Where’s the justice?

- November 26th, 2013

I’m not at the rink today – nor was I with Senators on their weekend road trip – but something has been bugging me ever since I saw on TV Kevin Westgarth ram Mark Borowiecki’s head into the boards from behind Sunday in Raleigh.
That something, of course, is the fact nobody went after Westgarth.
I know he’s a mountain of a man at 6-foot-4, 235 pounds. I know he is also one of the toughest guys in the league. And I know that the softer Senators were on the ice at the time of the incident.
But seriously, somebody should have done something. Fight him, stick him, grab him … anything. If not at the time, then at least later in the game. And if not to Westgarth, then to one of the Hurricanes’ smaller, more skilled players.
I have a problem with guys – Borowiecki being a prime example – having to fight when they deliver a clean, hard, open ice hit. But intentional or not, that was a dirty play. Is there another team in the league that would have watched one of its own get injured like that without retaliating at some point, in some form? I don’t think so.
Instead, the Senators sent a message to every other player in the NHL – it’s okay to take liberties against them. You may or may not have to answer the bell.
Maybe next time, an opponent won’t even think twice before drilling a Bobby Ryan or Kyle Turris or Erik Karlsson in similar fashion.
Just shows how much they miss a Matt Carkner, doesn’t it?
When Brian Boyle gave Karlsson a face wash in a playoff game a couple of years back – the same way Westgarth did to Karlsson later in Sunday’s game, as a matter of fact – Carkner took care of him at his first opportunity.
Put to a Senator, you will be told that there was no retribution sought on Westgarth because they couldn’t afford to take a penalty in a game they needed to win. That’s crap. For one thing, not avenging the cheap shot didn’t help them avoid defeat, did it? For another, the Senators rallied around Carkner in the above mentioned playoff match. They killed the penalties to their enforcer, and used the momentum to go on and claim victory against the Rangers that night.
They stood up for each other and grew as a team.
Whatever comes of the league’s hearing with Westgarth this morning is irrelevant. If he is suspended, as he should be, it will not help the Senators. And whether or not Borowiecki misses any more action as a result of the hit is also a moot point.
Allowing opponents to run a defenceless team mate without any repercussions makes you look soft and divided.
The irony of it all is, Borowiecki would have eventually caught up to anybody that did something like that to one of his fellow Senators. You can be sure of that.
Westgarth was given a 2-game suspension for the hit today.

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  1. Mike8888 says:

    I never believed the Sens should have ever let Carkner go. At the time, they said it was because he wanted a 2 or 3 year contract but he was worth the gamble. He was a rare enforcer type who had the ability to play a regular shift

  2. Bobby Goodman says:

    Right on Bruce; it made me ill. I love Spez but he did diddly. I don’t like Zibanisbad and he went to his happy place. Karly was fixing his hair and planning dinner with Annika. The Captain should have had a word, a poke with the stick or jump and hold on tight…somebody should have done something. But it wasn’t just that shift. Westgarth was on the for many shifts after and nothing was done. The behemoth should have summoned the courage to dish out some retribution (he did it to White who is 6′ and 200 lbs last year!).

    Yoru are right Mikey, Carkner should never have been allowed to leave. Even if it was for only two years, Murray should have ponied up. Carkner kept others honest but he could play the game! He delivered punishing body checks and played a safe/ simple game. He also had decent hands and surprised me with some moves. There aren’t many enforcers who can play a regular shift and contribute without dropping his gloves. when forwards crossed the blueline, they knew Carkner was on the ice! I believe he got nearly 2m for 3 years? That is great value compared to 3 year, no trade and 3m annually that Cowan got. Wierchoch and Gyba take turns in the linep and Corvo sits. Benoit was allowed to walk away too…and Brian has been around the league for 30 years…go figure.

    What Westgarth did was the most danerous play in the game. For him to get only 2 games is a bad call but more importantly, it is irresponsible. Boro was in the most defenceless poistin, on his knees leanig towards the boards with his head down. Plays like this one left other hockey players paralzed.

