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Dave Augustyn is the Mayor of the Town of Pelham and is a Niagara Regional Councillor. His political career began December 2006. Mayor Dave chairs Budget Review Committee and co-chairs the Region's Corporate Services Standing Committee. He also chairs the Smarter Niagara Steering Committee, and the Development Charges Task Force, and the the PenWest Power Corporation Board. Mayor Dave also co-coaches a Pelham Soccer Team and is a member of the Children's Liturgy Team at St. Ann's Church. He lives in Fenwick with his wife, Carol, and their two children.

Draft Site Master Plan Helps Maintain Small-Town Feel

- February 24th, 2014

DraftSiteMasterPlanAt our regular meeting last week, Council received three presentations regarding a draft Site Master Plan for most-northern portion of the East Fonthill lands – approximately 54 acres South of Regional Road 20 and West of Rice Road.

Wanting to ensure that new development maintains Pelham’s small-town feel and to make the best use of the 32 acres of Town-owned-land at the corner of Regional Road 20 and Rice Road, Council directed staff in April 2013 to begin developing a joint Site Master Plan for the Town’s lands and approximately 22 acres owned by the Allen Group.

Representatives of the Planning Partnership (the firm that helped develop the recently approved East Fonthill Secondary Plan) unveiled concept drawings that outlined various possible permitted uses for these lands including institutional-medical, retail, retirement, community centre, mixed-use commercial, townhomes, single-detached residential, mixed-use residential and parks and trails.

Aiming to provide complete streets, which accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, the draft Plan incorporates roundabouts, trails, environmental areas, parks and public squares that complement the Town’s urban design guidelines. The draft Plan also links the area to Downtown Fonthill via a tree-lined road extension to Pelham Town Square. (Please review the draft Plan at

Then, David Allen of the Allen Group outlined plans for the first phase of the development:

  • a 30,000 square foot medical facility that includes family doctors, specialists, minor surgery, pharmacy, laboratory, physiotherapy, optometry, radiology, geriatric clinics, health and wellness clinic, nurses and nurse practitioners;
  • an approximately 120 unit senior’s complex offering independent and assisted living options;
  • an 80,000 square foot commercial retail complex that includes a grocery store, fast food establishments and various other retailers.

This first phase could also accommodate a potential multi-purpose community centre and/or arena (pending public feedback and Council decisions this Spring).

Council also received an overview of the legal agreement(s) that are being created to help facilitate the development: a servicing agreement that would follow the Town’s procurement bylaw; a sale of lands or land swap agreement that would respect the Municipal Act’s “anti-bonusing” provisions and provide a “net benefit” to the Town; and the use of an outside party to recommend Planning approval documents to Council.

Next steps include refining and approving a Site Master Plan, and amending the Town’s Official Plan and Zoning By-Law. Pending such approvals this Spring, utility construction could commence as early as late Summer 2014.

During this exciting time for Pelham, our priority is to continue to balance growth as we maintain our small town feel. Council and I hope this draft Site Master Plan will help us to achieve that vision.

Arena & Indoor Recreational Facilities

- January 20th, 2014

AtomAEPanthers2012As you know, the provision of recreational and cultural services in Pelham has been an issue for decades.

Last year, I wrote about a creative problem solving session in December 2012 where Council identified a way forward:
• stay focused on deciding what to do with Town facilities and the Town-owned-lands in East Fonthill (32 acres at Regional Road 20 and Rice Road);
• define the recreational and cultural services the Town needs now and for the future;
• develop the Town-owned-lands in East Fonthill in the best manner and in conjunction with other property-owner groups;

As part of achieving this, staff prepared an Executive Summary of all the recreational and cultural reports that various Councils received over the years. Staff informed Council that, “A review of all previous studies was undertaken which confirmed that no significant or meaningful financial work was completed, [thus] requiring additional financial analysis for both an arena and community centre.”

The Town hired LeisurePlan International last summer to develop a market analysis and business case study. So that they could develop a statistically significant report, LeisurePlan surveyed +1,000 residents about their recreation and culture habits and preferences.

After detailed analysis, LeisurePlan presented the Phase One results to Council on January 13 and 20.

Arena Facilities:
The report suggests that there is not enough demand in the short / medium term for a twin-pad, but suggests “there may be sufficient demand…for a second ice pad in the time period just beyond 2023/24.”

LeisurePlan recommends that the Town:
• replace the existing single-pad with a new arena facility within the next five years;
• design a new twin-pad facility and phase the construction – build one ice pad first (contingent on capital financing) and construct the second pad after 2023/24 (should the sustaining demand develop);

Multi-Purpose Recreational Facilities:
Upon surveying all user groups and associations (14 in total), all service providers in Pelham (46 in total), and 1,091 residents, LeisurePlan recommends that the Town:
• provide a multi-purpose facility to accommodate demand for participation in fitness activities, walking/running on an indoor track, and gymnasium sports;
• provide multi-purpose program space;
• not provide an indoor pool facility due to lack of demand and to associated costs;

(Please see my online journal at for complete copies of the reports and LeisurePlan’s presentation to Council.)

Over the next 5-6 weeks, LeisurePlan will complete Phase Two – examine the business case and various options associated with facility construction and operation.

When both Phases are complete, Council and I look forward to working together with you and your neighbours to review the options and finally move ahead on the future recreational facilities and needs for the Town.


