So, what now?

- November 24th, 2013

RALEIGH _ The Senators arrived here in the wee hours of the morning.
Next up is the Carolina Hurricanes at 5 p.m.
Big challenge. The Senators haven’t won a lot here.
Of course, the biggest question: Who will start in net?
It has to be Robin Lehner. It is time to ride the hot hand. This team needs wins. In four of his last five games, Lehner has given the team a chance to win. It makes sense to stay with him.
The Senators have gone a long way in declaring Craig Anderson the No. 1 goalie. We get that. We know it. He can keep the title. But the Senators need to get back into the playoff race. They need to make sure they are within sniffing distance.
They can’t afford to keep up this inconsistency. Lehner made the saves in Detroit. The Senators were outchanced 9-2 in the first period. Coach Paul MacLean was talking about ‘alternating’ the goalies in back-to-backs then said something different after the game. To be fair to MacLean, he professes everything with ‘at this point in time.’
Today’s decision will be interesting. I think it will be _ and should be _ Lehner.
What do you think. Mike888 get the conversation started.

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  1. Mike8888 says:

    I totally agree Bruce. The Sen’s need wins more than alternating goalies or going back to their “number one” just because he had that status last year. I still think they should trade Anderson for some immediate help this year. Lehner looked confident and seems to be in that zone goalies sometimes get into where even when they get scored on, they almost have it. That second goal by the Wings was a total fluke. Bruce, what did you think of Franzen and Datsyuk both falling to the ice in agony when they were both barely touched? Pretty classless.

  2. Mike8888 says:

    I stand corrected Bruce. There are 2 trolls on here.

  3. Bruce Garrioch says:

    Yes. You are right.

  4. ChokerHater says:

    Oh so I see it’s OK with you Bruce for that clown to call people names but as soon as someone calls him out you’re all over them. That sounds fair!
    Typical of the Ottawa press, same thing on the radio, if you love the Sens and are all over them, you’re welcome, just like that clown, but if you’re critical and honest, forget it
    I think Mike888 is the biggest troll here, all he thinks is that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a troll, but if he agrees with you, then you can post
    The team sucks, the management is a mess, but it comes cheap so that’s OK with Melynk,. The fans are being lied to and they keep eating up the bologna, and the press keep feeding the fans the garbage.
    Funny thing is, as soon as this mess gets cleaned up, you and the rest of the press will tell us all how it should have been, that you knew all along that it was garbage.

    How’d the easy game against a very weak team go tonight?

  5. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    I didn’t have a TV feed for this one but it looks like a 4-1 loss. Karlsson looked ok on the radio? Blocked some shots, got the attack started, wasn’t overly weak. It looks like after the 1-1 goal they dropped the ball. Fatigue can figure into it though I suppose.

    At what point does management start making roster decisions? Senators are six points out already so a playoff spot is looking incredibly dim. I mean, all respect due to Murray but comparing his coaching in the day when he got 100 points with Washington with today’s isn’t on par. Today every team gets points almost all the time. Get to OT, get a point. Win in OT get an extra point. Get to a shootout, get a point. Win? Extra point. That’s what makes it so, so hard for teams to play catchup these days. You literally have to win nearly every game in regulation or you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

    Well, they have a back to back again next week looks like. Washington could get ugly, hope the barn is full for Vancouver. Bruce, at what point do you thing GM makes significant roster change? After New Year’s?
    Thanks for blogging.

  6. PaV says:

    Mike8888 – Its hard to measure what a troll is. Just if you just ignore them then it will be fine.

    Good win on Saturday, but horrible loss yesterday. Not sure what more to say. Do not know what the issue is. They started off amazing and then decided to let the foot of the gas.

    Next up is the Caps.. Ovie is playing like Ovie again – so that is going to be tough then in comes the Canuks and well we all know how well the East Matches up against the West. They then have 2 days off and welcome back Alfie. I hope he plays and I hope the fans at the game will cheer him on.