  3. FKevin says:

    I’ll ask what seems to be a obvious question where was the roughest toughest BIg Show in Carolina? Less than 24 hours earlier he was more than willing to thrash Smith a infrequent fighter on whom Chris enjoys about a 20lb adavantage (hockey fights even listed him at 170 which can’t be true). Westgarth is listd as about 20 lb heavier than Neil and of course a frequent and willing scrapper.
    Clearly The Big Show much prefers to have both size and experience to be in his favour when he chooses his opponents. Very, very shrewd.

  4. Bobby Goodman says:

    I learned many years ago, if you lie, you better have a good memory. The DAC “really liked the way Greening was playng”. If that was remotely true, why is he on the 4th line, logging little icetime, not killing penalties and…made available? The DAC says he has liked the way Anderson has played, but that dog don’t hunt either. Wouldn’t it be better for him and the organization if he offered some honesty. He should have offered: Anderson is not playing as well as he can/should but we know what he is capable of, we saw it last year. Besides, we aren’t giving him much support.

    Why isn’t Corvo dressing for more games? Does it make a lot of sense? Will he play tonight? Isn’t Del Zotto just a younger version of Corvo? If that is remotely accurate, why pursue a trade to acquire him? Where is Lundin when you really need him???

    Down on the farm, Hoffman is 3rd in league scoring. The GM called Zibanisbad dominating and promoted him how would Murray describe Hoffman’s play? Why isn’t he up with the big club.

    Spezza has 20 points, equal 10 goals and 10 assists. Usually, he gets far more assists than goals. The reason he doesn’t is because there is no one on his line who can finish. Michalek has vanished and Zzzz is a one trick pony, hiding in the periphery waiting for a cookie. You can bet that IF Hoffman ever got an EXTENDED stay he would do far more. He hurt his shoulder last year in his one game stint because he went into a corner, sacrificed his body to make a great play. I have yet to see that from Zzzz. Hoffman has a world class shot (he often plays the point on the PP in the manures. This speaks to more than his ability to shoot the puck, the Coach must have confidence in him. He hs great hands/vision. He is one of the League’s fastest skaters. Couldn’t the Sens use someone like that? Couldn’t he do as much as Condra (at the very least)?

    Lets count tonight how often Zzzz: forces the play by going into the corner first to get the puck, wins a battle for possession, reads the play to find a hole that isn’t somewhere well outside, lead a rush, carrry the puck further than 15 feet, shoot from well outside rather than trying to beat the D inside or out, is first off the ice and fall down.

    Will Karly get a shot on goals tonight? Will he, as York, Yorks, Yorkie says, lead 5 rushes on a single shift.

    Who do you all think might be the 1, 2 or 3 guys Methot was referring to, who don’t show up every game?

    It has to be hard to hear your name bandied about in trade talks, then join the team for a practice/game. Going from the”inner circle” to an “outsider” has to be hard on a players psyche. Sure it comes with the territory, but, it has to be hard, just the same.

  5. Bobby Goodman says:

    I, for one, wont lose any sleep if the Clown Prince of HNIC is lost in the shuffle. I find the man a complete villiage idiot and a total embarrassment.

    It is comical that the CBC, the left of left broadcaster, would promote this fool at all. Over the years he has been the poster boy for intolerance. I have seen him mock Swedes, Fins, Americans, Rusians, Slovakians and French Canadians!!!! I remember when he was disgusted and played a clip of a Russian player kissing another after scoring a goal. Since then, Dumb Cherry has swapped spit with any and ever thug he decides is worthy and he does it on national television. Go figure.

    He had his own style of dress, but somewhere along he way, it morphed into a cross between Liberace and Bozo the Clown. When did that happen?

    He is a guy who sat on the bench for a single game in the NHL. He had the best team in hockey and couldn’t bring the Cup to Boston. He wasn’t pursued by many teams after his brief stay in Colorado. He often talked about how NHL Coaches are unduly fired but he went through many as an owner of an OHL team. Coaches Corner indeed.

    He ofen uses his effeminate schtick to make a point.

