It’s Alfie weekend

- November 29th, 2013

The Senators will welcome back Daniel Alfredsson Sunday night.
They aren’t the same without him. They are a shadow of what they were last season. I can guarantee you nobody wants Alfredsson and the Red Wings to walk out of here with two points. The club’s struggles have been well documented. This has a lot to do with his departure but it’s not everything.

Here’s what I see as the problems:

No. 1: They make the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over. Coach Paul MacLean said the answer is practice, practice, practice and practice. Okay, well if practice is supposed to make perfect, these guys need to do a better job at practice. It isn’t happening.

No. 2: Might be time to allow Robin Lehner to carry the ball and run with it because Craig Anderson is struggling big time. They can say what they want about the way they play in front of him but he needs to make saves. Anderson can’t do that at the moment. He’s getting beaten from everywhere. Those goals vs. the Canucks weren’t good.

No. 3: It is time to make a trade, a callup or do something. That defence has been horrid. Jared Cowen, Eric Gryba, Patrick Wiercioch have all struggled. Erik Karlsson makes mistakes. That’s part of his game. I get it. A lot of people don’t. He’s better off in the lineup than out.

No. 4: Get somebody to play with Jason Spezza. I know he’s supposed to make the players around him better but Milan Michalek is clearly struggling and Cory Conacher. Well if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

No. 5: String two wins together, It’s not that tough.


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  1. Bobby Goodman says:

    Dave, I don’t think the Sens played a decent game at all. Ottawa played a team with, what, 5 or 6 regulars out of their lineup and one of the best in the world missing with a broken leg! Bishop was again good but there were few real scoring chances. Again, the defence is lettig this team down…they are awful.

    Some guy named AJ doing radio last ight called the Sens management team a “well oiled machine, Don wants melnyk to reward the Murrays with a new contract. I don’t understand. This team is awful. This AJ guy says it isn’t the end of the world if the Sens miss the playoffs, of course he is right but with the players on this team today, will it really be better next year. He went on to suggest the future looks bright with all their prospects. Who are the prospects. I like Lazar but he is a few years away.

    What has Murray done that merits confidence and a new contract? The Defence stinks and prospect like Wiercoch, Gryba and the no-trade $3m/year are terrible! This team isn’t committed to winning at all, they sent down a player who was making a difference. Boro was a breath of fresh air and he actually made it difficult to play against him! Karly got another 2 shots last night but he skated miles (Tampa with the players left, are not physical at all). Philips….too easy, he is old, slow, soft but great on PP! Right! BTW: Pierre is right on, I don’t really give a damn about the staged, contrived, pre-determined community involvement (there are many who are truly heroes and the live in the dark).

    Condra with Macarthur and Spezza is just plain dumb. Moving Macarthur off the Turris line was stupid.
    Leaving Turrris off the PP is foolish (I would have had Hoffman on the point with the man advanage over Pilips). The 4th line, with Zzzzz leading the charge is God awful. Zzzz had a single hit, fell on his ass a lot, looked silly and totally out of place, had a shot and rarely touched the puck but according to the DAC today “he is getting better, skating better, using his speed, size and shot”!?? And he is a centerman. Seriously?

    So, are we supposed to celebrate this version of the Ottawa Senators? The Team that Murray built. This, the team that is supposed to compete with the league’s very best? What nonsense. If, something miraculous happens and they make the playoffs, is that enough to make fans happy (have our standars fallen that far?). What about next year, the 4th year of the 3 year rebuild, what can we expect then?

    From coaching to management, Eugene needs to make a change. I think the DAAC and DAACs have lost the players. I see it on their faces, see it in their play and hear it in their voices.

    The Turris line was one the league’s best. Put them back together. Unite Michalek (Hoffman) with Spezza and Conacher. He actually uses his speed and truly wants the puck. Maybe get Buddy from the manures to play with Smith and Neil ’cause Greening he of the no trade and 2m/annually is awful. The team is a bore.

  2. FKevin says:

    A sea of blue and white, as always, with the added presence of the popular HBO series to document it. Unfortunately both teams are playing poorly, hopefully a competitive entertaining game.

  3. ChokerHater says:

    The Prince of Clownville says Kevin’s only entertainment is hockey blogs
    This is the child who calls anyone who might dare to disagree with him a troll
    You’re too much!
    Crawl back under the rock little boy and let the men talk

  4. FKevin says:

    It’s difficult to recall very many of Kevin’s brilliant posts but I do recall his “brave behind a keyboard” post after we criticized Kessell for swinging his stick like a purse. Poor Kevin.

    You don’t recall very well,
    Just a tip Mike, when you post something in quotation marks that means you are quoting them verbatim ( Google it then have someone explain it to you very slowly) I never said that,,, I said macho keyboard toughies, which is much more whimsical (again Google). This is why I am smart, and you are not.
    Poor, poor Mike

  5. Bobby Goodman says:

    The gutless Habs went into Bean Town and beat the Big Bad Bruins. They are now first in the Atlantic Division (atlantic division…I wonder who came up with that?). Chris Stevenson acurately cited the return of Yemelin to the lineup as one of the reasons for the teams surge. The kid is probably the best open ice body checker in the league but he is also very hard to play agaist using his body effectively all over the ice and especially in his own end.

    I watch Douglas Murray play and wonder why he is in the lineup and Tinordi sent down to the manures. Murray may be the slowest player the NHL has ever seen. From what I saw, Tinordi played the game hard, was willing to drop the gloves and getting better.

    I am sure every team in the league would love to have their players play with the “committment to the game” and “tough to play against” that tiny little Gallagher demonstrates every shift every game.

