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- November 20th, 2013

Call them the soul-searching Senators.
They certainly are doing plenty of it these days.
Coming off a 5-2 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers Tuesday _ the club’s second straight _ the Senators sounded like a team doing a lot of naval-gazing to try to get its act together.
That’s the problem isn’t it: We are 21 games into the season and these guys haven’t got their act together.
“The most important (skill) that I feel we don’t have going on is listening. If someone is talking and no one is listening… there’s nothing going on. It’s like the tree in the forest hyperbole,” said coach Paul MacLean this morning.
MacLean said he has concerns this is happening at this juncture. No kidding. It shouldn’t be. The website www.sportsclubstats.com suggests the Senators have only a 35% chance of making the playoffs at this stage.
“Our biggest opponent is us. We have to find a way to get over us at the moment,” said MacLean.
Captain Jason Spezza said they are trying to find way.
“We’re still struggling with our consistency. We all can be better. It starts with me and the veteran guys,” said Spezza. “If we can lead by example then, hopefully, we can find a way out of this.
“We talk about (getting better) because you guys ask us about it. We want to get better. We’re working at things and we’re changing some things. The reason we talk about it so much is because you guys ask about it. We’d prefer not to talk about it and just work at it.”
I expected they’d be in disarray when I got back from my trip to Chicago to see the Bears at Soldier Field. I didn’t think it would be this desperate. Not at all.
Craig Anderson starts tonight.

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  1. Mike8888 says:

    I hope you had a good time in Chicago Bruce. Too bad about the high winds delaying the game.

    I think Murray has to do something to shake up this team. The Sen’s have a lot of prospects and perhaps a few cam be packaged for an experienced defenseman and a top six forward. I heard the rumours about Havlat, but the only problem with him is he’s injured most of the time.

    I’m starting to lean your way a bit with Karlsson. He does have to give a better effort. Last night, the only spark I saw from him was in the final minute of play. He’s paid like an elite player and it’s time for him to play like one. That being said, I don’t agree with your entire opinion of him.

  2. ChokerHater says:

    Welcome home Bruce
    As I said in the previous thread, 20 points in 21 games gives them about 84-86 pints at years end, and that won’t get you in the playoffs, not even in the race for the playoffs. In this league with three point games, it’s very difficult to make up points and jump over teams, so if you’re not in the race at Christmas or at the latest, New Years, your chances of even being in the race at the end of the regular season is very slim. Unless changes are made and made soon, you can wrap this up as a learning season, not a playoff season.
    As I said at the start of the year, they aren’t about to change the coach, the only thing left is management or dump players, both smell like panic. I think it’s too late
    And a 35% chance is about 15 points too high

  3. PaV says:

    Mike8888 – EK is an elite player and he is definitely not playing like one. It looks to me, that he hasn’t recovered from being hurt last season 100%. The haters on here like to pick apart the team and makes it easier that the team is playing horrible. I am not sure if its down to leadership or the fact that MacLean needs to get more out of his players. I do not think they need to replace the coach, but I do think that the coach needs to look at he can get his players going and getting them to gel. The fact that Condra mixed it up last night is a step in the right direction. A trade at this point may shake things up, but it doesn’t solve the overall issue that the team has – the lack of consistency in play. How do you go and take down the ‘much more talented’ HABS and the ‘big bad bruins’ and then lose to CBJ and PHI like they did? After the goal was disallowed they fell apart, which means that they are a fragile bunch. They came back from being down 2-0 last night, they should have been able to take that game. Anderson is still searching to get his groove back. He bailed them out a lot last year but last year we had Alfie leading us. The team seems to be missing that confidence and that ‘take over’ attitude that they had last year. The giveaways are BRUTAL. I am not sure what is going on with Phillips, but he needs to take control of the D and get them all on the same page. The soft passes made by our D and our Forwards is scary. I am hoping that tonight’s game will be better and the team will be able to put in a solid 60 minutes. Because I am a ‘homer’ and I wear ‘rose coloured glassed’, I am calling a 4 to 1 win for the Senators.

  4. Bruce Garrioch says:

    I agree. They need to step it up. I am telling you this team isn’t having any fun. Not sure what has changed here but the atmosphere is not the same. Tense. Tense. Tense.

  5. ChokerHater says:

    Come on Bruce, you know what’s changed
    The captain and the heart and soul is gone

  6. Bruce Garrioch says:

    It is more than that. The goalie doesn’t make the saves he made last year.