    He has championed licenced thuggery for over 20 years! He promotes fighting and calls some who don’t, cowards (not necessarily using the same words). The league (and society) is trying to get rid of violence but he endorses it. I remember him celebrating hits like the one that could have killed Lindros and contributed to his early retirement from the game! Year after year he has sponsored “Rockem Sockem” videos. Who are the target audience for videos like these. I would suggest it is mostly kids. Do we ever see/hear him promote skill? He had a hard time with Crosby scoring a spectacular goal in Junior manipulating the puck to get on his blad from behind the net and in a lacrosse-like way wheel around and score a goal. On national TV he criticized the 16 year old kid. He even got Sheriff Shannahan to say, someone would make him play for a goal like that. Shananhan is a member of the inner circle and multi-talented. He can conduct business responsibilities growing he game in Europe and champion player saftey (he of the 600 goals and 3000 min in penalties). Most recently, Dumb Cherry got on his soap box and criticized a 19 year old kid;s 4th goal in an NHL game. The goal got fans out of their seats (it dif for me!). What message does that deliver to the kids who are exposed to this idiot!

    Cherry needs to be reminded what the topic is. He never completes a sentence. His English is an embarrassment and he can”t (intentionally) prononouce names properly.

    Bettman said (edict?) Cherry is talented and needed. Seriously Betts? Indeed many watch Dumb Cherry every Saturday night in the same way the entire world is watching Mayor Ford in Toronto! He is a spectacle!

    He is a champion for all things bad and a terrible influence on kids. Viewer discretion should be advised.

  6. Mike8888 says:

    I still think Zibby still has the chance to develope into a pretty good player. I agree, Hoffman should be called up and given the opportunity to play with Spezza. What is the risk?

    We shouldn’t be too angry with the 2 trolls on here. They deserve our sympathy more than anything. One them didn’t even realize until recently that this was a Sens site.

  7. ChokerHater says:

    So Bobby, you like it when two men kiss each other. Well most men don’t
    I must admit that Don has at times been over the top but he was entertaining and funny and I know for a fact a lot of people tuned in just to see him. Not everyone liked him, but most watched and that’s what ratings and TV revenue is all about

    Gary Bettman telling everyone he did this for the fans, what a joke, he’s never done anything for the fans, he does it for the money, or he simply doesn’t do it.

    I think it’s a shame to see what Bettman has done to the other broadcasters after they’ve been so loyal to the NHL for all these years. There must be some very serious worrying on the top floor of the CBC today

  8. PaV says:

    Mike8888 – there is no point anymore mate. In the previous blog post there was talk about keeping this just to hockey – but the immature nick names are still coming out.

    Looking forward to see how the SENS react tonight. Here is hoping for a 60 minute effort by EVERYONE.

  9. Bobby Goodman says:

    Choke, it never bothered me. I kissed my father, brothers and cousins. I have kissed some friends. In all cases, my mouth was tightly shut. I am homerphobic only. Choke, if you are suggesting Dum Cherry is opposed to it, why does he do it incessantly and why did he object to it so strenuously? He has made a public display of kissing those who he deams worthy and the list includes: Bobby Orr of course, Park, Kadri, the other Orr and Maclaren. He enjoyed it to be sure! My point was, I thought he protested too much…

    Most watch him because he is a spectacle, much like Rob Ford the Mayor of Toronto. I laugh at him not with him. He provides not insight, no entertainment and he is bad for hockey. He represents everything the CBC fights against! His act has deteriorated; where he once was semi-relevant, he is now a baffoon and he works hard at it. As a hockey nut, I don’t need him to be my voice of conscious. He discovered one night 11 years ago when he brought up our military, that it resonated. The CBC quickly pounced on it. He, thanks to the publicly funded CBC, has become an Icon!? I remember when he was Coach of the Boston Bruins telling the CBC in HNIC that Americans want it more than Canadians. The Bruins was always his favourite team, until of course he joined the crew in Toronto. HNIC audience on Saturday night is comprised mostly of viewers in Ontario and fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He quickly became a Leafs fan and flips loyalties.

    He used the CBC and HNIC to wage a personal war with Lord Burke; why…because Lord Burke who Dum Cherry gleefully called “The Big Irishman”, became fed up with the constant intrusion into how he was managing the Leafs. This shocked Dum Dum, it hurt him, he thought they were tight. The fondness he had for Lord Burke turned to hate and rage and he was allowed to wage his personal feud on the tax payers dime.

