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“Hey, he’s human”: TCHC residents on Mayor Rob Ford’s crack scandal

- June 5th, 2013


Mayor Rob Ford looks at a hole in the bathroom ceiling of a TCHC unit on The East Mall on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 (Don Peat/Toronto Sun)

Most Toronto Community Housing residents were glad to see Mayor Rob Ford Tuesday as he toured their building and urged staff to get repair work underway.

As for the crack cocaine scandal that has been dogging the mayor for almost three weeks, most residents the Sun talked to were willing to shrug off the allegations.

Stacey (who wouldn’t give her last name) threw her hands up when asked about Ford’s troubles as he inspected the second floor of her apartment with her mom.

“I don’t take that to heart because he’s, from what I remember he’s an old-timer from around here … not a big fan but hey, he’s human. You know what I mean? I don’t have any bad feelings towards him,” she said.

One woman who wouldn’t give her name said she’s “honoured” to have Ford at the building.

“This shows that he cares for people like me that don’t have nobody,” she said.

As for Ford’s crack controversy, the woman said “they should give him a break.

“Everybody is bound to make mistakes right?” she said. “I don’t think he might do it but even if he does, it is his own personal business – it is none of our business.”

Kathleen Wynne sends Rob Ford her “best wishes”

- June 14th, 2012


Mayor Rob Ford got a “Wynne” Wednesday when Municipal Affairs Minister Kathleen Wynne agreed to give her consent to the city’s sale of 65 TCHC homes (story here).

Ford celebrated the Wynne-win with a two sentence statement thanking the Premier (and not Wynne) for getting the green light to sell the Toronto Community Housing Corp. houses worth an estimated $24 million.

“I’d like to thank the Premier for his quick action on this issue.  I look forward to receiving the Minister’s letter so we can move forward to make critical repairs that will improve the lives of hundreds of families in TCHC buildings.”

The Sun snagged a copy of the minister’s letter sent to the mayor’s office (see photo above) confirming she is granting ministerial consent to sell the homes.

In her official letter to the mayor, Wynne repeats she had wanted to see council deal with the special working group’s recommendations on housing before making the decision to sell the 65 properties. But Wynne states she’ll respect the will of council.

“Thank you for bringing your concerns to the attention of the government,” Wynne writes to Ford. “Please accept my best wishes.”