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Change one thing, change your training world

- January 22nd, 2015

(Note: This is the first in a series of posts by Keeping Fit blog contributor Carrie Campbell.)


The tail end of 2013 saw me frustrated and rather annoyed with my fitness progress. Even I, the person who had been training for fitness competitions on and off since the age of 18 was at a point where I felt something needed to change.

In 2011, I retired from the scene of bikinis and fake tans simply to adopt the permanent lifestyle that I always craved. Don’t get me wrong, I have no ill will towards being a fitness competitor, it just wasn’t “my thing.”

I found myself for the next two years jumping around from one program to another and testing varying nutritional plans. Consistency and discipline have never been my problem but yet I still felt like there was something missing.

At the tender age of 18, I remember scanning the pages of Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers paying particular attention to the lean physiques packed with muscle.

I knew what I wanted.

Always have.

Yes, I am here to say that without question I desired a lean and athletic looking body. Hence the journey into the fitness competitors world. The logic was simple, wasn’t it?

To get that, I must do what they are doing.

Fast forward back to 2013. I was doing “that” and yet still not getting quite the desired results.

Then one day in the middle of a life coaching session with one of my clients, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was explaining to them that in order to truly find happiness in life you have to know what you want!


Boom! Out of nowhere clarity hit me and I came to the biggest realization of my training life.

What I thought I always wanted, is not really what I wanted!

I know, I know that is a tongue twister but take a second to wrap your brain around it.

I spent my life training to “look” a certain way but when I boiled it down and scrutinized my true desires, that wasn’t what I truly wanted.

I want at the age of 60 to be able to do handstands on a beach, to pull my body up the way I can now and to be mobile and fluid.

Longevity. Health. Happiness.

THAT is what I wanted.

This epiphany changed my world.

This one thing is all I changed and is what accounts for the change that you see in these pictures here.

When I put my focus on what I really wanted,  the secondary and tertiary stuff just came along with it.

I stopped training like a “bodybuilder”, haven’t stepped foot on a cardio machine in two years and found the FUN in my training again.

I hired worldclass Agatsu Founders, Sara-Clare LaJeunesse and Shawn Mozen to help me get stronger and more flexible.

My world transformed from 3 sets of 12 bicep curls to doing 25lbs weighted chin-ups.

Truly, the results speak for themselves.

Over the years training clients and working with life coaching clients what I have come to realize is that more often than not when you don’t have success in something the potential is that you aren’t really sure what it is you want.

Foundation is KEY!

The programming. The dieting. The plans… they come later.

Whether it is six-pack abs, the ability to walk up stairs without being winded, or learning to do the splits, you have to know what it is you want.

Not what they want or what society says you want.

So before you start the next “8 Weeks To a Better You” program take the time to assess and establish your foundation.

Trust me, I would say the proof is in the pudding but really it is in the photos above!



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About Carrie

Carrie Campbell is anything but an “in the box” kind of woman. A counsellor since the age of 19, personal trainer at the age of 23 and professional model, she lends her expertise candidly and honestly with the hopes of inspiring others to find their best selves. Co-founder of The Art of Inspired Living and “Change the Story Method,” her purpose as she so authentically puts it is to “serve others.” Combining the elements of mindset, training and nutrition she will be coming with featured weekly articles and videos for the Keeping Fit blog.

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GoodLife Fitness banks on historic Calgary building

- January 15th, 2015

The interior of the new GoodLife Fitness club in downtown Calgary.

It’s rather fitting, wouldn’t you say, that a historic building in downtown Calgary that once served as a bank is now home to a gym.

I mean, is there any greater investment you can make than in your health?

In case you missed it, GoodLife Fitness has opened its newest location  in the 85-year-old former Bank of Montreal building on Stephen Avenue. The grand opening for the flagship club was held Tuesday (Jan. 13).

Here’s the full press release:

GoodLife Fitness strengthens heart of downtown Calgary

New club breathes life and energy into historic Bank of Montreal building

CALGARY, AB: People living and working in downtown Calgary can now enjoy their workouts surrounded by natural light, limestone and Corinthian columns with the opening of the newest GoodLife Fitness club in the historic Bank of Montreal (BMO) building on Stephen Avenue.

GoodLife Fitness Founder and CEO David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans chose the long vacant former bank building as an ideal location for the company’s flagship Calgary club. Patch recognized the potential of the location and the importance of preserving this vital part of Calgary’s heritage – a building symbolizing the origins of Calgary’s business success.

“Calgary has such a successful economy and vibrant business core,” said Patch. “This gorgeous building pays tribute to the city’s heritage and provides an opportunity to bring a truly unique, enjoyable fitness experience to people working and living downtown. This is one of our most beautiful fitness clubs in Canada and I’m delighted to welcome Calgarians through our doors.”

GoodLife Fitness worked with Square Feet Design Group Inc. and Trigon Construction Management for over a year restoring the historic building’s mezzanine, main floor and basement. The company took great care to protect the unique decorative features including 35-foot ceilings embellished with rosettes and 917 ounces of gold leaf, marble floors, decorative mouldings and original chandeliers.

