Countdown to 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games

- July 15th, 2014

The countdown is on …

For the uninitiated, check out the following links:

Run the ‘Happiest 5K on the Planet’

- June 30th, 2014

There’s ample opportunity this year to paint your town (or one near you) red … and yellow … and blue …

The Color Run, aka the “Happiest 5K on the Planet,” is taking place in the following cities over the next several weeks:

• Mississauga on Sunday, July 13

• Windsor on Saturday, July 19

• Montreal on Saturday, August 16

• Calgary on Saturday, August 30,

• Vancouver, B.C. on Saturday, September 13

• London, Ontario on Sunday, September 21

That’s a lot of happiness!

Here’s the press release for the Mississauga event:



The Color Run™ bursts into Mississauga

Run the “Happiest 5k on the Planet” with thousands this July

TORONTO, ON – The hugely popular The Color Run™ will make its way to Mississauga on Sunday, July 13, introducing fun new elements for returning participants. The event will be held at the Hershey Centre (5500 Rose Cherry Pl) and will begin at 9 a.m. Registration for the event is now open for teams and individual runners.
With no official race winner, or times, The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. Runners of all ages, sizes and fitness levels participate in the run; beginning at the start line in all-white clothing and finishing, covered in a rainbow of colors. After each kilometer, a different shade of powder fills the air covering runners. By the time the finish line is reached, the air and runners are filled with vivid color combinations.
After runners complete the 5k, they join the Finish Festival, a larger than life party filled with music, dancing, free swag and massive color throws.

This year, The Color Run will roll out The Kaleidoscope Tour that features life-size kaleidoscope triangles, confetti, and colourful arches at the finish to further expand on the colourful theme.

The Color Run brings communities together and creates energy so positive it’s contagious,” said Travis Snyder, founder of The Color Run. “We also love to partner with local charities who share in our vision and share our mantra: ‘Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You’.

The Color Run Mississauga is proud to be partnering with local charitable organization, Kids CAN Charity.

“Kids CAN is very excited about working together with The Color Run and being chosen as the charity of choice for the Mississauga event. Kids CAN Charity provides support and encouragement for children and youth with autism and other developmental disorders,” said Hope McSwain, Program and Events Supervisor.

The donation from The Color Run will help fund the expenses involved with operating social skills groups and programs for children and youth as well as assisting with parent workshops and support groups for their caregivers.

Since its debut in January 2012, interest in The Color Run has exploded with more than 3.1 million ‘likes’ on Facebook. Last year, The Color Run visited more than 110 countries internationally. This year, there will be more than 200 Color Run events with millions of participants.

The Color Run will take place in Windsor on Saturday, July 19, in Montreal on Saturday, August 16, in Calgary on Saturday, August 30, in Vancouver, BC on Saturday, September 13 and in  London, Ontario on Sunday, September 21.

Solo runner/walker cost is $60. Team runners and walkers cost is $55. Children under the age of five are free. To register, or for more details, please visit:

Twitter: TheColorRun

Facebook: The Color Run

Instagram: The Color Run

About The Color Run™

The Color Run is the originator and innovator of the paint race genre and is the largest running series in the world. In 2012, The Color Run hosted 53 events worldwide with more than 600,000 participants. In 2013, it tripled its growth by hosting more than 170 events in 20+ countries with 1.6 million participants.  In 2014, The Color Run is propelling itself into becoming one of the largest event series in history by hosting events in more than 50 countries and over 110 cities internationally.

For more on The Color Run, visit or watch this video.

The Color Run Mississauga is an IMG Event.

Snapshot: Bodybuilding in Afghanistan

- June 19th, 2014


An Afghan bodybuilder and owner of a bodybuilding club poses for a photograph at his club in Kabul recently. (REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl)

Infographic: Workout myths and misconceptions

- June 10th, 2014

I just have to share this informative infographic from the good folks at Chuze Fitness

Workout Myths & Misconceptions - an Infographic

Click HERE for a link to the original infographic.

Enjoy a free workout today

- June 7th, 2014


Today is National Health and Fitness Day!

Participating health and fitness clubs across Canada (including World Health in Edmonton) are inviting anyone and everyone to drop in for a free workout.

Here are the details …

Click HERE for a full list of participating health and fitness facilities.