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Quote of the day – Mayor Rob Ford lets the cat out of the bag

- November 14th, 2013


“Oh and the last thing was, Olivia Gondek it says that I wanted to eat her p—–, I’ve never said that in my life to her – I would never do that. I’m happily married, I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”

- Mayor Rob Ford on Thursday as he arrived at Toronto City Hall

Quote of the day: Mayor Rob Ford has smoked crack cocaine

- November 5th, 2013


“Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine but no, do I? Am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”

- Mayor Rob Ford on Tuesday

Rob Ford’s worst night-mayor

- November 1st, 2013


What the Ford!

Oct. 31, 2013 is a day most Toronto residents won’t forget.

Here’s a rundown of how one of the city’s most shocking days unfolded:

9:45 a.m. - Mayor Rob Ford left his Etobicoke home, pushed cameras off his property and shouted at reporters

Around 10 a.m. - Court officials released the censored 500-page police document chronicling surveillance of Ford with Sandro Lisi.

10:40 a.m. - Councillor Shelley Carroll calls on Ford to “step aside” as mayor. Says police document confirms “it would appear that the mayor has a substance abuse problem.”

11:30 a.m. - Police Chief Bill Blair holds a press conference at Toronto Police headquarters revealing investigators have recovered the video that shows Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. Blair also reveals police have arrested Sandro Lisi – Ford’s friend and occasional driver – and charged him with extortion.

12:22 p.m. - Ford arrived at City Hall and was spotted walking in the back door of his office to avoid reporters.

2:31 p.m. - Ford gave a brief statement to reporters in front of his office and said: “I have no reason to resign.”

2:35 p.m. - Ford leaves City Hall, going out the back door of his office and the wrong way up the parking garage entrance ramp.

6:45 p.m. - Wearing his Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, Ford took his children trick-or-treating for roughly an hour around his Etobicoke neighbourhood. Ford did slip and fall during the walk but was helped up by the mayor’s office staffer accompanying him.

- With files from Terry Davidson and Dave Abel

Austin Mayor is an LRT fan

- October 3rd, 2013

photo 2

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Unlike Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell is all about surface rail, surface rail, surface rail.

Leffingwell said he didn’t realize Ford was anti-LRT until a Toronto reporter told him about it on Thursday. Ford is known for his love of subways and his disdain for LRTs. “Subways, subways, subways,” is a familiar cry from the Toronto mayor.

The two mayors met privately for around two hours Thursday and discussed a variety of municipal issues but surface rail didn’t come up.

“We did not discuss it, probably a good thing,” Leffingwell said. “I am very much in favour of surface rail.

“I think it is the solution to our mass transit problems. We’re a growing city, we’re the fourth most congested city in North America right now.”

Leffingwell said he’s in favour of building roads but thinks that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

“We’re going to need more buses, more rail lines and more roads,” he said.

He admitted he’s not anti-subway.

“I like subways too, I just wish we could do it. The problem is it costs so much more money to it,” Leffingwell said.

As for his impression of Ford, Leffingwell described him as a “great sport.”

“I could tell he’s absolutely committed to not only economic development like we are here in Austin but specifically music development,” he said.

Asked whether Ford’s controversies made him think twice about the meeting, Leffingwell shrugged.

“That’s really not my business,” he said.

Quote of the day: Mayor Rob Ford on what’s not your business

- September 20th, 2013



“It’s actually no one’s business what happens in my office. I take care of the people that work for me and they do a great job, as you see.”

- Mayor Rob Ford on Thursday refusing to address reports GO Transit is investigating Dave Price, his director of logistics and operations, after several alleged incidents including one that led to a broken door and swearing at staff.

Mayor Rob Ford’s staff run media interference

- September 19th, 2013


Sunny Petrujkic, Mayor Rob Ford’s deputy chief of staff and press secretary (Sun file photo)

Mayor Rob Ford’s taxpayer-funded spokesmen spent a good part of Thursday trying to block the media from asking him questions at City Hall.

Reporters were trying to ask Ford about David Price, his director of logistics and operations, who allegedly threw a tantrum at the Georgetown GO Station and is now the subject of a GO Transit investigation (story here).

After the mayor unveiled a painting of himself at City Hall, press secretary Sunny Petrujkic tried to cut off questions as Ford made a quick exit.

