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Designer sends models with exposed penises down catwalk

- January 26th, 2015

American designer Rick Owens went where no other designer went before. At Men’s Fashion Week in Paris on Thursday, he sent male models strutting down the catwalk, some of them, with exposed penises peeking out from their clothes. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the “deconstructed tunics — cut into pieces and put back together again – lay bare those parts that needed most protection.” And yes, it really looked like that. Read more…

Instagram admits it doesn’t “always get it right” after banning photo of models with visible pubic hair

- January 22nd, 2015

Ladies: If you’re sporting a natural look for your bikini area, you may NOW post that pic on Instagram.

A few weeks ago, the photo-sharing giant banned Australian fashion agency Sticks and Stones’s account for posting a photo of two women with visible pubic hair. Here’s the photo that got the agency’s account deleted. Read more…

We tried it: OPI Don’t Speak Pure 18K Gold Top Coat

- December 2nd, 2014

While most people would wear 18k gold on their fingers in the form of jewelry, Gwen Stefani and OPI want you to paint your nails with it.


Rosalyn tries out OPI Don’t Speak Pure 18K Gold Top Coat by Gwen Stefani.

As part of their holiday collection, OPI release Don’t Speak Pure 18K Gold Top Coat inspired by the musician Gwen Stefani. The polish has 18 karat gold leaf and glitter and is meant to go over any OPI product. The brand also released the Gwen Stefani for OPI holiday collection with 18 shades that can coat underneath this sparkly polish.

Read more…

Women’s jeans in 400 sizes

- November 14th, 2014

Does it seem like no matter how much you spend on a pair of jeans that promises an “incredible fit” – the fit is just NOT that right? According to jean innovator Crystal Beasley from Portland, Oregon, most women do feel a misfit when it comes to jeans, and we go through this because “the way clothes are sized today is fundamentally broken.” Read more…