Merry Christmas

- December 23rd, 2013

Not sure what will happen with the Penguins in town.
Thanks for all for 2013. Have a nice holiday with your families.
Appreciate the comments from the regulars _ Bobby G, OD, Pav, Kevin, Choke, Mike, Neil and Vis. Enjoy.


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  1. PaV says:

    All the best Bruce and Don. Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to all on here, Mike, Vis, OD, Senile old man (Bobby), Kev and Choke.

    Wishing everyone and their families a very safe holiday and a merry Christmas.

    Up 2 to zip against the best player I the world…….

  2. ChokerHater says:

    You too Bruce, see you out on the course in 2014
    looks like a big win for the Sens tonight
    nothing but positives going into the new year

    :) :)

  3. Neil Harris says:

    Merry Xmas as well Bruce.

    Great game tonight, it was encouraging to see that this team can play. Cowen looked good for the first time this year. Let’s hope this isn’t s a one time thing.

    Bobby, I know you and PaV don’t get on well but give the guy some credit, nobody would ever dispute that Crosby is the best player in the world. Be happy that we held him in check tonight. Great win for the team.

  4. Bobby Goodman says:

    Same to you and your family Bruce!

  5. PaV says:

    5 zip. Ouch. Ok… Cue the rant. Cue the ‘oh the pens were under manned and hurting.’ The do not point out that the pens were the hottest team in the NHL coming in to last nights game…..

  6. sam ford says:

    Merry Christmas Bruce thanks for the sunday scoops on the NHL l agree with Jeff Rimer they’re the best

  7. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    Have a safe one Bruce. They pounded the Penguins, good for everyone!
    Cheers and see you in January or so!

  8. Bobby Goodman says:

    Neil, I know you wont believe it but the Fool doesn’t believe Crosby is the best player in the world. He made a point of letting everyone know that many times last year. Now he can’t or wont tell who he think is the best but, he is absolutely sure it isn’t Crosby. Don’t believe me…ask him.

    It was great to get 2 points Neil but it was far from a geat game. It doesn’t entertain me to see a one team dominate only because the other is under manned due to injuries and this team was missing 6 starters and 7th when Dupuis went down. The fool loves match ups like these. You only have to look at last spring when the Habs were hurting (even then, the Sens advanced becaue of the goaltending). Watching the 6-5, 235 lb Cowen deliver a beat down n the 6′, 200 lb White, thrilled the Fool (not me). Has Cowen been in a fight this year? What do you expect from the team in the game Friday against Boston? Can the team play then and will Cowen shine? What do you expect from Karly?

    I will tell you this Neil, we will see the usual suspects bring the the game they play every night : Neil, Smith, Spezza, Macarthur, Turris, Conacher (if he is in the lineup), Ryan. We will see Condra, Greening, Cowen, Philips, Gruba do what they do but unfortunately, we will see Karly and Zzzz disappear!

    Boro showed he can play, but he was dispatched to the manures.

  9. Visitor - Pierre D. says:


    Without getting into too much mud-slinging since this is still a seson to relax and unwind, I have not and will not buy a Karlsson jersey for friends over Christmas. I got them a Spezza because he’s a leader, he isn’t afraid of criticism, he really has tried to improve his defensive game, he’s good in the community and he’s a stand-up guy, all qualities that 65 lacks.

    Now…the man you call King K I hear called “Princess K” from the kids around here. Why? He’s afraid of receiving contact, he complains and uses cusswords when he’s criticized (P.S. “you kids out there”, to steal a line from Don Cherry. If someone around your workplace that’s important (the media or your boss) asks you why you made a msitake, don’t say “Shit happens.” Instead own up to it and fix the issue. If I said “Shit happens” I’d be out of a job.) and he’s a complete trainwreck in his own end in a game where you can’t be casual defensively.
    I’ll also gently point out that 100 points by a defenceman is not going to happen in today’s era Don. The systems, defences, goaltenders and everything are all too tight to allow it. Mid-80s? More than possible. 100+? Not going to happen.

