Burgermeister Meisterburger.

A day later, Kimmel presented the 12 Days of Rob Ford.

December 2013

After Mayor Rob Ford danced to Bob Marley’s “One Love” on the council floor with several other councillors and city bureaucrats, Kimmel questioned, ”Are they all on crack?”

Kimmel also mocked Ford for sarcastically telling councillors he was “super, super, super, super, super, super, super sorry” for calling them corrupt a day earlier.

“It is not just food, he super-sizes everything,” Kimmel joked.

The U.S. host went on to say that the Rob Ford experience “has been very educational” for Americans.

“Canadians are much, much weirder than any of us had any idea they were,” he joked. “They seem so normal but they’re not, they’re different … these people are coco-nutso and we could be in danger.”

January 2014

Kimmel delivered more jokes at Mayor Ford’s expense when he was caught on video ranting in Jamaican Patois in the Steak Queen in Etobicoke.

“While we’re on the subject of natural disasters have you seen the latest episode of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?” Kimmel asked his audience.”Rob Ford has been quiet for a couple of months, he claims he has been exercising, he hasn’t been drinking, he even hasn’t done crack he says – and that’s big for him because he loves crack. Unfortunately the streak of good behaviour appears to have ended last night.”

Kimmel went on to run the YouTube clip of Ford’s rant.

“It would appear that Mayor Ford speaks Jamaican too,” he joked. “Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly pull another nugget out of his bag of crazy he gets drunk and speaks Jamaican in a Steak Queen. When you’re the best, that’s what you do.”

Pointing to the fact Ford admitted he was drinking that night, Kimmel  questioned what the mayor meant when he said he was drinking a “little bit.”

“What’s a little bit to Rob Ford, a pony keg?” he asked. “He’s back folks, he’s back for an all new season of Super Mayor.”

He ended his Ford jokes with a shot at another Canadian celebrity.

“Thank you Canada, this almost makes up for Justin Bieber,” Kimmel said.