5 things I learned this week

1. You’re not allowed to Instagram, tweet pictures in the Leafs locker room even though video cameras are permitted. Snapped this one and got my hand <gently> slapped. No, I wasn’t taking any inappropriate shots. Get your minds out of the gutter.


2. I like Twitter’s newly acquired Vine app. The six-second video clips make me happy. Love to hear ways you think journalists can use this.

3. ThingLink might become one of my favourite things to use online. Love this interactive photo tool.

4. Q & As with outside experts, known names work really, really well. Let’s try to do more of this across the chain. The Toronto Sun-organized chat with Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos generated big web traffic and hundreds of reader questions.

GM Blue Jays

5. Don’t give up an idea that you know has promise. After two weeks, we finally had our first reader submitted food picture for a new feature called, Rita’s Table. We’re going to keep on truckin.’

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