“There is no need for you to shout any questions at the mayor, that’s not appropriate,” Petrujkic said to a Toronto Star reporter. “This is a portrait unveiling.”

Petrujkic accused the reporter of being “rude” for trying to shout a question at the mayor.

“I said there was no opportunity for questions and this gentleman was shouting – it was inappropriate,” he said.

About an hour later, Amin Massoudi – Ford’s special assistant communications and media relations – yelled at reporters as the mayor walked out of his office escorted by City Hall security.

“The mayor is not taking any questions right now!” Massoudi shouted repeatedly as reporters asked questions. The mayor didn’t speak as he climbed in the elevator to go down to the City Hall parking garage.

Finally after attending a tour of a company up at Weston Rd. and Steeles to mark the one-year anniversary of his trade mission to Chicago, Ford deigned to address his staffer’s alleged behaviour. Up there, Ford told reporters he wouldn’t comment on personnel matters.

“It’s actually no one’s business what happens in my office,” he added (story here).

That hardly sounds like the mayor’s “respect for taxpayers” campaign pledge from the 2010 election.

Maybe the mayor’s office should have focused more on the message than the media Thursday.

Squeezing out both sides of the Rob Ford juice story

- September 14th, 2013


Like most Mayor Rob Ford controversies, the juice incident remains a he said, she said affair. Here’s a breakdown of what happened on that fateful day in June from both sides of the story:


“There was something in that cup. I tried to take a quick whiff – I don’t know if it was rye or vodka or something. It’s not funny. That hurt, man.”

- Mayor Rob Ford on his weekly radio show on June 16


“Everyone makes mistakes and I’m sure we’ll take it from there. Rob just moved on.”

- Councillor Doug Ford on June 15 (the day of the alleged incident)


“This was crossing the line. I don’t care what party you’re with or what your politics are. We live in a democracy.”

- Doug Ford on June 16


“Obviously the juice had acid in it because it was burning his eyes. He was rubbing his eyes, saying something was burning. We live in Canada, OK? We don’t live in a Third World nation where you start attacking your politicians or attacking people.”

- Doug Ford on June 17


“She said she was sorry and she didn’t mean to do it … She didn’t seem like she was in her right mind at the time.”

- Doug Ford on June 18



“I just want to be clear that I had not been drinking nor was my conduct a result of any sort of mental illness and the truth is I have never and would never throw a drink in anyone’s face – even Mayor Ford.”

- Shannon Everett on Friday, Sept. 13, 2013


“She did not throw a drink at him. Just so there is no misimpression, she was drinking organic – because she’s a health person – organic peach tea that she didn’t want to sweeten with sugar because it is too strong, she sweetened it with maple syrup. That was the weapon that we are dealing with in this case that was not thrown at him. It wasn’t thrown at him, it was thrown in an empty area where there were no people.”  

- Marie Henein, Shannan Everett’s lawyer, on Sept. 13, 2013


“We are surprised by Mayor Ford’s decision to comment on the case repeatedly outside the judicial forum. This is most unfortunate. The mayor should allow Ms. Everett to have her day in court, where we will vigorously defend the charge against her and a court of law will have the full opportunity to assess Mayor Ford’s credibility.” 

- Shannon Everett lawyer’s statement in June after the charges were laid


Shannon Everett speaks out

- September 13th, 2013



Shannon Everett leaves Old City Hall Friday with her lawyer, Marie Henein (Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun)

The woman accused of assaulting Mayor Rob Ford with a cup of juice had her charge thrown out.

The crown withdrew an assault charge against Shannon Everett on Friday (story here). Following the brief court appearance, reporters who were at the courthouse finally got a chance to hear Everett speak about the incident – the first time she’s spoken publicly since the story broke in June.

Here’s the statement Everett read out Friday morning:

“I would just like to say that I’m happy to be finished with this whole ordeal.

I’d like to thank all of the people who reached out to me and offered their support through this difficult time and it really meant a lot to me. Most of all, I’m especially grateful to Marie Henein and her associate Matthew Gourlay for kindly taking on my case. 

As I’m sure many people can imagine, being accused of a crime by the mayor of this city has been an awful experience. What was even worse was to hear Mr. Ford publicly insinuating that I was intoxicated or mentally unstable.

I just want to be clear that I had not been drinking nor was my conduct a result of any sort of mental illness and the truth is I have never and would never throw a drink in anyone’s face – even Mayor Ford.

