Celebrity fitness trainer hosting workout in Calgary

- February 27th, 2015

Autumn Calabrese

Look who’s going to be in Calgary tomorrow (Feb. 28).

And she’s going to be working up a sweat.

Here are the details:

Celebrity fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese — famous for her rock hard abs and training celebrities Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Brooke Burke and Rachel Zoe — is hosting a live workout with 600 Calgary fitness fans to celebrate the Canadian launch of her newest home workout program 21 Day Fix EXTREME. The launch will also celebrate local Beachbody success stories including Calgary native Lara Curry who has lost 65 lbs and 40 inches since taking on her first Beachbody home workout program!

When: Saturday, February 28

Where: Telus Centre, Calgary, Alberta

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Live workout - 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

About Autumn Calabrese:

The brains and beauty behind 21 Day Fix, one of the best selling home workouts ever, Autumn is a celebrity fitness trainer and national-level bikini competitor. Autumn has made a name for herself by helping people lose weight and get fit through simple portion control and consistent exercise. Autumn holds personal training certificates from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). Her supportive, motivating style has made her a highly sought-after expert among celebrities and the fitness industry.

Building on a foundation of good food choices and exercise habits, Autumn empowers her clients to reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable way. In addition to her celebrity clientele, Autumn is the fitness specialist for ModernMom.com. Her workouts have been featured in C magazine, LA Parent, The Palisadian-Post, and Daily Candy, and on TV shows like Home & Family.

Reebok hosts CrossFit Games Open event today in Milton

- February 26th, 2015


As the Reebok CrossFit Games season gets underway today, Reebok has just announced it will be hosting Open events in Milton, Ont., Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.

Here are the details:

 Reebok Canada announces it will sponsor five events across the country in celebration of the Reebok CrossFit OPEN, the first round of qualifications for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games held in Carson, California. The first event is taking place today at Reebok CrossFit FirePower, located at 705 Nipissing Rd, Milton, ON, L9T 4Z5.

The OPEN is a series of five CrossFit workouts released online on www.games.crossfit.com, which Reebok will live-stream from an affiliate CrossFit box (gym) every Thursday, starting today, and for the next four weeks. The following Saturdays, Reebok invites registered participants, aged 13 to 60+, to perform their weekly OPEN workout alongside international celebrity CrossFit athletes, and earn prizes for declaring their personal goals for this year’s competition on www.reeboktraining.ca.

The events will be open to the public to view at no charge. 

Reebok CrossFit FirePower Kids
705 Nipissing Rd, Milton, ON, L9T 4Z5
(905) 864-9941

Video: Root of fitness success lies in your mind

- February 19th, 2015

(Note: This is the second in a series of posts by Keeping Fit blog contributor Carrie Campbell.)


Carrie Campbell (Photo by Thierry Quenette)

When you assess your fitness/nutrition goals on their success what do you consider? Your program? Meal plan? Likely those are the first two elements that come to mind. What if I were to tell you that the root of your success in fitness lies in your mind.

What is occurring in your subconscious mind that is derailing your intentions?

* * *

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About Carrie

Carrie Campbell is anything but an “in the box” kind of woman. A counsellor since the age of 19, personal trainer at the age of 23 and professional model, she lends her expertise candidly and honestly with the hopes of inspiring others to find their best selves. Co-founder of The Art of Inspired Living and “Change the Story Method,” her purpose as she so authentically puts it is to “serve others.” Combining the elements of mindset, training and nutrition she will be coming with featured weekly articles and videos for the Keeping Fit blog.

Find Her Here: https://www.facebook.com/TheArtofInspiredWomen

Take the Healthy Heart Challenge

- February 5th, 2015


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, GoodLife Fitness is teaming up with one of Canada’s leading cardiac centres.

It’s for the 28-day Healthy Heart Challenge and it kicks off on Facebook this week.

Here are all the details:

Improving heart health: GoodLife Fitness and Peter Munk Cardiac Centre launch 28-day Healthy Heart Challenge for Heart Month

In honour of Heart Month, GoodLife Fitness has teamed up with the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC) to host a 28 Day Healthy Heart Challenge on Facebook throughout the month of February. Participants will be provided daily access to cardiac stats, fitness advice, nutrition tips, inspiring stories of how people changed their lives, and more – all in an effort to improve the heart health of Canadians.


For the 28 Day Healthy Heart Challenge, cardiovascular rehabilitation experts from PMCC have combined their knowledge and tips from fitness experts at GoodLife to create a unique, easy-to-follow program that will help improve the heart health of Canadians.  Each day, participants will gain access to:

• Educational statistics and research facts to learn more about heart health in Canada

• Nutrition, lifestyle and exercise to support positive change and manage heart risks

• An actionable daily challenge that applies preventative advice to encourage heart health

When: February 1- 28

Where: The public is encouraged to take the 28 Day Healthy Heart Challenge by going to


Join the conversation using #iheartexercise

The 28 Day Healthy Heart Challenge is part of a larger collaboration between GoodLife Fitness and Peter Munk Cardiac Care Centre that was launched in 2012. GoodLife Fitness has committed $5 million to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre with the goal of transforming the lives of Canadians affected by heart disease and helping prevent this reality for many.