    Cue the haters.. :-)

  7. Bobby Goodman says:

    The discussion is a silly one really. What line is number one on this hockey club and why? Of course it is the Turrs line because they have been outstanding! They battle every shift, they win those battles, they all rack up points and at the same time keep the opposition off the score sheet. All are well in the black in the plus minus. They are the team’s best line! The play regular shift, but two of them are the team’s best penalty kllers and they play the power play! By the same token, Lehner is playing the best between the pipes..therefor, he should be number 1! To say that Anerson is the team’s number one because he is numer one, is foolish. I fall back on the a very basic premise that players and that includes goalies, who put the team in the best position to win games, should play!

    I wonder why there isn’t a single word in the paper today about Karlsson’s play. He should get equal time when he is invisible, don’t you think? Did anyone see him lead a rush? Did anyone see him go into a corners (Methot now plays left and right defence). Is it acceptable to cncede the puck in the corner to the oposition? It must be, beause the DAC has no issues with it. Is one shot on net in 31 minutes of play acceptable for him? But the most imortant issue is his inability/unwillingness to play defence in his own end that is the bothers me the most. he simply doesn’t care. When Methot forced the issue (got caught) and Ruutu was charging in on Lehner, Karly stood still and reached. There is a pic int he other paper today and it reflects exactly how Karly plays in his own end. He is standing still with his stick in the air (not hard on the puck) with Ruutu in position to score. Perhaps this is the only way he can be criticized…not writing a single word.

    There isn’t a word about Cowen either. Someone please explain to me why alows forwards to skate to the net and score a goal on one ocasion and come close on another? When the incessant homer Postsie starts commenting, you have to know it is getting bad (he has done the same for Karly). Does Cowan put the team in the best position to win games? Against Carolina wouldn’t Corvo have been a better choice? That doesnt mean I am a huge fan but he has played well when he dresses!

    Is the Coach still pleased with Greening’s play? Where you, Bruce and Mikey, excited about Zzzzz’s performace? Michalek played better??? Why have a soft Karly killing penalties, does that make any sense?

    The team (Organization) is terrible but what I see as a trend is everyone’s willingness to accept poor play. I would wager if the Sens made the post season, most would be thrilled. But isn’t this the 3rd year of the so called rebuild and weren’t we promised a team that could compete with the league’s best? Jersey, Rangers, Carolina have now passed the Sens. Philly is tied and it is a no brainer to say they will as well (they have two games in hand)! Ottawa has won only 9 of their 24 games. Discuss that!

  8. Bobby Goodman says:

    It is amazing to me how frequently 2 Referees miss an infraction. It’s also amazing to me how inconsistent they can be. The hit on Boro was brutal. If Lapierre got many games for his ilegal hit, Westgarth should get even more; it was far worse! It is frightening to see players go into the boards head first. The fact that Boro was out of the game early because of a strained neck speaks to how close he came to a severe injury. Why was a Sen only penalized 2 minutes as opposed to 4 when he clipped a guy on the chin that cut him open?

    I have to believe Ryan is hurting in some way; his play the last two games are not we have seen from him most ot this year.

    The question was asked “should Murray make a trade”? My answer to that would be, no, he shoudn’t…but his replacement should. Should he start rebuilding the “rebuild”? C’mon!!!!

    I believe it was Pierre (or was it Dave) who talked to Anderson’s performance in the past, fluctuating from good to bad year to year. If some, well outside the circle, can make the call to move Anderson when he was the brightest lite in the NHL to get young prospects/draft picks, why couldn’t those whose business is NHL hockey not feel the same? With Anderson now off the radar for the US Olympic team, how far has his stock dropped if trade was in the works? I don’t know about anyone else but with a younger, 6-7 goalie, who is techically very good and future starter in 6-4 or 5 (depending on the day) star in the making, why didn’t they move Anderson? Instead, the team moved Bishop and got Conacher. I said it at the time, did the team really need another little guy (regardless how fast and feerless he may be)?

    How low must this team go before they tap into the farm team? I am not saying the team would be better, but I am saying they wouldn’t be worse!. Pageau could do what Condra does which is nothing. Howie Morenz would be better than Greening and he is long dead. The speedy, skilled Hoffman, who truly is a shooter, would do far more than Zibanisbad! He isn’t afraid of the puck! Why is this taking so long…is money the issue?

  9. OD99 says:

    I think Datsyuk is out with a concussion now isn’t he? That elbow from Cowen looked like it might have been right on the button.

    Well this is the most frustrating season in quite a while…finish strong against the Wings and start strong against the Canes only to end up getting smoked again and running around in our own end.

    This team wont’ make the playoffs and needs to start finding ways to address the major short comings…neither goalie can be expected to win the way the team plays in front of them right now.

    Thought Spezza had one of his better games this year last night – had his feet moving.

  10. Daniel Murphy says:

    I had to chuckle listening to coach mac and his reasoons for our Sens losing to Carolina. He went on and on telling us we came out flat, we didn, t play hard, we were inconsistant, we did not respect the other team etc… He was saying all this if though he had nothing to do with all this. I may be wrong but do you not think that it is the coaches responsibility to make sure his players are up for the game, play hard, respect the other team etc… It sure sounds like losing or playing poorly has nothing to do with his so-called coaching and leadership abilities.

  11. ChokerHater says:

    the media won’t tell you this but the knives are already out, changes will be made and probably soon, Bruce hinted as to the mood in the dressing room on here last week, and truth be told, there is a lot of finger pointing and blame throwing

  12. Bruce Garrioch says:

    Not sure if the knives are out but there isn’t a lot of happiness at the moment. Let’s face it they are playing terrible. Not up to their potential but maybe the potential of some of these players was overestimated. My guess is the first move is to call up some guys if they can’t make a deal.

  13. Bobby Goodman says:

    Dave, you’re right, neither goalie can be expected to win games with the way some are playing. Cowan. Gryba and Wiercoch are too slow to be effective. Philips is too old, soft and slow to be effective. Karlsson doesn’t care and doesn’t try in his own end. Which leaves the team with Boro, Methot and Corvo.

    Michalek didn’t work to hard to catch Ruutu, Zzzzz is a pretender and Greening is just awful.

    You are absolutely right about Spezza; he could have finished off plus 1 but ended minus 1 because of Karlsson’s lack of effort. This has happened often this year. He could and should have finished off plus 2 or 3 if others could finish.

    Murph my man, right on! Indeed it is the Coach’s responsibility to make sure his charges are ready! He and his DAACs have to take some responsibility for those are not prepared. No one is interested or even willing to speculate who Methot is referring to when he said that there was “always 1, 2 or 3 guys who are not prepared and dont buy in”? If a player or players are allowed to play game after game floating like a pretty butterfly and unable/unwilling to sting like a bee, who is responsible? Who are the players Methot is referring too? I said it a long time ago, those who work their respective tails off must be disgusted when other(s) are ALLOWED to play casually (Methot described Karly’s play this way in the pre-season). When some play this way game after game and are rewarded with even more icetime, could it cause friction in the dressing room? Of course it would and I am sure it does!

    When two of Murray’s prized possessions continue the way they have, there will be disention. There arn’t a lot of smiles on the bench.

    I will continue to ask why certain players (we all know who they are) are immune to criticism. Bruce, do you think Karly’s 0 to 3 shots a game for the last 6 is fine? When he gives the puck away, it isn’t 150 feet from his net!
    Is leading the entire league in Gva acceptable? What about passive play, is that OK (it certainly shouldn’t be). Do you think a double standard divides the team? You didn’t write Karlsson’s name down once in your piece today, why?

    When do you introduce the notion that the DAC, DAACs or the GM who built this mess, take some responsibility. Mike Johnson is one of the 3 color guys who offers candid commentary (the other two are Ferraro and Debrusk). Johnson has called out Karly. He pointed out the flaws in the young defencemen on the team. He has called out Michalek. What is wrong with being honest? Are you excited to watch Zzzz on the ice?

    Oh, Johnson says the Subban should definitely be on the Team Canada. He showed clips of him hitting and neutralizing Crosby and Malkin on the weekend. He pointed out that he punishes the opposition. He pointed out he leads his team and is second in scoring among D in the NHL and is plus 8! Risky indeed.

    It is time for a fresh start and that should begin with some candid reporting!

  14. ChokerHater says:

    I think it’s that last year the goalie (Anderson) stood on his head, and this year he is back to earth, or the NHL has figured him out. Quite frankly I was shocked at how well they did last year, but this year the young players are showing their age. Really, take last year out and they are playing like they should be, but I also think they are missing the veteran calmness that now calls Detroit home

  15. Mike8888 says:

    I never called anyone in particular a Troll. It appears the Troll stood up and identified himself. Too funny. Will the other Troll please stand up now.

  16. ChokerHater says:

    I never called anyone in particular a Troll. It appears the Troll stood up and identified himself. Too funny. Will the other Troll please stand up now.
    Imature Mike
    who loves the word troll, when in fact he is the troll
    what a clown

  17. Bobby Goodman says:

    Why is the team badly this year? As much as many don’t want to admit it, the team is bad.

    Lets start with the goaltending; Anderson is not playing like the did last year when he was magic (he couldn’t expect to be). Lehner is very good but as Dave pointed out, how can he and Anderson expect to win games the way the team is playing in front of him (them).

    What is different about this team from last year? The team doesn’t have the calming influence of Gonchar on the back. The team allowed Benoit to walk and he was another who brought veteran calmness, especially in his own end. This year, Wiercoch, Gryba and Cowan take turns getting beat to the puck and giving it away. Forwards who are willing, take advantage of their collective lack of foot speed (they are slow). Cowan, the behemoth, does not punish. Karlsson, who was gone for most of last year, is completely healthy (no matter what some may say) but his lack of interest and from the blueline in, has taken its toll. Philips is a year older, slower and softer. Boro is the only one who delivers punishing body checks and Methot is doing the work of a right and left defenceman and he has been damn good! Corvo, when he plays, has done well!!!!

    The best defence is a good offence. Playing a lot in your own end can wear a team down. The Sens are among the league leaders in turn overs and it starts with the defencemen (Kary leads the league in give aways and they happen primarily in his own end where it is most dangerous). Great teams are built from the back out. Ottawa is not strong on the back end. 3 defencemen have an excuse, they are slow and not that good and one doesn’t try nor does he care. It shouldn’t come as a surprise they are 24th in the entire league in goals allowed per game.

    Up front, the team has one line that is among the NHL’s very best. All can score. All want the puck. All can make a play and they “feed off eachother”. They can sustain pressure because they are skilled. They are very responsible defencively! They play the PP, PK (the team’s best) and regular shift. All came by way of trades, not through the draft.

    Spezza’s line is not a line at all; it has been musical chairs. Although the team suggests they are trying to find a combination that works, the truth is, the team is very thin on talent! You will never see Getzlaf, Malkin, Sedin, Thornton, Stall and other star centers playing with challenged forwards. Challenged is being polite.

    The 3rd line, will alway be a tough line to play against. Neil brings his game night in night out and Smith fhas been and will continue to be, consistent and reliable. The team may have found a combination that works well with the addition of the balzy and speedy Conacher. They are a 4th line on other teams.

    The 4th line, are not NHLers at all. Greening, he of the no-trade contract is awful. Grant and Condra really don’t belong. There are others who are better on the PK!

    The Sens are not a good hockey club

  18. Bobby Goodman says:

    Mikey, forget about the Troll stuff. Really, who cares. You are better than that. Rather that your a troll, no your a troll you’re trolling; you’re a troller you the trollerest…lets get a discussion going! Lets talk about the team. Lets speculate who could be traded and why. Lets talk about this the 3rd year of the 3 year rebuild that the papers conveniently ignore. Why not chat about the DAC, DAACs and Management and offer a take on whether they are doing a good job and explain why. What would you do with the team right now? Is the team playing badly as the papers suggest or are they bad. Do you have confidence in them and again, explain why. Let explore what should happen if they don’t make the playoffs (for me, even if they do, heads should fall…mediocrity is not acceptable).

    Lets breath some life back in this blog! Sould we get bored with a topic, we can introduce others that go on in the league! This shouldn’t simply be a place to celebrate all things Senators…should it? Should the team go to bingo, who should be given an EXTENDED opportunity. Why haven’t they gone to Bingo? Who, in the system, do you think will be the future and does the future look bright (and why). There is so much to talk about lets get a discussion going. I am not a hater. My glory days had nothing to do with a NHL hockey team, they were all about me, family and friends but I remember get amped for a Sens game, not so much anymore.

    Lets not reduce this to a typical blog posts that offer nothing but personal attacks. Lets talk NHL hockey.

    Waddya say?

  19. Daniel Murphy says:

    Spot on Bobby. Last year the general consensus was that we need a top 4 defenceman and a top six forward who can put the puck in the net. We could have or should have got one of of the two by trading Bishop, but instead we basically got nothing. I still don’t understand why we didn’t trade Anderson when his value was high to help speed up the so-called rebuild.

  20. FKevin says:

    The boys love the troll stuff Choke, doesn’t bother me a bit. Nor will it effect anything I choose to post. It might get censored or edited here but i dont care about that either.Leafs have to be the happiest team on the earth this morning after that dreadful embarrassing performance last night the NHL/Rogers deal saved them from being all anyone talked about.
    Sounds like a real windfall for the teams especially Canadian franchises. How long till Geno figures he deserves a bigger cut for some reason?
    Mirtle estimates that this deal alone will increase the cap by 3m, so theres another chunk of capspace that can fall victim to the internal budget. I’ve read several other opinions that the real cap increase could be very significant.
    I would hope that a team that’s worth 348 mil(or whatever the exact figure is) would be viable enough to give their fans full value by using all available assets to ice the best possible team.
    I used to hope that the Sens would fail because they blacked out Leaf games and I couldnt get them even if I was willing to pay for it. That’s not the case anymore and I really don’t care any more about the Senators survival than I do the Coyotes. Having been to Nordiques games I’d love to see QC back in. If Ottawa ownership and fanbase can’t make it work I’m sure Quebec could fill their building.

  21. OD99 says:

    Bobby I agree with you and I say this very respectfully and in no way am I trying to rile you up.

    You are very intelligent and obviously know a lot about a lot of sports but personally I find it hard to engage you when every post (and if not every post, it has to be 90%+) your main argument is how terrible Karlsson is – that is not a basis for discussion anymore. We all know you don’t like his game, you really don’t have to waste characters on how much you dislike his game and his various poor stats. We all know you are frustrated by him and the fact that that the media don’t call him out as you would like. You feel his held to a different standard by the team, by fans and media.

    I will say once again that this is what I dislike – and always have.

    1. Passive play – letting a guy go to the net without any challenge at all
    2. Giving up on a play – if it doesn’t go his way sometimes he just cruises back and allows the team to essentially be short-handed

    What I do appreciate and helps offset some of the negatives above:

    1. His absolute top notch creativity and ability with the puck >> this included being able to skate the puck out of our zone past numerous defenders and at least gain the neutral zone. A very important skill, especially on a team that struggles to get out our their end.

    2. His ability to strip players of the puck by pinching them off and gaining possession in the defensive zone >> also again, his ability to then keep his head and move the puck out of the zone all on his own.

    As for the trolls – I call the two guys on here who post negatives just to get under the skin of Senators fans trolls and that is it. That said, it has been excellent to see their name posted and just completely skip whatever they write. I can see they are posting a lot lately and as pathetic as that is I would expect it. The team is playing poorly so their self esteem goes up a notch when they come here and post negatively – it is all they have I am led to believe. They don’t ever post anything to generate discussion so why bother reading?

