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Color Run debuts in London

- August 7th, 2013


I haven’t experienced the exhilaration of The Color Run or any other similar “paint races” currently trending throughout North America and overseas.

But I gotta admit it looks like fun — if you don’t mind having your whites blasted with a rainbow of coloured powder as you run five kilometres through the streets of your town.

I’m thinking “free dye job.” What would my greying goatee look like in magenta? Or indigo?

Anyhoo, this blog certainly supports any event that puts so much stock into health and happiness.

The Color Run hits London, Ont., on Aug. 17.

Here’s the press release issued today …


The Color Run™ debuts in London
The “Happiest 5k on the Planet” plans for thousands this month 

TORONTO – The hugely popular The Color Run™, the single largest event series in the United States, will debut in London, Ontario on Saturday, August 17. The event will be held at the Western Fair District (856 Florence Street, London) and will begin at 9 a.m. Registration for the event is open for teams and individual runners.

TCR_logoWith no official race winner or times, The Color Run celebrates health, happiness and individuality. Runners of all ages, sizes and fitness levels participate in the run, beginning at the start line with all-white clothing and finishing covered in a rainbow of colors. Each kilometre, a different shade of powder fills the air covering runners. By the time the finish line is reached, the air and runners are filled with vivid color combinations. Over 60% of ‘Color Runners’, as participants are called, are first-time 5k runners and participate as a celebration and capstone of their healthy living accomplishments.

The Color Run is all about having fun and healthy living, while giving back to local charities,” said Travis Snyder, founder of The Color Run. “The event brings the community together and creates energy so positive it’s contagious. Our mantra is ‘Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You’.

The Color Run London is proud to be partnering with local charitable organizations Tara Boom Houston Children’s Foundation and One Run.

As a small but mighty charity we’re delighted to be working with The Color Run here in London,” said Sheri and Scott Houston, founders of Tara Boom Houston Children’s Foundation. “This exciting partnership will assist us to provide unique and direct financial support to families here in southwestern Ontario.”

The Color Run and One Run both have similar attributes by encouraging healthy and active living,” said Justin Tiseo, organizer of One Run. “Both organizations demonstrate this through the aspects of fun and getting involved. It’s a natural partnership between two great organizations, striving to make a difference.”

Since its debut in January 2012, participation for The Color Run has exploded with more than 1.5 million ‘likes’ on Facebook. Last year The Color Run visited more than 50 cities with more than 600,000 participants. This year, the run will launch more than 100 events with an estimated 1 million participants.

Following the London event, The Color Run will also take place in Ottawa, ON on Saturday, August 25 and Vancouver, BC on Saturday, September 14.  Solo runner/walker cost is $50 (early entry fee). Team runners and walkers cost is $45. Children under the age of five are free. To register, or for more details, please visit:

Twitter:       TheColorRun
Facebook:  The Color Run
Instagram:  The Color Run

About The Color Run™
The Color Run is the largest event series in the United States and the first of its kind. Travis Snyder founded the 5k paint race event series in 2012, creating a new genre of running event. The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality, bringing the community together to create a five-kilometre canvas of colorful fun. For more on The Color Run, visit or watch this video. The color run has been featured on Today, O: The Oprah Magazine, MSNBC, USA Today Travel, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and many more. To view additional press on the Color Run please click here.

The Color Run is an IMG Event.

Meet creator of Yoga Tune Up in Vancouver

- March 30th, 2012

Need to shape up your shoulders? Relieve some tension?

Well, if you’re in Vancouver tomorrow (Saturday, March 31), then you’re in luck.

Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up, is teaching a couple of workshops in Lotusland.


For more info or to register, click HERE.
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Words of wisdom from Madonna’s former yoga instructor

- October 30th, 2011

The great Gurmukh is India-bound after a three-city Canadian tour this month.

Internationally renowned yoga expert Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa wrapped up a four-day seminar today in Ottawa.

She taught a Kundalini yoga training course for yoga teachers Oct. 27-30 at The Shunnya Centre, 63 Beechwood Ave.

It’s the last official stop on a three-city Canadian tour this month that included visits to Vancouver and Edmonton.

The 68-year-old former yoga teacher-to-the-stars is now preparing to go to India.

In case you missed her, here’s a collection of wisdom-filled quotes from a recent interview I conducted with the woman commonly known as Madonna’s ex-yoga instructor, followed by video clips from the Vancouver and Edmonton workshops:

• On balance

“Body, mind and soul … (are) the three aspects of the human being and once they come into balance, that’s when you find happiness.”

• On happiness

“Happiness is that which doesn’t deviate due to circumstances. You know, you have a girlfriend, she breaks up (with you) and then you’re sad. … You had a bummer day. … When you’re truly happy, you just keep constant. It doesn’t mean you’re not emotional or sad when something happens. But you don’t give away that permanent gift inside of you.”

• On inner peace and geographic location

“If you find that peace inside of you, you can almost be anywhere and not be affected by your environment. But if you don’t have that inner strength and connectiveness, the environment dictates your emotions. … Kundalini yoga gives you the interior peace no matter where you are.”

