• On Monday night I flew home from Toronto via Porter and found out I was in seat 7A. It made me laugh, all because of this song. I posted the photo of my seat assignment but some people didn’t get it. So enjoy this perfect [...]

  • Trudeau Jr. is squirming over the issue he raised and jumped right into just shy of two weeks ago. And as you will see if you read to the bottom, Trudeau Jr. has put himself offside his own father’s stated words, record and [...]

  • Time to fire Lacroix by Brian Lilley CBC is an insult to all Canadians and I’m not talking about the state broadcaster’s on-air offerings. Does anyone actually believe that CBC news reader Peter Mansbridge makes [...]

  • Why democracy is necessary by Warren Kinsella The great thing about living in a democracy is, well, living in a democracy. Characteristics of a democracy include things like power exercised by citizens, or officials elected by [...]

  • Gosnell story must be told by Ezra Levant WARNING: THIS COLUMN CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT Who is the most prolific serial killer in modern history? Was it Robert Pickton, charged with murdering 26 women, convicted of six, but whose [...]

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VIDEO: Why we should support Israel

- July 25th, 2014

War crimes are continuously being committed by Hamas, and the worst human rights abusers at the United Nations are condemning Israel.

VIDEO: The evils of communism

- July 25th, 2014

Employment Minister Jason Kenney brings us the truth about communism and the importance of liberty.

Jason Kenney explains communism in response to the Pravda Vodka Bar in Toronto that is filled with communist imagery.

VIDEO: Communism isn’t cool

- July 25th, 2014

Pravda Vodka Bar in Toronto is filled with communist imagery. Do they understand how evil these communist dictators really were?

RADIO HIT: The Ben Shapiro Show

- July 25th, 2014

Our pal Ben Shapiro talks about a bizarre viral story.
A husband sent his wife a spreadsheet of the excuses she made to not have sex with him.

VIDEO: The end of feminism

- July 25th, 2014

Has the feminist movement won all its battles in the West?

Our pal Gavin McInnes thinks feminism is dead and stirs the pot by calling Byline guest host Marissa Semkiw an “8″.