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Skin problems? Don’t panic, tips from Dermalogica

- June 18th, 2014

When you’ve got a big zit on your face, or redness on your cheeks it can be hard to see the big skin picture – and sometimes it’s not your product’s fault.

With summer on its way many people will experience changes in their skin – but keep calm, says Holly Sherrard, Education Manager for Dermalogica, it’s normal.

“Women will say my product is not working anymore, but they won’t think about the changes in their skin. They’ll just say ‘Why am I getting more breakouts?’ or ‘Why is my skin more oily? This moisturizer isn’t working’ then they go and buy another product so it’s that thought process,” she said.


Treatment room at the Dermalogica Education Centre in Toronto. (Rosalyn Solomon/QMI Agency)

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His and Her fragrances to take you away

- May 22nd, 2014

It’s been widely documented that scent is strongly linked to memory. After a long and very cold winter, and less than dapper spring (so far) I am constantly daydreaming of warmer weather — and of course, the beach.

I’ve found comfort in outdoor runs (on non-rainy days) and my beauty bag, believe it or not. I’ve been wearing Escada’s new fragrance, Born in Paradise for the past few weeks.


Escada Born in Paradise.

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