  7. Bobby Goodman says:

    Mikey, you “may not agree with everything I say about Karlsson”? I have only said he makes no effort in his own end (again tonight), wont go into corners (afraid) and is only concerned about offence. He was on the ice for 3 of Minnies goals and they only scored 4. He simply stood idly by and watched as Heatley scored and he didn’t register a single shot on net! The last 4 games he had 1, 3 , 2 and 0 shots. You are right Mikey, he didn’t even try until the game was long gone. He was minus two and now minus two for the year. He leads all D in scoring with 22 points but if you are a minus player, is it helping the team?

    My idea of an elite player is someone who brings more than talent. Elite players are those who you can count on every shift every game to make an effort. Players who will bleed for the team and despise losing. Players who actually give a damn. That is why Karly does not fit the bill! No team will win anything of significance with him on their team.

  8. Bobby Goodman says:

    I have often said that those who work hard every shift ever game must be ticked when others on the team float around, not willing to break a sweat. I have no way of knowing, but I suspect from what I read today, that is exactly what is going on. Situations like this can lead to tension in the dressing room. The issue can be made worse when the Coach is unwilling to use the only power he has to deliver a message and take TOI away. Can you imagine the dilemma, having a mega marketing campaign centered around a single player and then deliver a very public message he is not making an effort?

    Methot, one of the guys that brings it every shift every game offered: “…every night there is one, two, maybe three guys not buying in, not prepared…we need everybody going, when that doesn’t happen we are not going to win a whole lot of hockey games”. Is anyone else curious about who the one, two or three players may be? I don’t think it is too difficult to figure out, you only need to be paying attention.

    Ottawa had 14 give aways…Minni had 5.

    I read that Murray is working the phones. He knows the team isn’t good enough but many fans aren’t ready to come to the same conclusion. What ever he may do…will be the right move..a brilliant move. I think it was you Mikey who said the team should promote Stone and put him on with Spezza. I have to disagree with you. Stone has been turned into a checker in the AHL. He is far too slow for the NHL and I will wager he will never make it. Spezza needs someone who can finish, who can see the ice, read the flow and find the holes to receive a pass. I could be wrong but Neil, Grant, Smith and Greening do not fit the bill. How do you think Turris’ line would do if Ryan or Macarthur was replaced by one of these guys? Yet again, the Android didn’t register a single shot on net! Drives are cut short in a hurry when a linemate is unable (or unwilling) to carry the puck and sustain possession.

    Heatley wasn’t the same since he left Ottawa…duh! He, a shooter, never had Spezza putting the puck in his wheel house every game and he could get it off in hurry.

    Yes, it was a brilliant move to put Greening, he of the no goals in 22 games, on a line with Spezza. Just what exactly was the DAC expecting to get from the Android? Is the DAC still “very happy” with his play? Greening is on pace to score….no goals this year.

    It looks like someone had a little chat with Zzzzz he actually skated last night albeit without the puck. The DAC rewarded his play with an extra minute of icetime (12 for the game).

    I wonder if Ryan is hurt, he did nothing last night and was invisible.

    Minni isn’t the most physically intimidating team in the league so the skilled players should have taken advantage of the opportunity. I have watched Suter play many times and wonder what the fuss is about! Bob Mackenzie said recently he was the best D in the league. I don’t think so

  9. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    Well another loss, this time to the Wild with the ignominious Dany Healtey leading the charge.
    Karlsson, of all people, allowed “Dominant” Dany to swat at a puck in the crease two or three times before he scored. Shameful. It used to be dead simple. If you saw a player with a different colour jersey around your net you hit him, slash him, hook him, block him, take the puck from him and go on your merry way. Karlsson’s size doesn’t allow him to hit, that’s fine, but are you telling me that he can’t use that stick like he used to? He was one of the best at stripping pucks away not more than a year ago.

    I believe you Bruce that things are tense, but one wonders when the shoe is going to drop? I went to CapGeek and found the following players had NMC or NTC:
    Jason Spezza, Clarke MacArthur (Why, he just started playing here and has no history with us), Chris Neil, Colin Greening (Again why? He is a bottom six forward, are those that valuable?), Chris Phillips (Limited one starts in 2014 January). So if a team wanted Greening they would need to be stuck with him afterwards. Murray won’t trade Phillips out of loyalty, Mac just got here, Zack Smith is too consistent to trade and we have no first round pick (We’re hovering around bottom 10 for draft position by the way, Anaheim…) so unless he moves Karlsson (massively unlikely, would be a foundational event) you are just moving deck chairs around the Titanic.