• On whether a certain physical activity is worthwhile

“Is it fun, does it make me feel good, and is it also challenging? If all those three things I can answer (affirmatively), then to me it’s so worthy of doing.”

• On her formative years in the U.S. midwest

“I worked hard at ice skating and then swimming and being on the swim team and water ballet and all that. I always loved movement and dance. I loved to read and I loved school, but I really liked to move. I always have.”

• On breathing at full capacity

“That’s why people get high when they climb mountains, when they do marathons, when they ski — because they’re using full breath capacity. It’s hard at first, but then you get a high without any drugs at all. The high comes from the connection of your breath to your spirit. They call it a second wind in sports. We just call it a spiritual connection. It’s all the same thing.”

• On teaching yoga to celebrities

“I did that for a number of years. … That was a chapter of my life I would never go back to. It was interesting, it was entertaining, but it wasn’t sustaining for my soul. I got so less impressed as time went on with all the celebrities. I enjoyed them, but I saw then just as anybody else. They still had to learn to breathe and quiet their mind and move their bodies. They just became wonderful human beings, but they weren’t any different than anyone else.”

• On her worldwide notoriety

“I never planned on it. … I never asked for this at all. It just was my destiny. It wasn’t like I went out looking for it. I just kept teaching and working hard and carrying on, and lo and behold, this thing happened. But it wasn’t any of my doing. It was more just destiny’s doing, you might say. And I’m thankful for it.”

• On teaching

“I teach a lot of teachers to become teachers. That’s my biggest goal because I’ll leave my body, but what am I leaving on the earth? I want to leave teachers that will carry this ancient technology on. … I feel so blessed every morning I wake up and it makes me really be more dedicated to wanting to help other people to feel the same way — to feel alive.”

• On yoga

“It’s the most ancient science in the whole world. It’s 40,000 years old. It wasn’t just thought up in the ’80s and the ’90s. And you don’t need anything but yourself and your breath. You don’t even need any equipment. It’s such a built-in ancient technology that just came up. It was lying dormant, you might say, and then in the mid-’70s, it started awakening. And now … everybody’s doing yoga.”

• On tips for trying yoga

“Find a class in your area. It doesn’t matter what kind. Just give it a try. Everybody’s got yoga everywhere and maybe that won’t be the yoga that you’ll stick with, but you’ll get an experience and then maybe try another yoga class or get a video. And the best test is how do you feel? Do you feel more calm? Do you have more energy? Are you less worried? Whatever it is. Does your back feel better? Whatever it is. And that would be the sign. If you feel sicker and stiffer and more angry or whatever your thing is, then it’s not for you, but I’ve never met anyone that it’s not for them.”

• On the essence of yoga

“The expression is: ‘Off the mat and into the world.’ Like, get off the mat, your spirits are up, your body feels good, now go and help other people who don’t feel this way.”

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Madonna’s former yoga teacher coming to Canada

- October 18th, 2011
Gurmukh Rollerblading 2

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, 68, enjoys inline skating along the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Internationally renowned yoga expert Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is slated to arrive in Canada in mere days.

The former flower child who counts Madonna and Cindy Crawford among her former yoga students plans to visit Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa this month.

Here are the sessions the 68-year-old (she turns 69 in 2012) is offering this weekend in Vancouver:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Semperviva City Studio: #100-1985 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.

Gloria Latham:

• 1-3 p.m. All the Answers are Within You

Side-step the ego and tune into the guidance of your higher self, transmitting the truth of your soul to you through intuition and heightened awareness. Connect to your higher purpose through the ancient technology of Kundalini yoga and meditation. Learn to relax the control of the rational mind and release yourself from the cycle of worry, anxiety and fear obstructing your connection to your Truth. All levels.

• 3:30-5:30 p.m. Enlightenment: Why the Buddha Waits at the Gates of Heaven

Whatsoever you do, do it with deep alertness. Then even small things become sacred. They become worship. It is not a question of what you are doing. The question is: How are you doing it? Join Gurmukh for a luminous workshop. Make more and more of your life luminous with awareness. Let the candle of awareness burn in each moment, in each act. The cumulative effect is enlightenment. The cumulative effect, all the moments together, all the small candles together, is a great source of light. Let us shine from the inside out with Kundalini yoga, followed by a long gong meditation.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Semperviva City Studio:  #100-1985 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.

• 12:30-3 p.m. Open Your Heart to the Subtle Voice Within Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

We are born to fulfill our destiny. When we realign with the subtle voice within, we realign our destiny. Through Kundalini Yoga and meditation we open all channels of divinity. Your body becomes a divination tool that is intrinsically receptive to hearing the Well of Divine Consciousness within. Instead of ruminating on your life, you are illuminating your life. Through asana, chanting, dancing and meditation, along with the sound of the sacred Gong, we celebrate the fulfillment of our divine connection to Truth, Spirit and Destiny. All levels welcome.