The collaboration is made up of three main components:

1. GoodLife Fitness Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Medicine, which strives to be internationally recognized for excellence in heart health and exercise and drives care and research in post-acute cardiovascular health and secondary prevention.

2. The search and appointment of Dr. Paul Oh to GoodLife Fitness Chair in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Prevention.

3. An innovative club-based program called CardioStrong which was developed by Peter Munk Cardiac Centre rehabilitation experts along with GoodLife fitness experts. Cardiostrong helps patients transition into the community and achieve life-long success in their cardiac rehabilitation and health.


Proudly Canadian since 1979, GoodLife Fitness is the largest fitness company in Canada. GoodLife is the largest privately owned fitness club chain by a sole owner and the fourth largest overall in the world. With over 330 clubs from coast-to-coast, including 70 Énergie Cardio and EconoFitness Clubs in Quebec, approximately 13,000 employees and more than 1 million Members, GoodLife is helping to transform the health and wellness of 1 in 34 Canadians every day.


The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre is the premier cardiac centre in Canada. Since it opened in 1997, the Centre has saved and improved the lives of cardiac and vascular patients from around the world. Each year, approximately 55,000 patients receive innovative and compassionate care from multidisciplinary teams in the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, and the Centre trains more cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and vascular surgeons than any other hospital in Canada. The Centre is based at the Toronto General Hospital and the Toronto Western Hospital – members of University Health Network. www.petermunkcardiaccentre.ca.

Change one thing, change your training world

- January 22nd, 2015

(Note: This is the first in a series of posts by Keeping Fit blog contributor Carrie Campbell.)


The tail end of 2013 saw me frustrated and rather annoyed with my fitness progress. Even I, the person who had been training for fitness competitions on and off since the age of 18 was at a point where I felt something needed to change.

In 2011, I retired from the scene of bikinis and fake tans simply to adopt the permanent lifestyle that I always craved. Don’t get me wrong, I have no ill will towards being a fitness competitor, it just wasn’t “my thing.”

I found myself for the next two years jumping around from one program to another and testing varying nutritional plans. Consistency and discipline have never been my problem but yet I still felt like there was something missing.

At the tender age of 18, I remember scanning the pages of Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers paying particular attention to the lean physiques packed with muscle.

I knew what I wanted.

Always have.

Yes, I am here to say that without question I desired a lean and athletic looking body. Hence the journey into the fitness competitors world. The logic was simple, wasn’t it?

To get that, I must do what they are doing.

Fast forward back to 2013. I was doing “that” and yet still not getting quite the desired results.

Then one day in the middle of a life coaching session with one of my clients, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was explaining to them that in order to truly find happiness in life you have to know what you want!


Boom! Out of nowhere clarity hit me and I came to the biggest realization of my training life.

What I thought I always wanted, is not really what I wanted!

I know, I know that is a tongue twister but take a second to wrap your brain around it.

I spent my life training to “look” a certain way but when I boiled it down and scrutinized my true desires, that wasn’t what I truly wanted.

I want at the age of 60 to be able to do handstands on a beach, to pull my body up the way I can now and to be mobile and fluid.

Longevity. Health. Happiness.

THAT is what I wanted.

This epiphany changed my world.

This one thing is all I changed and is what accounts for the change that you see in these pictures here.

When I put my focus on what I really wanted,  the secondary and tertiary stuff just came along with it.

I stopped training like a “bodybuilder”, haven’t stepped foot on a cardio machine in two years and found the FUN in my training again.

I hired worldclass Agatsu Founders, Sara-Clare LaJeunesse and Shawn Mozen to help me get stronger and more flexible.

My world transformed from 3 sets of 12 bicep curls to doing 25lbs weighted chin-ups.

Truly, the results speak for themselves.

Over the years training clients and working with life coaching clients what I have come to realize is that more often than not when you don’t have success in something the potential is that you aren’t really sure what it is you want.

Foundation is KEY!

The programming. The dieting. The plans… they come later.

Whether it is six-pack abs, the ability to walk up stairs without being winded, or learning to do the splits, you have to know what it is you want.

Not what they want or what society says you want.

So before you start the next “8 Weeks To a Better You” program take the time to assess and establish your foundation.

Trust me, I would say the proof is in the pudding but really it is in the photos above!



* * *

About Carrie

Carrie Campbell is anything but an “in the box” kind of woman. A counsellor since the age of 19, personal trainer at the age of 23 and professional model, she lends her expertise candidly and honestly with the hopes of inspiring others to find their best selves. Co-founder of The Art of Inspired Living and “Change the Story Method,” her purpose as she so authentically puts it is to “serve others.” Combining the elements of mindset, training and nutrition she will be coming with featured weekly articles and videos for the Keeping Fit blog.

Find Her Here: https://www.facebook.com/AofILiving