    And just for fun, here’s some numbers of my own:
    0: Gold Medals, Stanley Cups won by teams with Erik Karlsson on it. Subject to change of course.
    1 (At least): Upset fan that Karlsson didn’t sign an autograph for, Princess K don’t do fan support.
    0: Playoff rounds won by the Senators after an 82-game season with Karlsson in the line-up.
    1: Playoff round won (48-game season) by the Senators with Karlsson in the line-up, only to be thumped afterward.
    0: Buzz for a Norris trophy for Karlsson this year, Keith is getting a lion’s share.

    Still not sold on your “King K” Don. Need to see a Stanley Cup win for it to happen, nothing less is acceptable or wanted.

  10. Mike8888 says:

    Good old Bobby. Only you could find fault in a 5-0 pounding by the Sen’s over the Penguins. Yes the Penguins were depleted by injuries but they were on a 7 game winning streak, and well, the Sen’s know all about injuries from last year.

    It looks like Karlsson is back to his old self before his injury. Like Don said in the paper today, there are a lot of d men who are better defensively but there are few, if any that can do what Karlsson can do offensively. Bobby, you just keep trying to convince yourself of how bad Karlsson is. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but well, maybe you should ask a few GM’s how they’d feel about having EK in their team.

    Loved the hit by Methot on Crosby, but I’m glad to see Crosby wasn’t injured because we need him for Russia, when he’ll be on our team.

  11. Bobby Goodman says:

    Bruce, I have been told that a deal has be done sending Greening and Wiercoch to the Rangers for Del Zotto and it will be announced once play resumes. I’ve liked Del Zotto from the time he first arrived in NY but at a loss to understand why the Sens need another soft offensive/rushing defeneceman. But hey, what do I know from nothing! I this in line witht he 2m reduction mandated by Melnyk?

  12. PaV says:

    Neil, the senile old man on here is like going going to the zoo and seeing the ‘don’t feed the animals’ sign.

    I do not think Crosby is the best player in the world. I think the is the best player in the NHL but not the world.

    Neil no matter how good we play, the senile old man will pick apart the win. That’s the way he is. Like I said, don’t feed the animals. But if you want too… Pick apart the Habs using the same template. You will get a day of amusement without leaving the comfort of your chair. What applies to the nonsense rants for the Sens does AND will never apply to the lack ulster and less talented Habs.

  13. PaV says:

    Neil one last thought… The senile old man, like I predicted pointed out how the Pens were and injured bunch… But did not mention that they were one if the hottest teams in the NHL coming in to Ottawa. He tried to do the same thing last playoffs when the Sens walked over the smaller and less Talented Habs.

    Same template after each Sens game. Ole oleoleole

  14. Bobby Goodman says:

    Is Zzzz suffering from the flu or an upper body injury (or both)? Will we see him in the line-up tonight?

    I wonder if the DAC still likes Greening’s game? Indeed there is something wrong Bruce as you wrote in the Paper today. For someone as big and strong as he is said to be, he doesn’t play that way. I don’t see him as a brusing forward, punishing opposing defencemen on the forcheck, nor do I see him win one on one battles like Smith does. I have never witnessed his great speed and his incredible shot! Perhaps he is like others who we are told are fast and the puck becomes an anchor in their possession. I have awlways wondered why the Android was described as big and strong when he is 1″ taller than Smith and the weigh the same? Haven’t we seen far more strenght from Smith?

    You/we might ask what has happened to Greening, but when you look at his career, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I never saw anything from him when he arrived here. He was very fortunate to have played primarily on Spezza line a couple of years ago when he scored 17 goals which impressed us all and the brass so much he was rewarded with the 3 year, $6m, no-trade deal. He had one good year and that is it. What’s really wrong are the unrealistic expectations. He had one great year and he was handsomely rewarded. Afterall, he did play the full 4 years in Cornel and was selected in the 7th round.

