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Brian Lilley is the host of Byline on Sun News Network and a senior correspondent for Sun Media's Parliamentary Bureau in Ottawa. His weekly column is published in more than 30 daily newspapers across Canada and he appears on several leading talk radio stations. Watch Byline at 9pm ET Monday to Friday and read Brian's columns in your Friday papers.

VIDEO: UK Reaction to ISIS beheading American journalist

- August 21st, 2014

The terrorist in the video of the American journalist who was beheaded had a British accent.

RADIO HIT: The Ben Shapiro Show

- August 21st, 2014

Derrick Jackson penned a piece for his Boston Globe column discussing how White America has ignored the plight of Black America and the effect this had on the resulting violence in Ferguson. He joined the Ben Shapiro Show to talk about the race gap in light of the Michael Brown incident and to look at the different responses from the black and white community.

VIDEO: Feminists push for polygamy

- August 21st, 2014

How can self-proclaimed feminists say they support women's rights while supporting polygamy?

VIDEO: American journalist beheaded by ISIS

- August 21st, 2014

An American journalist, James Foley, was murdered by ISIS. Is Islamic jihad the greatest threat to global security?

VIDEO: Another reason to free the beer

- August 21st, 2014

Ontario could rake in more revenue if it opened up competition in the liquor market, a new report says.