I’m relieved that this is all over and that the Crown saw to it that the charges were dropped.”

Mayor Rob Ford’s subway victory speech

- September 5th, 2013



Mayor Rob Ford in Bridlewood Park on Wednesday night (Craig Robertson, Toronto Sun)

Hours after Transportation Minister Glen Murray announced a plan for a shorter Scarborough subway funded entirely by the provincial government, Mayor Rob Ford was at Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly’s community barbecue in Bridlewood Park. Ford took the opportunity at the barbecue to claim victory on subways and deliver a campaign-style speech to the crowd. Here’s what Ford said:

Thank you so much Mr. Deputy Mayor. You should be very proud to have a deputy mayor from Scarborough, folks.

As you know Doug Holyday got elected so the choice was mine, I looked at all 44 councillors at who would best represent the views of not just their area but all of Toronto. It was a no-brainer, folks, it was a no-brainer. Norm Kelly was head and shoulders above the rest. I appointed Norm Kelly as deputy mayor, second in command to running this city so congratulations Mr. Deputy Mayor. It is an honour to have you serving as deputy mayor and he’s no nonsense, he’s on to me constantly, non-stop of which I need and I appreciate that.

But even better news, better news today, folks, we’re getting subways in Scarborough!

And when everyone else was talking LRTs, LRTs, LRTs there was one person that said he’s not moving away from his vision of subways and that’s Rob Ford. 

I said to the chair of the TTC Karen Stintz “I want LRTs, LRTs, LRTs” – I said, “No Karen, you’re not getting LRTs, we’re getting subways.” 

I told the premier, Kathleen Wynne, she says “I want LRTs.” I said, “You’re not getting LRTs. We want subways in Scarborough.” We won that victory.

I told Metrolinx, we don’t want LRTs in Scarborough, we want subways, subways, subways. 

Promise made, promise kept. Thank you so much for the support out in Scarborough. 

I can’t wait until the next election. The election is Oct. 27 of next year. I really need your support, I know we can win it and we’re going to go another four years. 

So again folks, thank you so much for your support. I want to thank the new deputy mayor for being here, I want to thank you for inviting me.

Subways, subways, subways! Scarborough, Scarborough, Scarborooooough! 

All the best, God bless everybody, I’ll see you around, take care. 



Mayor Rob Ford swings at the provincial Liberals

- August 1st, 2013


As voters go to the polls in Scarborough-Guildwood and Etobicoke-Lakeshore Thursday (along with three other ridings across the province) here’s a rundown of some of the shots Mayor Rob Ford fired at the governing Liberals during the summer byelection campaign:


 ”If you don’t want to vote Conservative, vote NDP. We cannot reward these Liberals with this corrupt behaviour, enough is enough. Hopefully (Thursday) we’ll send a message one way or another.” 

- Rob Ford on Wednesday in Etobicoke


“They deserve to lose and the people have seen this.” 

- Rob Ford on Wednesday in Etobicoke


“If you say you want to go and vote Liberal, you’re basically just giving a bank robber another gun and saying go rob another bank.”

- Rob Ford on Tuesday in Scarborough at PC candidate Ken Kirupa’s campaign HQ


“It’s unbelievable how desperate these Liberals are getting, saying they are subway champions. I’ll tell you one thing, Rob Ford and Doug Ford, my brother, obviously we’re the subway champions. Tim Hudak, Ken Kirupa are the subway champions.”

- Rob Ford on Tuesday  in Scarborough at PC candidate Ken Kirupa’s campaign HQ


“They are at the table and discussions are ongoing – we are moving in the right direction. I look forward to meeting with the federal and provincial ministers to discuss how to move forward together, and get this subway built. I am fully confident that we can bring all three levels of government together, to deliver this vital project to the residents of Scarborough.” 

- Rob Ford statement on July 18 after the Liberals announced $1.4 billion for the Scarborough subway (OK, this isn’t really a “shot” at the Liberals but it’s an interesting contrast to his verbal statements)


“I don’t support a government that just blows millions of billions of dollars. That’s it.”

- Rob Ford at Doug Holyday’s campaign HQ opening on July 8, 2013


“I know (Holyday) will go up there and keep them honest. That’s not an honest government we have at Queen’s Park.”

- Rob Ford at Doug Holyday’s campaign HQ opening on July 8, 2013