    No, I think the solution is far simpler. Make one of the underachieving veterans a healthy scratch and dress a kid like Hoffman or Pageau in their spot for some energy.
    Whatever Mr. Murray does, he needs to do it quickly. We may be “four points” behind a Wild Card spot but 80 points won’t get us in.

    I find Shawn Simpson’s assertion that “it’s not the end of the world if they miss the playoffs” laughable. The team is drawing in between 14,000 and 16,000 per night for a DECENT TEAM. If they miss the playoffs, how many people will cancel season tickets or want to fill the barn next year? Not the end of the world indeed….

  10. Daniel Murphy says:

    Another tough loss last night against a so-so team who were playing their 3rd game in 4 nights. Listening to MacLeod last night on the post game, I thought we had won. How can a team and everyone play so well and do alot right and lose? Seriously, I have never heard such BS. I think OD was right in one of his earlier blogs. Last years success was strictly due to exceptional goaltending. I think most of us have been completely fooled about the skill and potential of our team as average goaltending has exposed us for what we truly are which is a mediocre team at best.

  11. Mike8888 says:

    I agree Pav. Anderson seems to keeping up his one good year and then 1 bad year trend. He’s been a good soldier but I think it’s time to give the reins to Lehner for a bit. I believe Lehner will only get better the more he plays and perhaps Anderson can be traded for some help at another position During the latter half of the game against the Bruins, it seemed to me that the team had their confidence back and they were really taking it to them. Then they seemed to lose it again against the weaker teams. Anyone who has ever played the game knows that confidence is everything. Maybe they’re missing Alfredsson more than we thought, but they were going to lose him anyways whether it was this season or the next 1 or 2.

  12. Bobby Goodman says:

    I could be wrong but I don’t think Annika would make Cowen, Gryba, Wiercoch be faster/better. I don’t think his presence would make Philips or others win one on one battles. I suspect he had nothing to do with Lehner, Anderson and Bishop playing great last year (Bishop is making the difference in Tampa) and by the same token he wouldn’t help Anderson and Lehner performance this year. Annika wouldn’t make Greeening a goal scorer. In fact he wouldn’t help make Grant, Condra, Neil (the aging pugilist), Conacher and Michalek score goals. He wouldn’t help the team allow less shots per game, I think they lead the league in that department. Annika wouldn’t be able to help the DAC and his DAACs. Annika wouldn’t be able to make the 1, 2 or 3 players who don’t “buy in” suddenly make an effort. Only the a coach can do that. In fact, it undermines a Captain’s ability to lead if there is a double standard and floaters are allowed to float.

    The problem isn’t leadership. Isn’t the team rich with veteran leadership with players like Spezza, Philips, Methot, Neil, Michalek? How many leaders are required?

    Indeed the team won primarily because the goaltending was magical last year. But, it isn’t very good this year. Some were calling for the team to keep Bishop (he was traded away for Conacher) and trade Anderson but the GM went in a different direction. Some wanted Anderson traded away while his stock was still high but that didn’t happen. Most want the team to make the decision Lehner start most games, that didn’t happen.

    Now the media are asking if the GM should make a trade? Isn’t this the 3rd year of the 3 year “rebuild”. How is that working out?

    I believe there is a divide on this team and if I am right, I put the blame squarely on the GM and by default the Coach. A team in made up of 20 players, not just one, two or three. Effort every game is not something you want, it is something you demand and players with passion freely give it. I have to believe that although Methot is not naming names, Karly is one of the ones who is not buying in. To put it in perspective, Karly is now the 159th defenceman in the plus minus. He also leads the League (all players)in the number of give aways. In spite of it all, he is celebrated and rewarded with more ice time! Again, a double standard.

    This team isn’t that good, period. But, some fans here wont admit it. When was the last time either paper mentioned “rebuild”. Fans are doing the only thing they can to make a statement…staying away in droves. Yes, I am saying the Organization needs to go in a different direction. Hire the right people, Bring some class, respectability and competence back to the Franchise. And..promote the TEAM! There is no Alfredsson or Karlsson in T E A M!

