Third Jersey

- November 27th, 2013

It would appear the Senators Heritage jersey, which will be released tomorrow, has landed on some shelves early.
Essentially it’s a white version of the club’s third jersey.
Senators captain Jason Spezza and Vancouver captain Daniel Sedin will attend a press conference Thursday morning at the rink to unveil the look. Here is a copy that is show on Icethetics website.
The Senators will wear the jersey in the Heritage Classic set for March 2nd at the B.C. Place in Vancouver.
Here is the link:



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  1. ChokerHater says:

    Cashing in on the Christmas rush
    so now they have a fourth jersey
    too bad they concentrate more on making money than on making a good hockey team

  2. Bobby Goodman says:

    Again today, the only mention of Karlsson was Don’s reference to him as one of 3 defencemen who haven’t been scratched this year. Isn’t that sad. Increasingly the media are in the business of forging public opinion rather than presenting the facts.

    Sure, hidden in the dash board was a quip about the minus 3, but no one was willing to put their name on it!

    The Sens lost again yesterday, that was expected, but a story should have included all the reasons why! Bruce, you failed to include a single reference to Karlsson; why? What is not note worthy to say he mustered only 3 shots (better than the 0 and 1 the last two games I guess). Was it not worth mentioning he was minus 3, the worst on the team? How he was creditted with only 2 give aways is beyond me; on two ocassions he gave the puck away twice in a single segment of one shift! I counted 6 give aways!

    Don, the Oh No Corvo thing is not funny, inteligent nor is it cute. It might be, if he gave the puck away as often as Karly does! But, he doesn’t. Corvo brought the puck out of his own end with SPEED. He made good passess. He actually deked around players and he got an assist. Corvo now has 6 points in 10 games and is plus 1. Oh no, that can’t be any good, can it? Why he sat for all those games is beyond me, but, the DAC knows what he is doing, right?

    To suggest that no one saw the failings of the D coming is wrong; a fool like me predicted it before a single game was played this year. Why does this team turn the puck over so often? Why is this team 27th in the 30 team league for goals allowed with 3.19 (only the Islanders, Oilers and Flames are worse). It is primarily because they are among the leaders in shots allowed and they allow so many shots because they are in their own end of the rink often. The are in their own end often because they don’t have possession and the don’t have possession because the D are either very slow, very soft or in Karly’s case, unwilling to go into a corner and retrieve the puck. Methot is now -5 and why do you think he wears that number! I will let you guys fill in blanks.

    But it is not just you guys. York, Yorks, Yorkie never has thing to say about Karly (aferall, accroding the YYY, he leads 5 rushes on a single shift, is faser than a locomotive and leaps tall buildings in a single bound!). YYY loves Cowen (he offered at one point, Cowen was the Sens best defenceman). YYY loves Gryba and even called his skating as very good! OntheBrown and Potsie are a huge part of the conspiracy. Mendy in the afternoon and the boys in he morning are honorary members! The sports writers in the other paper are as well.

    Gryba and Cowen sat out last night for a good reason. I am sure they’re great kids but they may not be NHL hockey players. Cowen was Ottawa’s first round pick and 9th overall!!!! Boro has been better because he is a better skater, quicker and can respond faster!

    Why not distinguish yourselves by factuall accounts!

  3. Daniel Murphy says:

    Awhile back I said Anderson was a bit of a flake and quite fragile. His lame attempt at feigning a serious injury after Methot brushed by him was a joke. The wincing and grimancing just moments before was also a bit much. I think I am seeing a ploy being used by Anderson. Faking injuries etc… to try and cover up mediocre goaltending. If Murray is any good at his job, I would unload Anderson and crown Lehner as our true number 1 goalie.
    I still think Anderson has some legitimate value lect and I have to think there are 6 to 10 teams who would be interested in him.

  4. Bobby Goodman says:

    Oh yes, I like the “sweater” but not crazy about the solitary big 0 on the front. If the uni is a retro style and the sweaters are barber pole, damn it, the socks should too. I love the barber pole socks!!!!

  5. Mike8888 says:

    As bad as the Sens are sometimes in their own zone, their goalie has to stop the odd good chance once in a while. Anderson’s play is starting to remind me of the way Elliot struggled when he was here. I can’t believe MacLean started Anderson against Vancouver to begin with after his so-so performance against the Caps. I still say it’s time to let Lehner run with the job for a few games anyway.

    What’s with one of the Trolls talking about “insiders” when I referred to a player’s nick name. I think this troll is a little strange. I believe he’s delusional enough to think that people on here think he’s intelligent. He’s,,,umm only as smart as his friends. (and we know his only friend is another Troll) I didn’t make that up, I must have heard it somewhere. I suspect the 2 Trolls don’t have too much going on in their lives. One of them must be logged into this site constantly refreshing in the hope that someone say’s something about him, as Pav wrote.

  6. Neil Harris says:

    Mike888, if that’s waht his hope is, he must be grateful to you for constantly obliging him.

    On to hockey, unfortunately we’re seeing that last years team capture lightning in a bottle and played above their collective heads. Bobby Ryan is a legit star but why Murray traded away three top picks to make a run at the cup is beyond me. Are we rebuilding or competing? Or both?

