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Reebok launches online fitness community, fitness app

- August 27th, 2013

Now this is really cool …


Reebok launches its ReebokONE online fitness 
community and new Fitness App

ReebokONE connects fitness professionals around the world; 
Reebok Fitness app adds variety to consumers’ fitness routines

Toronto, ON — Reebok today announced the launch of two innovative digital tools in ReebokONE and the Reebok Fitness app. ReebokONE is an online fitness community unified by one mission — to make people fit for life. The network acts as a hub where fitness professionals from around the globe can connect and find inspiration among fellow professionals, helping them to develop their skill set, progress their careers and create a brand for themselves. The Reebok Fitness app, designed to inject variety into workout programs, helps consumers rejuvenate their fitness routine by creating new and varied workouts using a combination of popular disciplines – walking, running, dance, yoga and training.



By signing up to the free online platform at, fitness professionals can create their own personalized web page, with customizable URL, where they can upload photos, update an “About Me” section, upload their certifications and areas of expertise plus add locations where they teach. This enables members to connect with clients and other fitness experts around the world, making ReebokONE the premier fitness destination for fitness professionals.
Along with being able to connect with other experts, instructors that sign up to ReebokONE also gain access to a number of member rewards, including:

  • A 25 per cent discount on Reebok products
  • The ability to earn commission on Reebok products they recommend
  • Access to exclusive fitness content from Reebok

To earn commission, members are required to sign up to the commission program, which then allows visitors to purchase products displayed in the ‘My Favorite Gear’ section of their profile. Members will then receive a commission on every purchase made through their page without having to do anything further.
In addition to the financial benefits, signing up to the network instantly unlocks exclusive fitness content from Reebok covering a wide range of topics to help further enhance the careers and skill set of fitness professionals. This includes a ‘Learn From The Best’ feature, where members can gain insights into the latest fitness trends, gear and advice; and a ‘Featured Professional’ section that allows members to learn from other fitness and training experts.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the ReebokONE network,” said two-time CFL all-star defensive back Tommy Europe, now personal trainer and fitness blogger. “As a professional, I strive to always continue my education so I can provide the best service possible. ReebokONE is a network of mentors, peers, and constant motivation; all real fitness professionals should join.”

Reebok Fitness App

The free Reebok Fitness app, available on Apple and Android devices and online at, allows consumers to create customized workout programs based on activities they already love and new activities they’d like to try. Users simply need to select the length of the program they require followed by the percentage of time they would like to focus on each activity and the Reebok Fitness app will generate a workout routine based on their individual preferences. Consisting of a variety of different workouts to complete each week, the program can be personalized further by allocating certain workouts to specific days of the week to ensure you never miss a workout.

Michael Rossi, vice president of Reebok Canada, said “We want to spark people’s passion for fitness and encourage them to get the most out of their workouts. We believe people make the most of their activities when they’re motivated, so that’s why we created the Reebok Fitness app. With over 200 workouts, the app gives people the chance to try new activities and plan a varied workout program in a few quick steps. We believe that mixing up your workouts and trying new activities will help you realize your full potential.”

Reebok is dedicated to empowering people to be fit for life. The brand wants to inspire people to get moving and is passionate about helping people lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
To find out more information and to register for ReebokONE, please visit

The Reebok Fitness App is available to download from iTunes, Google Play or to use online at and is free for everyone.

A video about the app can be found at


Twitter:     @ReebokCanada

Facebook: Reebok

YouTube:   Reebok

About Reebok

Reebok International Ltd., headquartered in Canton, MA, USA, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of sports, fitness and casual footwear, apparel and equipment. An American-inspired global brand, Reebok is a pioneer in the sporting goods industry with a rich and storied heritage in running, training and fitness. A subsidiary of the adidas Group, Reebok operates under multiple divisions of the Reebok brand, Reebok-CCM Hockey and the Sports Licensed Division. For more information, visit

Photo of the week: Madonna at Hard Candy Fitness

- August 25th, 2013


Madonna waves as she leaves the new Hard Candy Fitness centre in Rome on Aug. 21, 2013. REUTERS/Remo Casilli