• 3:30-5:30 p.m. Magnificent Grace

Grace is untouchable. When we open to the understanding of true grace, we are kissed by God. We have grown complacent in the use and misuse of inner power. Power is an energy much like grace. However, grace is our true inheritance in consciousness. Through Kundalini yoga and meditation, learn to rise above all situations into a realization of true, pure, exalted oneness with divinity. Our real power is beyond power; it is grace. Chant, dance, meditate, and receive all-empowering blessings of a new consciousness.


Gurmukh has taught the likes of Madonna, Cindy Crawford and David Duchovny.

Check back for details on Gurmukh’s upcoming stops in Edmonton and Ottawa.

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Subway’s Jared: Are you Canada’s version of me?

- June 16th, 2011


Jared (The Subway Guy) Fogle has launched a coast-to-coast search in Canada.

The famous U.S.-based restaurant pitchman, who lives in Indianapolis, will be in Edmonton tomorrow (Friday, June 17) as he hunts for “the Canadian version” of himself!

Besides sitting down for a healthy breakfast with yours truly, Fogle will be downtown at City Hall from 5 to 6 p.m. encouraging Edmontonians to complete a “Random Act of Fitness” for a $5 Subway gift card. (The photo above was taken during his recent visit to Vancouver.)

For more details on this national promotion, check out the following press release:

commit-to-fitTORONTO — When Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds by incorporating low-fat SUBWAY® sandwiches into his diet, he captured the attention of the world. Now he’s headed north to seek out Canadians with similar stories.

Today, with Fogle’s help, SUBWAY® restaurants in Canada are launching “Commit to Fit”, a comprehensive program designed to inspire, motivate and celebrate Canadians making healthy lifestyle changes.  And two such Canadians will be selected to follow in Jared’s footsteps as SUBWAY® Commit to Fit Ambassadors, beginning with Jared’s cross-Canada tour which hits Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax and Toronto.

“When I made a commitment to lose weight and get healthy, my life changed,” explained Fogle.  “Not just because of the opportunities I’ve been given to tell my story, but because it has inspired others to do the same. I’ve kept off the weight for 12 years so I understand the power that comes with taking control of your own well-being and I can’t wait to find, well, the Canadian version of me!

The Commit to Fit Ambassador Search

SUBWAY® restaurants are asking Canadians to share their personal stories about their commitment to living healthy, active lifestyles – not just about weight loss – and how they incorporate SUBWAY® sandwiches into their diet.

In October, after a public voting period, SUBWAY® restaurants will select and name two SUBWAY® Commit to Fit Ambassadors who will work with the company to help inspire Canadians to make their own healthy lifestyle changes. Each Commit to Fit Ambassador will also win $10,000.

“SUBWAY® sandwiches have always been a fast and nutritious solution for people looking for balanced options on the go,” said Kathleen Bell, co-director of marketing. “Our Commit to Fit program takes it to the next level and signals our commitment to offering our customers not only nutritious options, but providing new online tools, advice from health and fitness experts, and nutrition information they need to make eating choices that are right for them.”

New Online Tools and Resources

Launching concurrently to the Ambassador search is a new suite of online tools and resources for Canadians, including access to information from and engaging with healthy living experts including:

• Nutrition Expert Lucia Weiler, B.Sc.

• Certified Personal Trainer Louise Green

• Professional athletic trainer and co-founder of Sports Performance Centre Ltd., Colin Berenhaut

• Personal life coach and triathlete Jimmy Sévigny (who, like Jared, lost 272 pounds by incorporating exercise and eating a healthy diet including SUBWAY® sandwiches)

In addition, online at and, Canadians can access the just-launched SUBWAY® Nutrimeter, an interactive, online tool that instantly calculates the nutritional value of your customized SUBWAY® sandwich.

SUBWAY® Sandwich Solutions: Now with 25% Less Sodium

“SUBWAY® restaurants are all about choice and with more than 2 Million possible sandwich combinations, we’re confident that there is a sandwich that meets any Canadian’s individual lifestyle and nutrient needs,” concluded Bell.

SUBWAY® restaurants offers ‘8 under 6 grams of fat or less’ sandwiches. These sandwiches, low in cholesterol and saturated fat and free of trans fat, now also contain 25% less sodium. These sandwiches are Black Forest Ham, Oven Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Subway Club, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Turkey Breast, Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham, and Veggie Delite™.

To learn more about Commit to Fit or share their personal healthy living stories for a chance to be named a SUBWAY® Commit to Fit Ambassador, Canadians can visit: or

About SUBWAY® restaurants

SUBWAY® restaurants are the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise, with more than 34,600 restaurants in 98 countries and over 2,600 restaurants in Canada. In 2011, the SUBWAY® chain surpassed McDonald’s in the number of restaurant locations worldwide. Headquartered in Milford, Conn., the SUBWAY® restaurant chain was cofounded by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck in 1965. For more information about the SUBWAY® chain, visit

SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.


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