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Reebok hosts CrossFit Games Open event today in Milton

- February 26th, 2015


As the Reebok CrossFit Games season gets underway today, Reebok has just announced it will be hosting Open events in Milton, Ont., Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.

Here are the details:

 Reebok Canada announces it will sponsor five events across the country in celebration of the Reebok CrossFit OPEN, the first round of qualifications for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games held in Carson, California. The first event is taking place today at Reebok CrossFit FirePower, located at 705 Nipissing Rd, Milton, ON, L9T 4Z5.

The OPEN is a series of five CrossFit workouts released online on, which Reebok will live-stream from an affiliate CrossFit box (gym) every Thursday, starting today, and for the next four weeks. The following Saturdays, Reebok invites registered participants, aged 13 to 60+, to perform their weekly OPEN workout alongside international celebrity CrossFit athletes, and earn prizes for declaring their personal goals for this year’s competition on

The events will be open to the public to view at no charge. 

Reebok CrossFit FirePower Kids
705 Nipissing Rd, Milton, ON, L9T 4Z5
(905) 864-9941

Video: ‘Press experience’ at CrossFit Games

- September 10th, 2014

My tan has long since started to fade, but I’m left with nothing but fond memories of my trip to California this summer for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Here’s a video montage courtesy Reebok highlighting the “press experience” portion of the trip.

* * *






Reebok powers up the perfect CrossFit shoe

- September 2nd, 2014

Reebok CrossFitNano 4.0

I’ve been taking these babies for a test run over the past several weeks — including two intense WODs (one on a Southern California beach) — and I have absolutely no complaints so far.

In fact, I actually like them more than my Reebok ZigTechs.

And that’s saying a lot because I adored my ZigTechs.

Here’s the press release from the good folks at Reebok …

Reebok powers up the perfect CrossFit® shoe

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 is more durable, adaptable and robust than ever before

TORONTO — In 2011, Reebok, as the exclusive provider of officially licensed CrossFit® footwear and apparel, introduced the first generation of the Reebok CrossFit Nano, and the shoe was readily adopted by the CrossFit community. The following year, Reebok improved upon that shoe with the Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0– adding design and structural elements to help improve daily workouts. Presented at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, Reebok now introduces the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0, a competition-level evolution of the popular platform.

A number of important innovations make the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 the ideal CrossFit performance shoe. One of the most visible changes is the new Duracage upper – a composite part made up of a polyurethane frame cast directly into an airmesh to provide flexibility, protection and stability in a lightweight package. The thickness of the Duracage varies throughout the upper and based on CrossFit movements; some areas are thicker to help provide more lateral stability and rope protection, and other areas have strategically placed textures that offer grip, durability and flexibility.

In addition to the Duracage, the zoned mesh upper provides breathability in the tongue; the lateral and medial quarter meshes have excellent cooling and strength properties; and the vamp mesh is slightly tighter to provide added durability. A new anti-shift gusset in the tongue helps keep it in place, and secure over the top of the foot.

For this generation of the shoe, Reebok made significant improvements to the outsole as well. The low-profile, flat-to-the-ground outsole has two levels of traction: bigger lugs for overall grip; smaller grooves that help to disperse water, dust and chalk; and Metasplit grooves that allow for metatarsal splaying and multi-directional flexibility. Foam composites in the heel and forefoot helps provide stability for weightlifting and heavy squats, and responsiveness for movements with rebounding like running, box jumps and double unders.

Last, but definitely not least, new RopePro Outsole technology is designed to provide grip and slip, regardless of climbing technique. This highly abrasive-resistant material has an asymmetrical design, with moulded lines on the medial side for added grip, and a smooth lateral side to help make descending a rope more efficient.

“At Reebok, we are focused on building product for functional human movement, and the Reebok CrossFit collection takes this philosophy to the extreme,” said Stewart Clark, Marketing Director at Reebok. “The evolution of the Reebok CrossFit Nano franchise demonstrates that we’re always working to build one of the best, most functional products out there. As CrossFitters designing product for CrossFitters, we know that this shoe is the one we’d want to put on in competition as well as when hitting a daily WOD at a CrossFit affiliate gym.”

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 is available now at Sport Chek, Sports Experts and through for $130.


Twitter: @ReebokCanada

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About Reebok

Reebok International Ltd., headquartered in Canton, MA, USA, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of fitness and lifestyle footwear, apparel and equipment. An American-inspired global brand, Reebok is a pioneer in the sporting goods industry with a rich and storied heritage in running, training and fitness. Reebok is committed to helping consumers fulfil their potential and be “fit for life.” Reebok develops products, technologies and programming which enable consumers to live a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it. Reebok connects with the fitness consumer wherever they are and however they choose to stay fit —whether it’s training, running, walking, dance, yoga or aerobics. Reebok Classics leverages the brand’s fitness heritage and represents the roots of the brand in the sports lifestyle market. A subsidiary of the adidas Group, Reebok operates under the multiple divisions of the Reebok brand, Reebok-CCM Hockey and the Sports Licensed Division.  Reebok is the exclusive outfitter of CrossFit and the Reebok CrossFit Games, the official title sponsor of the Reebok Spartan Race, and exclusive apparel provider for Les Mills.

About CrossFit

CrossFit Inc. is the developer and provider of the CrossFit® strength and conditioning program and a recognized worldwide leader in functional fitness. Founded by Greg Glassman and built on the foundations of constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, education and collaborative competition, CrossFit-brand workouts develop strength and fitness while cultivating community and camaraderie in each of the more than 10,000 affiliated gyms in its global network. CrossFit Inc. is a leading accredited certificate issuer for physical-training professionals worldwide and offers specialty certificate programs in addition to its core curriculum. CrossFit Inc. publishes the CrossFit Journal, promotes physical fitness and cognitive health through the CrossFit Kids Foundation, and created and operates the CrossFit Games, an annual competition where elite athletes compete to be named the Fittest on Earth™.

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Video: Highlights of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games

- August 1st, 2014


I’ll be bloggin’ soon about my experiences at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

And watch my Keeping Fit column over the next two weeks for features on the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth.

In the meantime, check out this cool video from Reebok …

Countdown to 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games

- July 15th, 2014

The countdown is on …

For the uninitiated, check out the following links: