Sitting not sitting well

- December 18th, 2013

NEWARK _ Strange days. Strange decisions.
Nobody can seem to put their finger on why the Senators lack consistency.It has been an issue all season.
Now comes a stranger decision: Sitting Marc Methot.
He won’t play against the New Jersey Devils. Coach Paul MacLean doesn’t want to change a winning lineup. I get that, I guess. He has done it before. He has taken out goalies who have won. I hear people in Ottawa aren’t happy with this decision. They are wondering what is happening. Sure, Cody Ceci’s play has caught people by surprise.
Methot is ready. He is recovered from the flu. He wants to get back in there and play. He is also sayng all the right things and being a good pro about the decision. I just don’t completely understand it. He is right to be professional. Moaning and whining wouldn’t do the team any good. He still should be playing.
Patrick Wiercioch or Joe Corvo could easily come out tonight and nobody would take a second look. Methot is one of the club’s top four defencemen. He is counted on for leadership. He deserves to play.
There is no lesson to be taught here by sitting Methot. He should be in the lineup. Case closed.
I hope he’s back tomorrow against the Florida Panthers because this sitting shouldn’t drag on.

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  1. OD99 says:

    One decision that I have NO PROBLEM second guessing.

    I think it is an insult to Methot and shows a disregard for what he brings to the team. Wiercioch wasn’t good against the Blues as I could see, not terrible but some really bad decisions with the puck and soft play.

    And he doesn’t have the skill of Karlsson to make up for those draw-backs.

  2. ChokerHater says:

    Confidence…..crushed…. goes with goalies, works on players too.
    Funny decisions and even though they don’t whine to the press, the tension is in the room

    On another sports issue Bruce
    I watched the Templeton Shootout last weekend, there was about 12 teams, and I never saw the two Canadians
    I know they weren’t in contention but come on………….I’ll bet if Tiger Woods was there and in their position we would have seen every shot he dramatically complained over

  3. PaV says:

    OD / Mike man oh man we were brutal tonight.

  4. PaV says:

    I just saw Cowen give the puck away twice on the same play…. Wow

  5. Bobby Goodman says:

    Defencemen defend first and foremost. Rovers are only focussed on offence. Everyone was going nuts over Karly’s amazing play in the game tonight but he was minus 2 and on the ice for 3 goals scored against. He was caught up front, flat footed and out of postion for two of them and was the last one back unable to block a pass to the goal scorer on another. He didn’t register a shot but had many blocked. Often Cowen was open but Karly preferred to take the shot instead. Oh he can skate fast no doubt but he is not a defenceman. Did he play a good game or did he play a bad game? I would bet most will say he was great!

    Z fell down 4 times that I could see and he didn’t register a single shot. But damn he gets a lot of opportunities doesn’t he…go figure.

    The DAC had a gazillion line combinations again and the players have to think (to themselves) how very stupid it all is. It totally smacks of desperation. Strange days…strange decisions indeed. Dave is absolutely correct. Methot is a defenceman who defends and if indeed has was sat down, it would be yet another example of nonsensical decisions made by the DAC. Karly, in spite of his free lance work, is now -8. Does his play help the team win? Methot, if he was paired with anybody else, would have far better numbers.

    The Sens lost a team with a worse record…again. It is funny how the team will win a game, and everybody is excited and say they turned the corner. Any win is great but you have to look closer and see how and why the team wins a game. The Sens won vs St Louis but they didn’t play a good game. The same mistakes are made again and again.

    Karly got a point on a easy assist and is now tied with Keith…so the team met its goal tonight.

  6. Bobby Goodman says:

    Choke, I used to watch the FTS but haven’t for a while now. There was some great golf that I taped and watched instead. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a tournament in Malasia. It was very entertaining for a few reasons. The commentators are a breat of fresh air. Rentin Laidlaw, Warren Humpries, Julian Tutt, a Scott and an American (I forget their names) round out the group and damn they are fun. Where else would here expressions like:

    - he will have to hit an absolute hooley if he hopes to get there
    - it was a cracker shot,,,brilliant, absloutley brilliant
    - only a smoooothy is required…no need to give it the full throttle

    The competition was fantastic with Garcia and Stenson in the final group. Garcia looks like he has found his enthusiasm for the game again, he has been a sour dolt for too many years blaming everyone including divine intervention for losing. He is an unbelievable ball striker who can now putt. The only piece missing was his attitude and it looks like he may have changed.

    Another reason it was soooo enjoyable was Sergio’s girl friend…oooooo baby…I think I know the reason for Sergio’s attitude adjustment!

  7. Bobby Goodman says:

    …another gem from Humphries was: “….he will have to get a jig-a-long if he hopes the catch the leaders..” Pricelss!
    In an Aussie event I heard this gem: “…you can wrap that ball in bacon, send out Lassie and you wont find that ball, it was hit that far off-line”
    The network over there don’t OD on Caligula and they don’t suck his jock! It is fantastic!

  8. Mike8888 says:

    I can’t believe MacLean sat Methot last night. It was just plain dumb. Corvo or Weircioch should have sat. This decision along with taking out Lehner after he was player of the week and won 3 games, is making me question how bright MacLean is. Sitting one of your top defensemen because you didn’t want to change a winning line up was ludicrous.

  9. PaV says:

    I suspect and MM will be back in the lineup tonight. The Panthers are winners of their last four. Ottawa will be in tough.

  10. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    So the coach fired off after the 5-2 loss.

    He says the team isn’t “prepared”. Why? Isn’t it HIS job to make sure they ARE prepared?
    He says the team lacks “leadership”. Why? Didn’t we hear when Spezza was made captain that there was tons of leadership in the room?
    He says there is a “lack of focus”. Isn’t it YOUR job coach, to make sure the team IS focused?
    He says there is a “lack of wanting to play (….)” Then why aren’t YOU motivating them?

    Paul, it’s really easy to make stupid jokes about being a lobster fisherman and calling players by their numbers but it’s much, much harder to find the perfect marriage between all your players.

    I’m just a slob but I have some questions for Mr. Perfect MacLean:

    1)Why did you bench the scorching hot Lehner, winner of Player of the Week, in favour of the inconsistent Anderson weeks ago?
    2)Why do you keep returning to Anderson when he is clearly done?
    3)Why haven’t you figured out that this team can’t play run & gun? They simply don’t have the speed to play a two-way game, so they need to play a slowere game.
    4)Why wasn’t Chris Neil benched several times when he took selfish penalty after selfish penalty?
    5)Why punish your CAPTAIN by making him play with Colin Greening?
    6)Why sit Mehot when he DECLARED HIMSELF HEALTHY?
    7)Why aren’t you holding Player 65 accountable for his defensive carelessness? The team doesn’t need a rover, it needs two-way play!
    8)Why are you using Chris NEIL on the powerplay? Chris PHILLIPS I cna understand, he’ll blast a shot.
    9)Why aren’t YOU making the right decisions?

    If you could ask even a few of those questions to MacLean Bruce/Don I’d appreciate it. Heck, if you could bring up MacLean at ALL in the papers that would be great. This season is on him, and only on him. And he has only himself to blame.

  11. ChokerHater says:

    How the heck do you beat St Louis and lose to a dog like NJD

  12. Mike8888 says:

    If they don’t win tonight, they’re in big trouble. It’s too bad we don’t have our first pick in the next draft.

  13. PaV says:

    Choke, I cannot believe that i am typing this, but I was blown away. I was geared up for a good game and was yet again disappointed. Hoping for a win tonight.

  14. FKevin says:

    There are no easy outs for the Leafs or Sens these days and underestimating Florida in any way is a huge mistake. Huberdeau, Bjugstad, and Barkov, are the kind of strength down the center that contenders are built on very impressive young centers.

  15. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    Head the presser and thanks Bruce for asking why the team, after all this time, hasn’t been doing its job.
    It’s truly baffling and I’m starting to get scared a move will happen to shake up the room.

    So looking at capgeek, MacArthur, Neil, Spezza, Phillips all have NTC and I hear Greening has one starting with his next conract. They can trade Karlsson, but that’s a foundational event. I wouldn’t mind it though as I’d rather have someone that played at both ends than a rover, but it’s not going to happen.

    So who is Bryan going to trade? The inconsistent and injured Michalek? Zack Smith? He’s been one of the team’s best players. Ryan? That’s not happening unless he won’t re-sign. There isn’t a lot of movement there unless he moves Phillips and Murray is too loyal to his guys to really shake things up without warning.

    No, this falls on the coach. Stop putting lines into the blender (I was floored when MacLean used the “blender” analogy, even if truthful) and stop pointing the finger at management (team isn’t elite? No guff, but say that behind closed doors) and the players (though some rightfully deserve it) and take a look at yourself. Stop changing the lineup EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Stop chaniging lines and defensive pairings EVERY.SINGLE.GAME. The team needs consistency and stability and it isn’t getting it! That wears on the players who think the coach is a “DAC” and tune him out.

    I’ll never, ever understand why Murray hasn’t given this team an experienced NHL coach. Why give a rookie coach to a team with so many veterans?

  16. ChokerHater says:

    PaV I know exactly what you mean
    this is one weird team, even if THE team shows up tonight, it’s almost like they are them given the next game off
    and you can’t make the playoffs playing .500 hockey. It’s not the coach I don’t think, although his Methot move was extraordinary, seriously, I think it’s the captain, and don’t be surprised to see him down the road kickin stones soon

  17. Bobby Goodman says:

    The GM built this mess, but he will be rewarded for failure. The team isn’t very good; even the local boys in the media are now saying that the future looks bright with Ceci and Boro. No one wants to talk about Zzzzz, but his play warrants some talk, doesn’t it?

    Everytime the DAC opens his yap, he stumbles. He says there is no “compete” but the ones who does compete sits and the others who don’t get even more icetime! He loses track of icetime dolled out to one of the teams best! He changes lines continuously. He is totally lost and confused.

    Dressing Kassian accomplishes what exactly? Wasn’t Conacher one of the few who forced the issue all over the ice? Is Kassian going to scare others to death to give the Sens an advantage? I know the papers ignored it … again, but isn’t anyone going to consider Karlsson needs to introduce some responsibility to his game? He was on the ice for 3 goals scored against and was minus two. He has extended his lead in give aways and is now 7 ahead of the next one (Big Buff) with 53. With his minus 2 last night, he now has 241 defencemen in the league with better plus/minus. Is this helping the team win games?

    It’s all so very silly. Many of the experts predicted the Sens would be one of the best in the east…can you imagine…why? In my selection at the start fo the year I had them 9th or so at the very best.

    If a trade were to happen, the team should consider moving Spezza. He would be a great addition to a contender that needs a gifted centerman. He is not wanted or appreciated here anyway. The way this organization is run and managed, I really wonder if Ryan will sign with Ottawa. If I was to make a prediction, I would suggest he will end up in Philly. If that were to happen it would be tragic, afterall, the team gave up the better of the “two young Swedes” (he actually is a Shooter), Noesen and a !st round draft choice.

    Look at those who were minus 2 and 3, most of them are supposed to focus on preventing goals. I didn’t get the memo from the Fool…it must be OK now to comment on how he and his fellow team mates are playing! Eh, Mikey, Dave, Dan and Kev….eh Spike, eh Spike!!!!!!!

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