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Walmart apologizes for ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ on website

- October 28th, 2014

Walmart was left handing out apologies after labelling plus size women’s Halloween costumes as “Fat Girl Costumes” on their website.


This screengrab of shows the “Fat Girl Costume” label before it was taken down.

Shoppers took to Twitter Monday demanding an explanation from Walmart in the U.S. The label, which was not seen on the Canadian website, appeared as a subcategory under “Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes”.

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Taking on the Nike Women Showcase

- October 27th, 2014

“We see beauty And bravery, Gutsieness and grace, Rivalry and revelry, Power and passion. We see athletes.”

These were the words printed on a large poster just outside a showroom during the Nike Women Showcase in New York City this past week, and it is truly what I saw.


27 of Nike’s female athletes from all over the world were in New York City last week for the Nike Women Showcase. (Nike photo)

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Miss World Philippines portraits over-Photoshopped?

- October 17th, 2014

Miss World Philippines, is that you?

Official portrait photos of the 26 beauty pageant contestants are getting a lot of attention, but not for the obvious reasons you’d think. It’s because the photos are blatantly Photoshopped.


From left to right, official Miss World Philippines portraits of contestants; Nelda C. Ibe, Lorraine C. Kendrickson,Ina Dominica E. Guerrero. (

Yahoo! Philippines reports that photographer Pancho Escaler took the photos in September, however whether he was also their editor is not exactly clear. What is crystal clear, however, is how much these women no longer look like themselves in the final images.

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Photoshopped anti-NFL ‘ad’ slap in the face for Cover Girl

- September 17th, 2014

There is nothing beautiful about domestic abuse. That’s the message journalist Adele Stan sent “the official beauty partner of the NFL,” Cover Girl cosmetics, over the weekend.

Stan has been credited with creating the first photoshopped version of a Cover Girl Baltimore Ravens-themed ad that features models in team makeup colours with the slogan, “Get Your Game Face On!”

Her ad, however, has been altered to depict a badly-bruised woman with a black eye, who looks like she was punched in the face. If an image says a thousand words, this ad is one of the most powerful images in the backlash the NFL has received since Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended for domestic abuse.