The Battle of Ontario

- December 7th, 2013

So, it returns.
The Senators vs. the Maple Leafs. Saturday night at Canadian Tire Centre. This is pretty much neutral territory because I always consider the rink to be a 50/50 split _ which is pretty pathetic but also reality.
The Senators need wins. They need them bad. The club is sitting seven points out of a playoff spot. They keep saying they should be better. They keep saying they aren’t performing up to expectations. They keep saying they aren’t working hard enough. Okay, there has to be a bigger problems.
Maybe the problem is they just aren’t good enough. Maybe they overestimated the development of some of their players. Maybe those players who looked great coming up from Binghamton last year look awfully human when Craig Anderson or Robin Lehner aren’t making saves.
Coach Paul MacLean has to change his tune a little here. Saying after every game “we don’t work hard enough” is getting tired and old. I guess I _ like many others _ are wondering why this is happening. It’s up to the coach to find answers. Has the loss of captain Daniel Alfredsson meant this much? Maybe it has.
The Senators chances of making the playoffs are rated at 14.8% by This is a site that many NHL owners read _ including Eugene Melnyk _ to see where their club stands. A win tonight against the Maple Leafs might rate the chances a bit.
The Senators don’t have a great ability in beating the Leafs in games that mean something. The club needs a victory here badly. A loss here and they fall nine points out of a playoff spot with a lot of teams to climb over.
Time to find answers and start winning games. The moral victories and “we’re making steps in the right direction” really don’t matter anymore.

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  1. OD99 says:

    I guess since Pav and I share some ideas it seemed you were calling me a fool – either way, not cool man.

    It was’t that long ago that you posted about stopping the name calling, etc…

    Fair enough though, I won’t take it personal either way.

    As for the Alfie and Spezza thing – I think I made it clear that they both played and produced better than ever in their careers when they played together and it would be near impossible to suggest one was more responsible for that. Alfie is doing quite well with some players not knows for their scoring heroics now at quite an advanced age to boot.

  2. PaV says:

    Oh Bobby you are so special, old and out of touch of reality. That’s why all your posts are just so sad and pathetic.

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