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Brian Lilley is the host of Byline on Sun News Network and a senior correspondent for Sun Media's Parliamentary Bureau in Ottawa. His weekly column is published in more than 30 daily newspapers across Canada and he appears on several leading talk radio stations. Watch Byline at 9pm ET Monday to Friday and read Brian's columns in your Friday papers.

COLUMN: Robson – In defence of defence

- April 14th, 2014

Western nations shrug off defence duty

by John Robson

With Vladimir Putin drooling over the rest of Ukraine the plan seems to be to stick our tongues out at him. Laden with sententious rhetoric, to be sure. But we can’t shake our fist at him because we haven’t got one.

On Monday NATO’s Secretary General published a desperate appeal in Britain’s Daily Telegraph for members of this military alliance to get some, you know, military stuff. Nobody cared.

Our newspapers gushed ink over Rob Ford’s antics, how Quebec separatism is definitely dead unless it’s not and the need for Canada to devise “New definitions of sex and gender.” But when it comes to the basic duty of government, protection of citizens’ physical security, hoo hah! Booooring. Read more…

COLUMN: Gunter – Mounties kicked down doors in High River long after emergency passed

- April 14th, 2014

Kicking down doors of High River gun controversy

by Lorne Gunter

The more that comes to light about the RCMP’s High River gun grab following last spring’s devastating flooding in southern Alberta, the more obvious it is the Mounties became obsessed with taking High Riverites’ guns. Rescuing people was secondary to breaking into homes without warrants and stripping the populous of their legal firearms.

It would appear that the incident is a tragic abuse of police powers against law-abiding citizens.

Through the exemplary work of independent firearms researcher Dennis Young, we already know that police broke into twice as many High River homes after the emergency had ended as they did while flood waters were still coursing through town. Read more…

Song of the day

- April 11th, 2014

I’ll dedicate this song, “Start a war” by The National to Vladimir Putin

COLUMN: Lilley – Politics, humanity and the passing of Jim Flaherty

- April 11th, 2014

Putting aside politics to mourn Flaherty

by Brian Lilley

Thursday’s big political news in Ottawa was supposed to be about CBC’s mass layoff announcement. Thursday was supposed to be a day for the opposition parties to attack the government over proposed changes to the Fair Elections Act.

Neither happened. Instead MPs put down their verbal weapons and animosity and consoled one another.

Jim Flaherty, the feisty former finance minister, died early Thursday afternoon.

Word came to our newsroom a while before it broke publicly. I was watching the live television feed from the House of Commons wondering how political Ottawa would deal with one of their own passing unexpectedly when I saw Tom Mulcair’s face in a corner of the screen.

The NDP leader was speaking near the clerk’s desk with Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski and others when I saw a look of shock on Mulcair’s face. The House was finding out that Flaherty was dead.

This was all happening just after 2 p.m. Ottawa time; MPs from all parties continued to read their statements in the House ahead of question period, but QP never came. Read more…

VIDEO: Ontario’s fiscal nightmare and my interview with Tim Hudak on how to fix it

- April 10th, 2014