VIDEO: Gavin McInnes on how to fight a baby

- November 26th, 2013

Regular viewers of Byline know Gavin McInnes. He’s zany, he is outlandish and this video is both.

He’s caused some controversy with this video, I’m not sure why. Anyone that watches closely will see that he cradles the baby’s neck for safety, that he is playing with the child and holds the baby in such a way as to make sure he is never hurt.

I think the video is funny. I’m guessing the people that do not are those that never rough housed with their kids. I certainly did, it is part of what fathers do.

My kids are older now and still ask me to throw them around, toss them upside down and yes, throw them.

In more than 13 years I’ve never dropped a kid. Thrown them but never dropped.

Like Gavin though, I’ve been hurt.

Gavin McInnes


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  1. Bert says:

    Years ago, I read in (I think) Reader’s Digest the best comment ever about parenting. Some lady wrote in and said “I was a *much* better mother BEFORE I had kids”.

    I suspect that most of the people complaining about this video don’t have kids.

  2. Julie Murray says:

    Hi, Brian,

    Watch you on Sun News and listen to you on CFRA; are there actually people who don’t think this is funny? Now that in itself is funny.

    Thanks for bringing back some happy memories of my husband goofing around with our son and daughter (now 18 and 14, respectively). That’s a dad’s job, to help them experience the world in a different way than moms do.

    Your friend is obviously having a great time–and so is his baby.


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