    It was nice to see Kadri get his butt handed to him last night. Takes a cheap shot at a guy late in a game they are getting blown out, then takes a nasty swing with his purse (I mean stick – they must practice that move) before Clarkson, trying to make people forget how over paid he is attempts to jump in…but then Kadri decided to drop the gloves and gets filled in…that was a nice finish to a good game.

    Zibby is hot or cold but once again I will say – regardless of how he looks he is putting up points and playing well defensively and at this stage the team needs that. He doesn’t get much ice time yet he is producing at what, 0.5ppg? The production isn’t bad and I am hopeful his game will continue to round out as he is only 20 years old.

    I would like to see Wideman get called up to see how he handles the NHL and send Cowen down to the farm – he is lost right now.

  22. PaV says:

    Bobby that would entail you to stop with the immature and childish nicknames, Waddya say?

  23. FKevin says:

    I read everything you write and laugh at it, Dave. The great puck stripping fallacy again, the bogus hit totals are soon to follow.

  24. Mike8888 says:

    The only problem with sending Cowen down is that he would have to clear waivers

    The other Troll identified himself just like I thought.


  25. FKevin says:

    I understand Sens fans enjoying Kadri getting popped and he deserved it.Did you also enjoy Neil getting fed by Stoner last Weds ? After instigating with a visor on no less! TSN had the good sense not to replay th Big Shows selfish side show, good on them for that. That he does it after a clear loss shows a lot. Big Show must not have been aware of Stoners abilities he will tie him up and rassel if they meet next time although he will now avoid him.

  26. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    Karlsson does get criticized in the papers. Read some of Don’s finest, he brings up that he’s been lacking. The fans do it as well, here and elsewhere. The coach says he’s a half and half player, half for his team and half for the other.
    At some point though it will be make or break. I am unconvinced you can go deep with Karlsson as long as he is casual in his own end. Too often players get space, get shots and get free of him. Methot can’t do everything sadly.

    The coach bears a lot of responsibility in this mess. Why is it the team plays one bad period, one good period, one average period? Are they not prepared and instructed by the coach to be ready for these games? If not, why is the coach still here? We keep hearing that Murray is active on the phones, I am sure he is but what kind of trade can he make? If he trades Karlsson the chattering classes will rage. He can’t trade veterans because even though most are bad, they are ingrained in the community and the team needs MORE veterans, especially on the blueline, but Murray for some reason (budget? overevaluation? rebuild?) has chosen not to add a 26-30 year old with half-decen defensive skills to steady the zoo. Smid was available…did Bryan inquire?

    The coach said the Senators do not get up against teams below them, I think he even said bad teams or something. The Senators are one, that is ONE, UN, UNO point above the hapless Columbus Blue Jackets, who trashed a decent team in TO last night. If some players think winning against the Carolinas and Phillys of the world is beneath them, then maybe they do deserve to miss the playoffs so a fair amount of self-analysis takes place.

    Oh, one last thing Bobby, what the heck is a DAC or a DAAC? Director and Coach? Direct Assistant Coach?

  27. Bobby Goodman says:

    Just heard on the radio, coming back from an appointment, that Murray has made Condra, Gryba and Greening available in an effort to pry Del Zotto loose. What’s with Murray’s fascination with soft offensively minded defencemen?

    Dave, I would let up on Karly if the media (including Bruce and Don) would wander outside their comfort zone, live dangerously and call a spade a spade. You are much better than me, you can forgive Karly for quitting on a play and not making an effort. I simply cannot. It turns my stomach to see him stand and reach in his own end. I have no way of knowing for sure, but strongly suspect he simply does not share the passion and that others on the team do. He doesn’t really care if they win or lose. Racking up points is great, but he is a defenceman and on the defence part, he is atrocious. I do not see him strip pucks away, but I do see him pick up leftovers from others hard work.