According to Lori Ireland of Square Feet Design, there were special structural and decorative considerations in transforming a heritage building to accommodate a fitness club.

Working closely with the Historic Resources and Management Branch of the Alberta Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the team reinforced the structural floor load to carry the extra weight and vibration of the equipment and replaced the cooling and fresh air systems. They uncovered solid marble inlaid floors, cleaned and restored ornamental plasterwork, and polished brass doors and handrails.

“We developed brand new approaches to meet infrastructure requirements and ensure the heritage elements of the building would be conserved. GoodLife took great care to rebuild many of the interior historic features and uncovered beautiful decorative elements in the process. One of the washrooms is actually built inside an old bank vault. It was well worth the extra effort,” said Ireland. “The faces of the GoodLife employees and members of the public visiting in recent weeks say it all. Their positive reaction confirms we were successful in maintaining the historic elements and accentuating the original beauty.”

The Stephen Avenue GoodLife Fitness club opened its doors on December 18, 2014 with a full range of professional fitness experts, high-end equipment and fitness classes. Club amenities include cardiovascular equipment, strength training equipment, free weights, group fitness classes, personal training, massage chairs, modern change rooms with dry cedar saunas and more.

GoodLife Fitness is the largest fitness club chain in Alberta and continues to expand across the province. There are currently 27 GoodLife Fitness clubs in Alberta including four Fit4Less clubs. The company plans to expand to 30 clubs in the province in the near future.  In the Calgary area, there are currently 13 GoodLife Fitness and two Fit4Less clubs. GoodLife is working to provide great fitness options and convenient locations where Albertans can feel welcome while they achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals.

About the building

• Montreal architect Kenneth Guscotte Rea (1878-1941) designed the Bank of Montreal building. He designed more than 120 bank buildings across Canada.

• Rea designed the building in the monumental Beaux Arts style, which incorporates neo-classical elements that reflect wealth, dignity and stability.

• Built in 1931, the heritage value of the Bank of Montreal building lies in its association with the establishment and consolidation of financial institutions in Calgary.

• The Stephen Avenue building served as Bank of Montreal’s regional headquarters and main western Canadian office for 50 years.

• Clad in Manitoba Tyndall limestone, the building boasts a front façade with

four fluted Corinthian columns. The building also features marble floors, lavish gilded plasterwork and original chandeliers and sconce lights.

• Well-known music and electronic retailer A&B Sound operated out of the building for 10 years before vacating the location in 2005.

About the restoration

• The ground level and mezzanine of the building are 30 feet tall, complete with columns topped with ornate Corinthian capitals and decorated with gold gilt appliqué.

• The original chandeliers are intact and operational, as are large solid brass wall sconces. They have all been cleaned and new LED lamps installed to improve lighting levels.

• The inside walls are adorned with hand painted Neo Classic panels with decorative mouldings that are also hand painted with gold gilt.

• The centre of the banking hall has a solid marble floor with inlaid borders. The floor had been covered for many years but has since been buffed and polished. The original solid marble stairs were also uncovered and restored to reveal an inlaid marble pattern.

• Since the original stairs to the mezzanine had been removed, GoodLife installed an ultra-modern granite and glass staircase in a new location that is now a design feature.

• The original solid marble handrail and spindles were protected from damage during construction. The GoodLife team developed custom, hand painted wood spindles and handrails to replace a section that was previously damaged.

• The ornate brass handrails were carefully polished and reinstalled.

• The entrance vestibule is made of solid brass slabs. All were buffed and polished to remove tarnish that had accumulated over the years.

• The original entry was a revolving door system. A previous tenant had removed the system, so GoodLife installed new full height glass doors on the exterior, as well as an interior vestibule.

• The original brass exterior doors had been buried behind hoarding at the front of the building. Once the new glass doors arrived, GoodLife removed the hoarding and the original brass doors are now visible.

• The main entrance features a large marble feature wall with a clock and the original Bank of Montreal coat of arms. The clock was repaired and the crest was hand polished.

• The original bank manager’s office is clad with detailed wood wall panels and a marble fireplace and mantel. These features were restored.

• An existing exposed stone exterior wall in the spinning room has been showcased with accent lighting.

• The original vault doors have been permanently pinned in an open position and one of the vaults is now a rental locker room for the members to store their personal belongings. The other vault was converted to a men’s washroom.

Club amenities

The 24-4 Stephen Avenue GoodLife Fitness club offers:

• Cardiovascular equipment

• Group Cycling

• Team Training

• Personal Training

• Strength Training equipment

• Locker Rentals

• Towel Service

• Dry Cedar Sauna

• Massage Chairs

Canada’s toughest MOTHER of 2014

- December 9th, 2014

Congrats to Allison Tai for her recent runner-up finish at the 2014 World’s Toughest Mudder.


Allison Tai negotiates a sewer pipe during the 2014 World’s Toughest Mudder at Lake Las Vegas.

Here’s the press release her proud hubby wrote up:

And here’s her recent appearance on Breakfast Television Vancouver:


Three mistakes in selecting a supplement

- November 24th, 2014

(Note: The following post is courtesy U.S. supplement company BioRhythm.)