  13. ChokerHater says:

    Nice to see Ol’Dany Boy score an important goal
    Too bad Matt Cooke didn’t score as well
    The fans seemed to like the both of them
    Hey PaV

  14. Bruce Garrioch says:

    Hard to believe all you guys are grown men with all the childish stuff that goes on. Oh well, carry on.

  15. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    To be fair Bruce it’s mostly choke and myself that carry on. Bobby just rants, Pav, Kev and Mike pop in for a breather.

    But speaking of other stuff, what do I hear on the radio: “RealSports this, RealSports that.” My Leafs fan friend DRAGS me there last Friday so we can watch Ottawa-Boston and Toronto-Buffalo. My verdict: Never, ever going there again unless with a group.

    First off, it’s not a sports club, it’s a moderately high end bar with sports pub aspirations. Snooty hostesses, REALLY overpriced food ($7 for a piece of pie???) and service was mediocre at best. We waited 20 minutes for our dessert, which was likely just in the fridge and pre-served, so they needed only to slide it on a plate and serve. The burgers were good but they gave us TINY servings of condiments. Hello MLSE, how about investing in some damned ketchup, mustard and relish bottles and dropping them on each table? Yeesh. So the atmosphere was great the food OK but the rest of the stuff eh…I’ll go to Senate Tavern or Big Rig next time.

    So Don posited the SEnators are interested in Martin Havlat. Please let this be Don being Don in stirring the pot, because Havlat is even MORE done than Dear Dany. He is constantly injured, paid a small mint and at most a 40 point guy, Please please please do not trade for Havlat.

    I hope we can win two of the four next games. Who do they play, Detroit twice (can win one of those) Carolina (sleeper), Washington (could be tough), Vancouver (expected loss). So if we can get 4 out of 10 points it would be near miraculous.

  16. Mike8888 says:

    There’s really only one troll on here.

  17. Bruce Garrioch says:

    True. One thing we’re not going to let happen is gratuitous shots at the Sun. We’re just going to take this out from now on.

  18. ChokerHater says:

    QUOTE:gratuitous shots at the Sun

  19. PaV says:

    Meh. Mike8888, VIS, OD, just not bothering anymore. No need to engage. They only do it to bait us for a reaction which we seem to follow. Making up childish nicknames and trashing our team gives them pleasure. Hopefully if we ignore them they will eventually go away.

    VIS – they are in tough only because they are a fragile bunch right now. The smallest thing seems to knock them of their game. Example being when the goal was disallowed during the MN game. It just seems that they are playing tense (like Bruce pointed out). I do not know what happened to Anderson over the summer. Yeah he was a difference maker during the games last season, but he was also pretty decent the season before as well.

    As much as I think that EK is an elite player and is better than most D, there is something wrong with him this season. I am not sure if its his ankle from the injury last season, or he came back too quickly or he thinks he is better than he is (i.e. Ego).

    There is leadership and then there is leading. We are not in the dressing room, but could the issue be the lack of leading? Spez seems to be trying to lead but is not getting the support from his line mates.

    Its going to be interesting to see what happens over the next 3 to 4 games.

  20. Mike8888 says:

    I agree Bruce. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Or complain via normal channels.

  21. FKevin says:

    Not gratuitous if it’s true.

  22. FKevin says:

    Teach that at journalism school?

  23. Bruce Garrioch says:

    Good luck Kevin. These comments are moderated and, from this point forward, they will be monitored a lot closer.

  24. Mike8888 says:

    I agree Pav. There’s no point responding, and yes, they do seem to be a fragile team right now. I know hind sight is 20-20 but I’d sure like to see Bishop here instead of Anderson. I am pleasantly surprised about MacArthur though. I didn’t realize he was that good.

  25. PaV says:

    Mike8888 here is hoping they show up to play vs the Wings tomorrow. Should be a good game, hopefully. Mac was mum on who will be starting. I think Anderson then Lenher.

  26. FKevin says:

    Good luck to you too Bruce for whatever reason that was added. Why you I think I care about you upping your censorship level is funny. Edit away, never mind that your chosen profession is supposed to be seated in honesty and free speech. You shape your coverage to serve the Sens ownership and management, so why would it surprise that would manipulate this little blog to please them. In fact I expected it much earlier

  27. KevinF says:

    Aw come onMike please respond, like the classic “legend in his own mind” riff a little while back. Where do you come up with this stuff? Oh yeah you hear it someplace else over the last 30 years and then parrot it as if it’s witty.

