His Dishonour, Rob Ford, ‘certainly welcome’ at Bills-Falcons


Toronto’s most famous, and infamous, citizen is a huge NFL fan.

We mean Mayor Rob Ford, of course, and you can read that any way you’d like.

Until this year, when he wasn’t trying to level city councilors like a pulling guard on a 5-foot-8 cornerback, Ford coached high school football, and was quite accomplished at it.

If Ford attends Bills-in-Toronto VI on Sunday, it won’t be in any affiliated capacity with the event.

“He’s the Mayor of our city. He’s certainly welcome at our event, there’s no question about that,” said Bills-in-Toronto executive director Greg Albrecht.

“We try to stay politically agnostic when it comes to the game itself, but if he’d like to attend he’s more than welcome, and we have no issues with that.”

Ford wore an NFL team-logos necktie (above, Reuters) on the day earlier this month when he attained worldwide infamy for admitting to having smoked crack cocaine about a year ago, during drunken stupors.





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