    What concerns me is that our Sens might be at the beginning of a prolonged period of mediocrity. We don’t spend to the cap, our best player (Ryan) may not be here for long and our “young guns” like Karlsson and Zibanejad, in my humble opinion, aren’t the type of players to lead a team to greatness. Beyond them there is Cowen who is quite simply just bad and then whatever there is in Bingo (which I don’t follow too closely).

    I worry that attendance will only continue to decline. Here’s to hoping that I’m wrong and that a Christmas miracle is in store for this team.

    And to Daniel’s point, yes. Anderson for a solid, gritty young defenceman would not be the worst idea. His behavior was embarrassing last night. There is no place in sport for faking injuries. I’m sure the likes of Neil, Smith, Boro, etc. were duly disgusted with that farce.

  7. FKevin says:

    Shh Neil!!! I am grateful, he and Dave never let me down.

  8. FKevin says:

    Dan, as always a sane decent voice, a consistent great opinion without gossip or personal attacks. Class act.

  9. Daniel Murphy says:

    FKevin, thanks for the compliment. If only the Sens, or should I say Murray started making a few changes to this team before it is way too late.

  10. Bobby Goodman says:

    Murph my man, it’s already too late. The team (and Organization) have been in steady decline but it doesn’t bother anybody. Fans in Ottawa rallied aound the “Pesky Sens”. Is annoying a good thing. When I hear the word pesky to describe a player or team I think of always nipping away at the heals of others. Never, does it conjure up a picture of a team or player leading or dominating.

    If the papers can identify 7 players out of 18 who are “struggling” you have to answer the questions:
    1) why;
    2) Is it fixable;
    3) Can he/they be coached out of the problems;
    4) Is it really possible that 7 players on one team can all struggle at the same time; and
    5) Are they really struggling or are they just not good enough

    Butler was allowed to struggle for 82 games. Daisey the Air rifle was allowed to struggle for 4 years. Kovalev was allowed to struggle for 2 years. Da Costa 10, Rund’sbad 10, Stone (I am not sure how many). I can go back and include Lapointe, Robitaille, Smith, Richardson, Picard, Campoli, Donovan, Klinhammer (who is fast and relentless but not a Swede), Filatov, Pascal Leclaire, Laendresse. Kassian, Daugavins, Konopka, Ruutu, Condra and these are players I can think of at the top of my head with the few active brain cells I have left!

    Who are the great draft choices? What is the future? How many coaches and assistants has the team had in the last 7 years? I have said it before, this organization NEEDS to re-establish some Class, Respectability, Inteligence and Competitence. They have all been lost over the last 7 years! As I have said, there needs to be a major change in the operation of this organization IF they are want to attract free agents. Some who have left here had desparaging things to say about their stay. Some players are crucified by management in the media. A Junior coach is given a green light to humiliate a 50 goals scorer. Squabbles over contracts are played out in the media in an effort to solicit public support (and it has worked!!!). The Owner and GM can’t even get their lines right on an issue.

    There needs to be a change and it starts with the Owner…

  11. Visitor - Pierre D. says:

    Bobby, I agree there needs to be change at the top but the owner ain’t selling so that’s fine.
    It is time for a new direction at the GM level though, and here’s why:

    Even if we buy the party line that the “cupboard was bare”, and let’s be clear that if it WAS bare, it was with Melnyk’s OK as the team made a run for the finals, seven years later the astounding group of prospects we were told were down the pipeline have not impressed. I have heard that he has drafted well, traded well, signed good free agents from Don in his column. Since I don’t swallow everything I read unchallenged, here’s what I see with my own eyes.

    The most remarkable player Murray has drafted? Erik Karlsson, a Norris winner in a meteoric season that has lot a lot of his speed and is now quite average defensively.
    Methot is average to good and only succeeds when allowed to hook or grab or hit.
    Gryba is big but slow and can’t handle the puck.
    Cowen is big but slow and can’t handle the puck.
    Borowiecki is big but slow and can’t handle the puck.
    Wiercioch is a good puck handler but the coach won’t play him (who knows why?)

    Then the forwards:
    Silfverberg the next Alfredsson gone for Ryan, who is one of the few doing his job.
    Zack Smith a 4th line centre on a contender, plays on the second or third line.
    Zibanejad getting bottom line minutes even though he has a great shot and so on.
    The rest? Big slow guys that can’t skate.
    MacArthur is geting points on a bad hockey team.
    Turris is quite good but can’t carry a first line.

    Then the free agents:
    Kovalev? Disaster.
    Corvo? Decent at his price.
    MacArthur? Decent on a terrible team but not likely to lead you to a Cup, quite soft.

    So…when all is said and done what do we have to show for this great management team?
    A Calder Cup for Bingo years ago on an AHL-veteran laden team.
    One playoff round won in 2012 for the NHL team.
    Two bottom 10 finishes, one this year and one 4-5 years ago.

    And I’m told Murray “deserves” a chance to restore this team to elite status?
    I have one question for Don:
    If Montreal had such a stretch of mediocrity under Bergevin would he be there after 8 years?
    If Peter Chiarelli placed the Bruins bottom 10 twice would he have a job?
    If Lombardi’s Kings tanked repeatedly and were consistently mediocre, would he have a job?
    So why should Murray?
    Because he’s funny? Because he’s local?

    Don, when local and funny gives you two points in the standings, when local and funny wins a playoff round, when local and funny is a prereq for the Cup, I’ll care.
    Change the GM and AGM, bring an outsider that will look at the team and bring us back to glory!

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