  28. Mike8888 says:

    I’d rather see Lehner get the start but I suspect it will be Anderson, since he was in net for the 6-1 win. Remember that game? That was the game where it looked like they were back on track again.

  29. ChokerHater says:

    I agree Kevin, who give a rats … if mike888 responds, I hope he doesn’t, all his responses are just insults anyway, unless of course you agree with him, then he’s as nice as pie.
    Fact of the matter is, most of the media in Ottawa write and talk like they’ve been hired by the Ottawa Senators.
    No where have I read how shallow the treatment Alfredson received was. They all followed the instructions from The Canadian Tire and Hair Salon Place. Speaking of that, four names on a building in twenty years and I’ve yet to read or hear anything that says ridicules this is. Imagine if they had four names in 20 year in Montreal or Toronto.. I’m not talking about the Sun either, I’m talking all the media in Ottawa.
    Anyway, I hope Alfie plays tonight and you already know what I hope the score is.
    What a terrible way to treat a leader and community activist

  30. Bruce Garrioch says:

    You two deserve each other. You are both delusional.

  31. FKevin says:

    Anything about to break on the Cooke/CSI story Bruce? You said it was valid, now that’s dillusional.

  32. OD99 says:

    Pav, Mike, Bruce, Pierre, Bobby…when the Senators play this bad and the trolls are out it is just like the inmates running the asylum…bed pans and all.

    Can you imagine having so little to do with your time that you go to an Ottawa Sun hockey blog when you hate the Ottawa Sun and hate the hockey team? It is so pathetic it is funny.

    Team is reeling – Karlsson is finally being called out on upping his intensity and Zibby is going to be provide dan opportunity to help Spezza. I like Conacher but the reality is he hasn’t produced even close to what is expected of him offensively and regardless of his forechecking, etc..he was acquired to put pucks in the net – not look good skating around.

    Zibby, to his credit, doesn’t have the flash and dash that we all want but he is finding ways to score and both his points against the Wild were from his determination and his big shot. 5G and 2A in 14 games with some of the lowest ice time on the team. I wish he would try to do more but I won’t complain about his production (Conacher has 2G 2A in 22 games – that is ridiculous).

    The last two games I have seen signs of the team that I believe they can be…still too many bad passes by ALL players (including Spezza and Karlsson), especially coming out of our zone but there has been a lot more equal play, not us running around our own end for long stretches before just chipping it off the glass.

    Hope they step up tonight and tomorrow – would be huge going forward.

    Have 20 tickets to the Wings game – a good crowd to go and cheer Alfie for his time here and boo him for being a turn coat. Bruce if you are covering the game you should come by the tailgate for a…uh…soda.


  33. OD99 says:

    Bruce…friendly advice that you know already…just don’t fee the trolls. Ever.

  34. Bruce Garrioch says:

    Yes I forgot my own advice.

  35. FKevin says:

    Hey OD your referencing me again when you told the little fellas not to! Shoot some more crap and I’ll blow a hole in a mile wide like I always do. Fish in a barrel, I hate no one, just love puncturing giant gasbags like yourself. Keep laughing about how pathetic it is, Ive been laughing non stop for a month. Reference or respond to me or don’t doesn’t matter I’ll still be here till Bruce Stalin squashes all dissenting voices and there are four or five of you left here clucking filthy gossip and making dumbbell statements.

  36. FKevin says:

    So Bruce, Melnyk, Cooke,CSI still legit? Comment?

  37. Mike8888 says:

    Twenty tickets for the Wings game? Good for you. I guess that means you have to take the wife. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game. It’s too bad Alfie isn’t playing . I think he’ll get a warm reception when he plays here. I really believe he just wanted a change due it a bit of a mid-life crisis. Some guys buy a convertible. I still think Zibby has the potential to be a good player. He just has to go to the net more , like he did the last game and finish all of his checks.

    I heard Don on the radio talking about how Gryba should be playing tougher and maybe drop the gloves once in a while. That’s the question I was asking last year Bruce. The guys reputation precedes him on that aspect and for some reason he tends to play to passive, other than the odd good hit. He seems to have forgotten how he made it to the show. I’m glad to see Lehner get the start. I ‘d like to see the Sen’s run with him for a few games at least. It may be his time.

  38. Mike8888 says:

    It looks like we’re seeing a rare troll bromance on this site. You don’t see that very often.