Arena Facility Provision Strategy – Final Report

- January 13th, 2014
arena2For your information, please find here a copy of the Phase 1 of the Recreation Facilities Reports — the final report on the Pelham Arena.

This report is based on extensive analysis of current Arena usage, current demand that is accommodated elsewhere, expressed additional demand (like adding a second practice for all teams), and demand that may be required for the future as Pelham grows.

The report suggests that there is currently not enough demand in the short / medium term for twin pad, but suggests “there may be sufficient demand…for a second ice pad in the time period just beyond 2023/24.”

The report recommends that the Town:
- plan for the replacement of the existing single ice pad with a new twin pad facility within the next five years;
- design a new twin ice pad and allow for a phased build — building one ice pad during the next five years (contingent on capital financing), and construct the second pad after 2023/24 should the sustaining demand develop.

The report’s author from LeisurePlan International will presented tonight to Pelham Town Council on Monday, January 13 at 6:30 PM at Pelham Town Hall.
This arena report is phase-one of reports on recreational facilities; LeisurePlan will report shortly on the demands for other facilities (community centre facilities) with a business case analysis of financial sustainability.

Review Designs for Downtown Fenwick Revitalization

- January 6th, 2014

DowntownFenwickRoadJust before the Christmas break, residents and business owners were invited to see the latest plans to revitalize Downtown Fenwick.

You will recall that while Council budgeted funds to revitalize Downtown Fenwick in 2013, staff ran into delays with design, with added work (properly attaching the storm sewer to Church Street) and with coordinating with the utility’s schedules. Last September, because of these challenges, Council decided to postpone the revitalization until 2014.

Council made this decision after receiving a staff report outlining the project’s complexities. In essence, to properly deal with the storm sewers and to tie them correctly into adjoining streets, construction crews will have to dig fairly deep. Second, the requirement to bury the hydro lines and other overhead utilities meant that the Town must work closely with Ontario Hydro; Hydro had said they could not undertake that work until 2014.

In early December, Council approved $4.0 million budget to reconstruct the roads, bury the hydro lines, and make the Downtown more pedestrian friendly.

The consulting engineers met with the public on December 19 to review the nearly-final designs. While the event was well attended for the time of year (just before the Holiday) I spoke to a few people that would have liked to attend the open house and review the plans.

Well, now the Town has posted the plans on our new website at What do you think about the streetscaping elements? What are your thoughts about the proposed locations of the hydro transformer boxes? Do the road sections make sense?

While there is still another, final stage of design work to be completed, now is the time to suggest any last improvements.

The tenders for the general contractor will go out in February; I hope that the first stages of construction can begin in March or April.

Council has directed staff to ensure as little negative impact on Downtown businesses and on traffic as possible. And, having learned from other major projects in recent years, Council is also looking for a clear process to keep businesses and the public informed about construction progress and a clearly defined person in charge to approach with any concerns.

We look forward to your feedback on the latest designs. With your help, the Town can ensure that the revitalization of Downtown Fenwick can be the best possible for now and for many years to come.

Budgets Mean More Improvements in 2014

- December 9th, 2013

ConceptFenwickSince Town Council approved our 2014 Capital Budget last week and Regional Council is set to approve our 2014 Operating, Capital, and Rate budgets this week, I wanted to inform you about some major improvements planned for Pelham next year.

“Uptown Fonthill” Reconstruction:
Regional Council’s 2014 Capital Budget includes $4.0 million (including nearly $1 million from the Town) to reconstruct Regional Road 20 from Peachtree Park to Lookout Street, and to reconstruct Haist Street from Canboro Road to RR20. The works will include adding bikelanes, adding new sidewalks, upgrading the watermain, road reconstruction (including a turning lane to Haist Street North), and a new traffic signal. Regional staff hopes to begin work in early-spring and be done in early-September. Because of significant developments between Haist and Lookout on Hwy 20, I refer to this area as “Uptown Fonthill.”

Downtown Fenwick Revitalization:
While Council budgeted funds to revitalize Downtown Fenwick in 2013, staff ran into delays with design, with added work (storm sewer to Church Street) and with utilities. In 2014 we budgeted $4.0 million to reconstruct the roads, bury the hydro lines, and make the Downtown more pedestrian friendly. The consulting engineers will meet with the public on December 19 to review the final design with the hope that work can begin in early-spring. Council directed staff to ensure as little negative impact on Downtown businesses as possible.

Peace Park:
Council earmarked funds to landscape and improve Peace Park so that the overwhelming success of the Fonthill Bandshell, the Farmer’s Market, and Summerfest can grow. The plan includes tiered seating (for lawn chairs) around the Bandshell, fully-accessible internal pathways, enhancing the cenotaph, and opening-up the park for more multi-use activities. Council directed staff to ensure these improvements do not interfere with the June start of the Bandshell.

East Fonthill & Port Robinson Road:
As you know, the Town has been planning for growth and development in the East Fonthill area for several years. This area includes +450 acres from Regional Road 20 and south along Rice Road, past Merritt Road. The area could accommodate 5,000 people over the next 20-25 years and includes significant commercial / mixed use lands along Hwy 20. Council insists on a great development that is walkable, cyclable, fully integrated to Downtown Fonthill and existing neighbourhoods, and adds to our small-town feel. The Town will reconstruct Port Robinson Road from Station Street to Rice Road next summer and will begin constructing services and internal roads in late-summer / early-fall.

I look forward to working together with you on these and many other improvements in 2014.