News you can use: fitness-related press releases

- August 22nd, 2013
child's play

Simone Franco, 35, lifts weights next to her 11-month-old son Aquiles Franco (right) at a gym under the Alcantara Machado viaduct in the Mooca neighborhood of Sao Paulo on July 18, 2012. Alcantara Machado gym was founded in 2009 by Brazilian former professional boxer Nilson Garrido under the Alcantara Machado viaduct, with the aim of getting young people out of drugs and crime through sports. The gym, which received all its equipment through donations, is visited daily by more than a hundred people, most of whom are unemployed or have financial troubles, who practice bodybuilding and other sports just for pleasure. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

Here’s a list of fitness-related press releases that have crossed my desk in recent days (click on any that may interest you):

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• Fit Body Boot Camp in Vaughan challenges community to get fit for a cause by launching 1,000lb Meltdown Challenge

• Revolutionary program by celebrity trainers proves that anyone can get great legs

• Sleep apnea, dim light may lead to depression

• Does fat freezing yield results similar to liposuction?

• Barre-based fitness leader Physique 57 announces partnership with Erin Andrews for online streaming workout video.

• Athletes need to be careful to monitor diet, weight to maintain muscle

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Firm up with these Xtend Barre moves

- June 19th, 2013

Summer officially starts in two days (June 21).

Need a tune-up before you squeeze into that bikini?

Read on …


Xtend Barre® Workout, a pilates-and-dance amplified cardio barre program with over 70 locations in the U.S. and beyond, has released an “Xpress Xtend Barre Bikini Barre-Camp” to get you lean, chiseled and confident just in time for swimsuit season.

“Skip the crash diets and cardio-overload,” explains Andrea Rogers, founder of Xtend Barre Workout and host of best-selling workout DVD, Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled (available on “Incorporate a daily routine at the barre — or using a chair at home — that will help you get lean without making yourself miserable. We’ve put together our favorite micro-targeted moves so you can bare your body on any beach.”


Nix the Unsightly Underarms with Bent-Over Boxing

Bent-over boxing

Bent-over boxing

Stand with feet hips width apart, weights in each hand. Hinge forward at hips, bending knees slightly. Reach right arm forward, palm facing down as you extend left arm backward, palm facing up. Pulse arms upward 3 times, swing arms with control to switch alternating sides. 8-16 reps on each side.


Cinch the Waist with Side Reach

Side reach

Side reach

Open legs to a wide second position, natural turn out; plie. Hold 1 arm to side of body in a 90 degree bend. Reach arm up and over the head, staying in frontal plane, bring elbow to the hip, cinching the waistband as you return. 16 reps then alternate sides.


Melt love handles with Barre Pretzel

Barre pretzel

Barre pretzel

Sit on the floor with one leg bent in front of body and one leg bent behind. The front leg should have shins parallel to the front, the back leg has knee in line with hip or further behind. Hands are placed on floor surrounding front knee.

Knee Lifts: Keeping toes on floor lift the back knee up, lower back to floor. Repeat 8 reps.

Leg Lifts: Lift and lower the entire back leg off floor. Repeat 8 reps.

Knee Pulse Back: Keeping back leg in the air, press the knee back, engaging seat muscles deeper. Work to keep leg parallel to floor. Repeat 8 reps.

Combo: Combine leg lift and knee back series. Lift and lower the leg (but keep it still in the air) then pulse it back and forward. Repeat 8 reps.

Straight Leg Lifts Side: Extend back leg straight to the side. Trying not to lean, lower and lift the leg. Repeat 8 reps. This is advanced!


Lift your glutes with Back Tendu Lifts

Back tendu lifts

Back tendu lifts

Face barre with feet in first position. Demi plie, keep heels on the floor. Place weight onto one foot and extend the other leg into a back attitude (bent knee rotated away from body). Keep supporting leg bent and hips forward. Softly bend the working leg and quickly press into extension. Keep the movement small, never bending the knee fully, but always extending the leg fully. 16 reps.

Keep the leg extended (between back and side of body) lower/lift the leg with a pointed toe. 16 reps, then hold leg in air and pulse up. 16 reps. Try with flexed foot for a challenge.


Lengthen with Lunge Battement Kicks

Lunge battement kicks

Lunge battement kicks

Plie one leg as you extend the other arm and leg in opposition. Straighten the supporting leg as you kick the leg up to a forward battement (big kick). Repeat 8 slow/ repeat series with 8 reps at tempo.

Add a releve on supporting leg as you bring battement the other. (Advanced) 8 slow/8 tempo.