  39. FKevin says:

    Mike have a cookie and go back to sleep. The big Bull Shooter told you not to respond. Choke will say boo and chase you back down your rabbit hole.

  40. FKevin says:

    We are meeting at a bar for a Sens home game everyone invited. (too cheap to buy tickets) Mike
    We are meeting at a bar for a Sens home game everyone invited. (too cheap to buy tickets) Mike
    I’ll be there. Choke
    Ban him . Big Bull Shooter
    Cancel and reschedule Mike

  41. Bobby Goodman says:

    I watched the Sens win their game against the Wings; Lehner was billiant. He had to be. Turris’ line was again, fabulous, Why the Leafs would let him go is beyond me (I don’t know why they treated Grabo badly and allowed him to leave – he is almost a point a game guy in Washington). The Smith line was good and Grant – Condra were good at what they do. Defence and usual suspects were not.

    The DAC said that Zibanisbad’s game was on an upswing…really? He scored from his butt and got an assist from a rebound off a shot. The rest of the game he did diddly although he tried harder. Tonight he was dreadful. The following is a brakdown ofZzzz’s game tonight:

    - he didn’t touch the puck in his first 5 shifts;

    - on his 6th shift he got a pass from Spezza skated 15 feet with it into the right corner and lost the puck, he didn’t make a play;

    - he didnt touch the puck on his 7th shift;

    - for his brilliant play, he was rewarded with PP time on his 8th shift. He got a pass from Spezza and from the left corner, he tried to force a shot in from the red line; he didn’t try to make a play;

    - he didn’t touch the puck on his 9 shft;

    - on his 10th shift, he was rewarded with more PP time. He deflected a pass for a weak shot on goal and later after getting a pass he immedately dropped it for Spezza. On both ocassions the puck was not on his stick for no more than a second or two.

    - he didn’t touch the puck on his 11th shift;

    - on his 12 shift he slapped the puck down the ice as soon has he had it (again, it was on his stick for a nono second).

    - on his 13 shift he didn’t touch the puck;

    - on his 14th shift he was rewarded with more icetime on the PP where he deivered a weak one-timer and then later on gave the puck away (the puck was not on his stick for more than 2 seconds).

    - on the PP for his 15th shift he got a pass and immediately slapped it aournd the boards where it was intercepted and had one-timeer with no sceen and the goalie made an easy save (he didn’t hold on to the puck and make a play…again);

    - he didn’t touch the puck on his 16th shift;

    - for his 16th shift, for his brilliant play, he again got an opportunity on the PP. Spezza put the puck on his stick and he did a one timer (he didn’t try to make a play); and later got a pass while he went hard to the net.

    The Turris line goes because all 3 touch and do something good with the puck on ever shift! Spezz is completely alone. There is no sustained possession because Zzzz doesn’t do diddly squat. When he gets the puck he can’t and wont do anything with it. Michalek is better but not by much. Spezza can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

    Karly had 2 shots and led rushes only when the Sens had a man advantage. Methot cleaned up all his mistakes. He was great! No star for Mac?Turris and Mac were fantastic on regular shift, fabulous on PP and PK and Mac got 2 goals!!!

    Oh yes, the Android didn’t get a single shot on net or touch…

  42. FKevin says:

    Ottawa Sens goalie Craig Anderson says he’s a victim of bad bounces.
    Hmm, seems like that’s the same line of thinking that got Brian Elliot skewered and had his character assassinated in these parts. Wonder if Craig will suffer the same fate? We will have to wait until he leaves town to find out, cause thats the way it works with this town and organization,likely sooner than later.

  43. OD99 says:

    Mike – no wife for this one, just a good bunch of guys.

    A couple are Leaf fans but regular guys with lives and wives, jobs, etc…you wouldn’t know they exist if you only took the crowd on here in to account.

    The team played a decent game after getting shelled for the fist 10 minutes. Lehner definitely let them weather the storm and then get going…damn Bobby Ryan is good.

    Hope they have a good game again today and then see how the week goes but would certainly love a W next Sunday…will make for more fun after the game.

  44. FKevin says:

    I think your trolling me there Dave, that’s not nice.

  45. Daniel Murphy says:

    Bad loss tonight in my opinion. I am at a loss for words as to why the Sens were not pumped up higher than a kite after beating Detroit. I am beginning to think that coach Mac is not much of a motivator.

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