    Zibanisbad has put up points, but really, do you see NHL skills? I don’t Dave. I never see him win a one on one batter (he will always fall on his ass). I do not see him as a great skater; he has no mobility/stability and loses his balance easily. He can’t carry the puck and beat anyone and he wont even try. He gets rid of the puck as soon as it is on his stick. He contributes nothing defencively. He is the last one involved in a play (late arriving) and the first one off. The team will never, nor should they, have him on the ice to kill penalties. On the PP, the possession is lost most of the time when it hits his stick. He has no patience with it becasue patience and skill are synominous. For a big guy, he is not physical; as I have often said, he will only go into a corner when he sees the numbers on the other players back.

    So, what does Murray do now? His no trade forward – Greenng – is being shopped around. Is Del Zotto a piece to the puzzle? I like him but does the team need yet another offensive defenceman and there have been plenty since Murray arrived. Condra and Grant offer no more than what others do on the team, and the others do it far better. Gryba is now available, he is awful. Cowen is awful. As a side note, it was comical listening to York, Yorks, Yorkie go on and on how Cowen was, at one point, the best defeceman on the team. He also went on about how Karly “he leads rushes, up to five of them, in a single shift”. Silly. Wiercoch is spotted in the lieup. Greening, Condra, Wiercoch and Gryba all came by way of NCAA and they played the full term. It is a fact that those who do that, rarely enjoy NHL careers, primarily because if they were good enouph, they would have joined the NHL earlier. I am not a big fan of NCAA but I am a fan of Canadian Major Junior Hockey Players.

    It will continue to amaze me how willing some members of the media are to jump on a player, once it is known they are going, going, gone. York, Yorks, Yorkie and the other fool, were not complimentary of the ones dangled.

  28. Mike8888 says:

    Who really cares what Trolls think or read.

  29. ChokerHater says:

    QUOTE:PaV says:
    November 26, 2013 at 12:23 pm
    Bobby that would entail you to stop with the immature and childish nicknames

    this from the guy who would rather call people a “troll”
    excuse me, is calling people with a different opinion not childish and immature?

    Kevin the extra cash from the new contract will just go to Barbados, not into real good hockey players

  30. Bobby Goodman says:

    Pierre, mon ami et mon vieux, DAAC stands for the Dumb Ass Coach and the DAAC(s) stands for Dumb Ass Assistants. Murray has had a history of selecting bad coaches and he always picks the assistants…How has that been working out? You have to wonder why.

    Those who would say that the Coaches aren’t responisble for the Sens awful record/play need to consider they are the ones who hold the power who plays and who doesn’t. If some continue to make the same mistakes over and over, shouldn’t they sit? Coaches are the ones who are suppose to identify what the problems are and see that they are resolved.

    For the DAAC to hold a practice dedicated to breakouts only is beyond silly. The team needs posession first!!!! How did that work out the very next game? The fact that the Sens are among the league’s worst for shots allowed, speaks to territorial edge the other teams have over the Sens. What is happening there? Are they chasing? Should they play a zone like defence, should they play man on man? Are they using their body and are they winning the physical battles? Forget about break outs, work on possession.

    I have a problem with how the team leaves their own end when they do gain possession. I want to see them exit with a lot of speed. The puck can move much faster than a player can skate so why carry the puck out of your own end. And, why carry it out going half an mile an hour!!!! The forwards are often too far ahead on the play and it is made worse when a “defenceman” skates with the puck going a quatrer speed. Skae with the speed you do when joining the rush! The farther the forwards are, the tighter the coverage. Then Karly will either force feed a pass that can be intecepted (like the last goal last game) or he carries the puck and everyone has to stop at the blueline or he dumps it in. A dump in is only a good play if there isn’t a play to be made and there is a high probability of recovery. Players who are forced to stop at the blueline, have little chance to gain possession of the puck. I like exits where they come out together with short quick passes and a lot of SPEED!!!

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