    If we were to look at the Sens drafts over the past 6 years, we would find only one who was outstanding, Karlsson. I have never really liked the NCAA; sure there are some who are great but history has shown they are few and far between. The Sens have Gryba, Greening, Condra, Wiercoch and all have been linked to trade rumours. It matters not where in the draft they were taken, but it does matter that they are on the big club! And then there is Zibanisbad.

    It is said that the Murray’s have a keen eye for talent but it hasn’t shown up in their draft selections! Those who were promoted to be the “future” and “buiding blocks” in the rebuild either have failed or traded away: Silfverberg (the better of the 2 “young Swedes”), Noesen, Rund’sbad, a first rounder to Anaheim which will be deemed disasterous if Ryan doesn’t re-sign. What about in Bingo with players like Da Costa, Hoffman, Petersson, Grant, DD, Puempal and others. Those who have carried the mail for them have been passed over by the big club (except for Ceci who has the tools but we need to see him for a full year to make an accurate call).

    The team’s best line have been acquired through trades. Two of the players on Spezza’s line have been acquired via trades (Michalek, Conacher). Smith was drafted by the Murray’s, but Neil was already here. The 4th line is a mish mash of whatever and is not really a 4th line (or NHLers) at all (but the Smith line could be). Cowen is a huge disappointment to the Murrays. They did stumble upon The Lehner.

    I wish the team luck, want/hope for so much more.

  15. OD99 says:

    I would still be happy if the Senators made a trade for Del Zotto…think he could blossom here (like you hope in every trade) and dropping Greening would give room for a youngster (maybe Hoffman can get a real look). Just a rumour though Bobby? You heard it from a friend or what?

    Will be a big game tonight. I didn’t get to see any of the Pens game yet but sounds like the team played well in spurts again while also taking a bunch of bad penalties. I will just hope for a good game and some progress towards playing consistently.

  16. Bobby Goodman says:

    Neil, you are absolutely correct, we are simply offering our opinions here but some would prefer it to be a forum only used to celebrate all things Senators. Can’t do that though. I will celebrate what is worthy only. We should celebrate a player with enormous speed and skill but also point out the flaws associated with “defiant indifference” for defence especially wen we see it time and again and it hurts the team. I have asked many times, what defines a defenceman. The way Karly plays joining the forwards all the time, caught up the ice many times every game and spending as much time in the other teams crease as their goalie, can that really be defence? What if Duchene was a rover. What about Jamie Benn? Wouldn’t they be infinitely better? The reason Karly plays Rover is because he cannot be covered as easily as if he lined up as a winger. He goes only if and when he wants. I don’t understand how some can celebrate lack of effort…I truly don’t.

    Again Pierre, you are right, you wont find many who when pressured by the media will blurt out publicly “I’m not a efffin God”…or Sh&# happens. Most will fall on their sword and take responsibility, but he will not.

    And Neil, I am not sure Spezza was the best choice for Captain either. But, did they really have choice. If a Captain these days is 80% about being the face of the franchise and 20% motivating the players, who could they have chosen? The Organization put themselves in a spot. The GM surprised me with his choice after trying to gain public support when he had a disagreement. When asked if he would accept a trade, Spezza says yes. It was then leaked to the media he wanted/requested a trade. As if the Blind Lemming Society needed yet another reason to hold him in comtempt! No one, not the previous captain, or the GM came to his defence when he drowned in boos from the faniacs. Of all the bums this franchise had over the years, only Spezza was worthy of such treatment. It would be enough to make most bitter and demand a trade but as Pierre pointed out, HE HAS SOME CLASS!!!!!

    Spezza was doomed from the get go and as I have pointed out, he cannot fix what ails this team. He is not the best player in the league and he isn’t playing like the best player on the team but if Annika couldn’t make the team winners with the best team in the league how could Spezza with one of the worst.

    And Mikey, I only pointed out that the 5 – 0 win, although good for the Sens, was not a legitimate win that I could celebrate, With 5 D, 2 forwards another lost during the game and Crosby hurt the win was hollow.

    Anyone care to guess what will happen tonight and tomorrow?…Mikey?

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