    I hope the Sens win tonight but I am not confident they will. In spite of comments like: “we are getting better”, “we played the game hard…but got to play harder longer” the Sens have been soft and deserving of their postion in the standings. The couldn’t beat a depleted Tampa team who were missing a bunch of regulars and then lost 2 more during the game!

    The Leafs will be missing some key pieces tonight so if the Sens will again, should have no excuse.

    IMO the line combinations (it is like 52 card pick-up) do not help them. They seem to be random with no thought to how or why. Turris, Mac and Ryan were spectacular, one of the League’s very best, but they coach saw wisdom in splitting them up. Perhaps it was an effort to distrubute the scoring but it only served to make the one good line, weaker! In a practice, the DAC has his lines set but…just before the game, he decides to change them in bizarre way!? Putting Condra on with Spezza was gooing to make all the bad go away. The best he can say when asked about some of his moves (when the media is bold enough to ask “why”) is “it can’t get worse”…but it has!!!! Putting anyone on a line with Zibanisbad in the middle defies reason, but the DAC insists he “likes Zzzz as a centre!? Some one, anyhone please explain to me why? Centermen are supposed to be the creative ones, pursue the puck, make playes and skate more than anyone else, does this describe Zzzz play at all? Saying Zzzz is improving is a lie! He isn’t skating better. He isn’t using his size. He’s not using his speed because he doesn’t have it (on his ass a lot) and he is not using his shot! He shoots only when he recieves a pass! He can’t make something happen on his own. Watch him tonight, he will quickly shoot a weak shot often from well out or from an extreme angle because he hasn’t the capability to make a play on his own.

    Conacher has speed, courage and he works very hard! Put him back with Spez! Send Cowen down, bing back Boro, leave Zzz and Philips off the PP!!!! Coaches, use your heads!

  6. ChokerHater says:

    Google it Mike

  7. Mike8888 says:

    Wow, I really did laugh out loud after Kevin corrected me on punctuation on a hockey blog no less. Poor Kevin, already warned and identified as a troll by the moderators, and now needing support from his other brilliant troll friend. I know this isn’t original Kevin, but umm “you’re only as smart as your friends” as they say. A little hint for you Kevin, most normal people aren’t as concerned with proper punctuation on a hockey blog, but I suppose, this blogs mean more to you then it does to people with lives. You really should go out more Kevin.

  8. FKevin says:

    It’s not punctuation silly, it’s a matter of correct form by using quotations you are saying that is exactly what i said, a direct quote, can you grasp that? It’s nota missed comma or a spelling mistake, it is a way of being misleading and downright dishonest putting words in someone’s mouth, so it will fit your dimwitted position. If you want to keep this going Mike I ok with it it’s not difficult, keep setting me up and I’ll keep tapping it in to the empty 4×6.
    As for the moderator branding me a troll, I care almost as little about his opinion as I do about your empty headed babble.

  9. FKevin says:

    Oh and Mike so far today, I’ve been to a minor hockey practice, helped split and deliver 4 cords of firewood, fixed my snowblower, dropped in on a kids volleyball tournament, played a couple of games of euchre, talked hockey with group of pals, including Sens fans who actually have a sense of humor. Also picked up a Christmas present. After all that I still had time to make fun of your weak intellect a couple a times. I get out lots thanks.

  10. Mike8888 says:

    Wow Kevin. I guess what you’re telling us is that there really isn’t a whole lot to do in Brockville. I could tell you everything I did today but I doubt anyone cares. Actually Kevin, I’m starting to feel sorry for you. A few posts ago you had to tell everyone how smart you are. It now sounds like you’re overcompensating for a bit of an inferiority complex, but I ‘m glad you pointed it out because otherwise, none of us would have realized it. Poor Kevin, still irrevelant on a hockey blog. Be careful though, you may get another warning, like someone would warn a kid. You keep doing that menial job of yours, and keep posting brilliantly.

  11. Mike8888 says:

    By the way Kevin, you’re troll friend reached out to you with a post of support. Come on Kev, show him a little troll love. Acknowledge him. You trolls have to stick together.

  12. Neil Harris says:


    My snowblower’s auger isn’t turning, what is causing that?

  13. FKevin says:

    Shear pins(easy) or a belt (pain in the behind) most likely Neil.

  14. FKevin says:

    Must be relavent to you Mike you seem to be quite obsessed with me post after post of your dullard babble. You can’t keep up. Be a good boy and stick to the troll mantra that’s more your speed.

  15. Bruce Garrioch says:

    I start mine every month in the summer just to make sure I don’t get caught.

  16. Mike8888 says:

    Oh I don’t know Kevin. One of my dogs could keep up with you. Keep on trolling.

  17. Bobby Goodman says:

    I farm that work out, it’s good and bad – I don’t have to work up a sweat on cold days with heavy wet snow – I am too idle and sedentary as it is! With 10 foot ceiling in the basement (by design) I put up a net to hit balls into (Golf Ball Reception Device – GRD) and unfortunatley, that is all the physical excerices I get in the winter months. I have worked cutting wood before…I cordn’t cut 4 cords. 6-1, 204 and heading north of that….gotta do something.

  18. DAN THE MAN says:

    As Kevin said, the auger not turning is a result of a broken shear pin. This happened to me. They can break quite easily, usually if you hit extremely hard snow, ice or the curb. They are inexpensive and I think you should be able to find them at Rona, Lowes or Canadian Tire. You simply pop out the broken one if it didn, t already fall out. Then you simply pop in the new one. You will see the nole on the auger itself.

  19. Bruce Garrioch says:

    My auger wouldn’t turn cause of ice just now. boiling water did the trick.

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