About Xtend Barre ® and Andrea Rogers


Andrea Rogers

The Xtend Barre® Workout has been sought after by national top Pilates instructors, dancers and leading fitness experts, and now has quickly expanded to over 70 locations around the world, including studios in the U.S., Australia, Dubai, Paris, London, Brazil, Canada and more.

Andrea Rogers, the creator and founder of Xtend Barre, boasts an extensive career as a professional dancer and choreographer. Having shared the stage with numerous celebrities, Andrea traveled the country with several professional dance companies, including her role as a principal dancer for Walt Disney World Co.

Andrea aligned her passion for dance and Pilates in 2006 when she cultivated Xtend Barre, Pilates and dance Amplified. Her creative combination of traditional Pilates methods and ballet basics sculpts bodies into lean, strong, ‘dancer-like’ physiques, helping people of all fitness levels.

Andrea holds various credentials including: Pilates Method Alliance member, America Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association and Classical Pilates instructor. She has appeared on programs such as on ABC News, CNN, NBC, and has been featured in Shape, Pilates Style, Fitness, OK!, and Marie Claire Magazines.

Teens work out for free this summer!

- June 19th, 2013
teen fitness

GoodLife Fitness has good news for teens.

One more reason to wish I was a teenager again: a free GoodLife Fitness membership this summer.

For the fourth year in a row, GoodLife Fitness is offering its free Teen Fitness Summer Program. That means youth from 12 to 17 years old get complimentary access to GoodLife gyms across Canada from July 2 to Aug. 31.

Here’s the press release:

Research Study Reports: ‘Canadian Teens need to be more active.’

GoodLife Fitness Responds with FREE Teen Fitness Summer Program!

For Immediate Release

[London, ON]— GoodLife Fitness launched on-line registration for the 4th annual FREE Teen Fitness Program. The program is available for youth between the ages of 12 and 17, providing complimentary access to GoodLife Fitness Clubs from coast-to-coast from July 2nd to August 31st.

The statistics tell the story. According to the Canada Health Measures Survey 2010 over 26 percent of children and youth are overweight or obese and 60 percent of Canadian youth do not get the required daily physical activity for optimum growth and development. Additionally, 93 percent of children and youth are not meeting Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines as outlined by Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

More recently, Active Healthy Kids Canada gave Canadian Children a D- on their annual Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth. In addition to low levels of inactivity, 69 percent of youth, ages 12-17, are spending increasing amounts of their lives sedentary and watching much more than the CSEP recommended two hours or less of screen time per day.

teens at GoodLife

Teens averaged three workouts per week during last summer’s program.

“Many different research studies clearly show that Canadian Teens NEED to become more active,” says David “Patch” Patchell-Evans, GoodLife Founder & CEO. “GoodLife’s Free Teen Fitness Program was implemented because we knew it was important to take a leadership role and be a part of the solution. At GoodLife, we are passionate about helping Canadians of all ages get moving and active and we are thrilled that so many Canadian Teens have gotten involved in our program.”

“We want to provide all Canadians with the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life and we know the importance of starting these healthy habits at a young age,” says Patch, who has four teenagers. “The growth of the Teen Fitness Program has been fantastic over the past three summers, with more than 38,000 teens participating last summer.”

Last year, teens who signed up for the FREE summer program averaged approximately three  workouts per week, the recommended amount of vigorous activity and strength training for youth ages 12-17 as outlined by CSEP (Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines).

“GoodLife is very excited for the growth of the program and the fact that the teens who sign up are using the club regularly and reaping the benefits,” says Kathy MacKinnon, GoodLife Vice President of Operations and the lead for Teen Fitness. This year we have even more enthusiastic GoodLife Associates are available to ensure that all teens have the proper club orientation, instructions and tips to ensure their workout experience is safe, fun, effective, and a building block for a healthier and more active future.”

All Teen Fitness participants must register with a parent or guardian at and bring the completed registration form into the club.

Upon receiving their membership, teens will be given a full orientation that outlines: club etiquette, rules and safety guidelines, workout tips, safe and proper use of strength training and cardiovascular equipment, Group EXercise classes, and appropriate workout apparel.

For more information or TO REGISTER YOUR TEEN, visit:

teen stretches

GoodLife’s Teen Fitness Summer Program runs from July 2 to Aug. 31.