Three mistakes in selecting a supplement

Walking into a nutritional supplement store and finding the right product can be overwhelming. The walls are lined with products that can do everything from cure ailments to help you lose weight. The experts at BioRhythm ( say most people fall victim to three pitfalls of choosing a supplement — the main one being price.

“Most supplement companies fight for that space by appearing to offer a premium product with bargain prices. However, logic tells us that if you find a Ferrari with a Kia price tag, something is wrong,” says BioRhythm CEO, founder and product developer Mark Mangieri. Mangieri has helped formulate some of the best products on the market and prides himself on sacrificing price for a quality product. He says you only have one body and you don’t waste another today trying to get professional results with a buy one, get one sale.

Here are the three mistakes you need to watch out for when selecting supplements:

1. Over consumption of protein. More is not better. Protein consumption studies show up to 1.5 and sometimes 2.0g per kg of protein per day can be beneficial for an elite heavily trained athlete. No additional lean mass gains or body fat reduction is noted over 2g of protein per kg (2g/2.2lb). What’s less vague is the amount of protein to consume after a workout. 20g for a 185lb trained athlete is the “Goldilocks”/ideal zone (approx. 0.1g per lb).

2. Cheaper is not better. Although this may sound obvious, the most common motivation when supplement users are asked the most important factor when choosing a supplement is price. There are many ways to reduce the quality of a supplement while maintaining a perceived value. Keep an eye out for fillers, proprietary blends that contain more than two or three ingredients and serving sizes that are unrealistically small for your needs.

3. Packaging and store placement. Yes the shiny label in the cool textured bottle stacked in a giant pyramid at the front of the store can make you feel like a bug attracted to a florescent light. However some of the most innovative formulas backed by solid science may be on the bottom shelf at the back of the store. The fact is many companies pay to be in the front and may have less budget for real science in the bottle.

About BioRhythm

BioRhythm is a premier product line formulated with fitness goals, not production cost, in mind. Our synergistic compounds and recommended stacks are put in place with the singular goal of more results faster. BioRhythm was founded on the most basic principles of product development: You get what you pay for. Competition for shelf space in retail stores and internet sites is at all time high for dietary supplements. Most supplement companies fight for that space by appearing to offer a premium product with bargain prices. All of our senior staff members have at least a decade of professional sports supplement experience.

Marathon runner gets a ‘Boost’

- October 2nd, 2014

Yeah, I’ve got a pair of adidas BOOST shoes, too. But don’t expect me to run any marathons in record time anytime soon.

Or ever.

And I’m OK with that.

But good on you, Dennis Kimetto!

Dennis Kimetto
adidas’ Dennis Kimetto uses energy return of BOOST™ to run fastest marathon of all time
Herzogenaurach, Germany (Sept. 29, 2014) – adidas’ Dennis Kimetto ran the fastest marathon in history wearing adidas BOOST™ at the 2014 Berlin Marathon.  With a time of 2:02:57 Kimetto shattered the previous world record by an astounding 26 seconds wearing the super lightweight adizero Adios BOOST.

“Dennis’ world record breaking performance while wearing adidas BOOST demonstrates the result of elite athletes using industry leading innovation to achieve unprecedented feats,” said Adrian Leek General Manager of adidas Running. “We continue to push boundaries by working closely with our athletes to develop the best products running has to offer.” 

adidas BOOST was also on the feet of second place men’s finisher Emmanuel Muthai who joined Kimetto in breaking the previous world record. The top two female finishers Tirfi Tsegaye and Fayse Tadese were also wearing Adios BOOST as they triumphantly crossed the finish line in Berlin to provide adidas with a dominating presence at the podium.

The results in Berlin contribute to a long line of success for Adios BOOST following its introduction last year including former world record holder Wilson Kipsang running a course record at the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon. 

Berlin Marathon

Dennis Kimetto crosses the finish line in record time at the Berlin Marathon.


The adidas adizero Adios BOOST shoe has an MSRP of $170 and is available at Featuring hand crafted design, by legendary adizero pioneer Mr.Omori, the adidas adizero Adios BOOST incorporates five key benefits to deliver more speed than ever before:

  • BOOST ™ technology – provides a higher Energy Return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry.
  • Microfit upper – a breathable, contoured mesh that makes each movement natural
  • Continental Rubber™ outsole – a high performance rubber outsole that grips the ground for better traction and a powerful push-off.
  • Torsion system – delivers optimum transition and stability
  • adiwear material – for ultimate durability

* * *

For more information, visit

About adidas

adidas is a global designer, developer and marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and accessories with the mission to be the leading sports brand in the world.  Brand adidas is part of the adidas Group, a corporation that includes brands such as Reebok, TaylorMade and Rockport.

About the adidas Group

The adidas Group is one of the global leaders within the sporting goods industry, offering a broad range of products around the core brands adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade, Rockport and Reebok-CCM Hockey. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Group has more than 46,000 employees and generated sales of € 13.3 billion in 2011.