RebelMouse with a cause … maybe

There’s a relatively new social curating site out there called RebelMouse. What it does: Creates a front page of your social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Kinda cool, right?


I’ve been playing with RebelMouse off and on for a few months, and had put it on the backburner, until I came across this post from Poynter this morning talking about five interesting ways journalists are using the tool. It reminded me that it does have possibilities. ** NOTE: At the very least sign up now and secure your name. I’d already missed out on Canoe and had to go for CanoeNews.

It’s pretty easy to set up. You can sign up through Twitter and hook up your other social media accounts. It allows you to plug in up to 25 Twitter accounts, which could be handy for most QMI newsrooms to display the tweets, work of their staff. Another feature is posting tweets through a hash tag to allow you to curate by topic: Think #SunGreyCup.  Or perhaps you want to follow and create a social front page for your community or an issue in your community: #YEG #StCath Have a look to ensure the topic spam.

All this can be found under the dashboard:


RebelMouse also allows you to add a post directly and share it on Twitter, Facebook.

In a way, it acts like a constantly updating Storify: You tell it what it needs to search for and it pulls it in.

And it’s embeddable. Grab the code and paste it into stories on our websites.


Some of the more interesting ideas highlighted by Poynter included:

The Huffington Post used it as an alternative to a Twitterfeed/Storify to gather content during the 2012 U.S. election. Salon used it as an election page.

TechCrunch, which uses as a social hub to collect the best stories from its writers and quickly blast out hot topics.

Others use it as a way to bring all their social content together. This could be a particularly good option for newsrooms that are active Instagram users or routinely post unique/distinct content on different social streams.

I want to hear your ideas. How are you using Rebelmouse/how could you use Rebelmouse: Tweet me @moniquebeech, leave a comment or send me an email:

Other news: What I’ll be reading on the GO train tonight. New report from the Colombia School of Journalism:  “Post-Industrial Journalism”: A new Columbia report examines the disrupted news universe”

Old Media, New Tricks: Can The New York Times’ R&D Lab tech-heads help save the battered news brand? By Charlie Warzel of AdWeek.




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