    He is a national embarassment. He is phoney and and his personalithy is totally contrived. He is HNIC’s version of Jersey Shore. I never enjoyed that either.

    Now there is talk that Dum Cherry be in the Hockey Hall of Fame!!!!! I didn’t know there was a Baffoon category.

  10. OD99 says:

    Pav and Mike- I only get a partial understanding of what the two others post on here by reading everyone else’s comments – I don’t read a single word they type anymore and it makes coming here way better. I see their name and skip to the next comment – voila, it’s like they found something to do with their time.

    Bobby you probably won’t believe this but on the other blogs I frequent (which by the way encourage discussion by posting comments instantly) I am much more like you. I can’t take everyone saying how great Karlsson is and how he does not wrong – how amazing Zibby is and how it is a crime he isn’t on our top line…I talk about their downside all the time.

    That said, it isn’t pure black and white – they aren’t terrible players by any means and like I said about Zibby – say what you want but he is finding ways to get the puck in the net and that skill is missing from many other Senators these days.

    I think Hoffman should absolutely be called up and given a fair shake and as I have said before I would like to see Wideman called up too – he can skate and pass and right now we need more of that on the back end.

    And Mike – Cowen can be sent down to the farm without clearing waivers…he has one more year of being waiver exempt. I don’t think they will do because they will look like fools but he needs to play in a lesser league and find his game because he is atrocious right now.

  11. ChokerHater says:

    PaV says:

    November 27, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Mike8888 – there is no point anymore mate. In the previous blog post there was talk about keeping this just to hockey – but the immature nick names are still coming out

    Oh you mean like TROLL?

    kind of the pot calling the kettle black

  12. FKevin says:

    I do realize now this is a Sens site Mike cause there’s only a handfull of people left here just like the Canadian Tire Scotiabank Corel Palladium Arena and Casino. It’ll be a real nice spot for a flea market. Course the real insiders go to bars rather than buy tickets. Until someone says boo, then they stay home.

  13. Bobby Goodman says:

    Choke, if there is some serious worrying going on at the top of the CBC, they need look no further than the closest mirror to find who is responsible! For as long as I can remember (increasingly getting shorter) CBC has been a burden only on the tax payers of Canada delivering an inferiour product unless of course you liked Little Mosque on the Prairie, Corner Gas, Republic of Doyle and shows of that ilk.

    I am not a Bettman fan but I would suggest his role is to serve the NHL and those who have invested in the League. It has nothing to do with broadcasters. Most recently the US Open golf tournament signed a long term billion dollare deal with Fox leaving NBC/TGC who has it for many years. It is the way of the world. BTW, there was a fantastic article in Sportset Mag about that story, how and why it happened. We as fans should celebrate the deal, it should give owners, and those in smaller markets, more money to make their teams stronger (if they want).

    The CBC should survive on the their own, they cannot. Like most publicly funded organization (including the Canada Post) the CBC loses money. We fund them and they are secretive about their expenses!

    HNIC was their cash cow. I suspect we would all forget about HNIC if Sportsnet had the lock on a Saturday Night! It is not the role of a Naional Broadcaster, that exists only because it is funded by the Federal Government to attack the government. They should be delivering something better than The Rick Mercer Report who again, takes pot shots at the federal government. The CBC is losing ground, credibility, relevance and money. Like war, what is it good for?

  14. Daniel Murphy says:

    Dubious start to last night’s game but a good win. I simply can’t figure out this team nor do I know if they are a playoff team or a bunch of losers. Right now they remind me of the New York Jets. I.E. Win one’ lose one etc….

  15. Mike8888 says:

    I think you’re wrong on Cowen. My understanding is that if he has played a full season in the show, that he can’t be sent down with out clearing waivers. The only reason other than that is if he was still on his entry level contract. Bruce or Don, do you guys know for sure? Great idea about not reading what the trolls post.

    I agree with you on the CBC. Tax payers should not be funding it at all. If it can’t make a go out on it’s own then it should be gone. Hey, did your actually write a post with out Zibby or Karlsson mentioned?

  16. FKevin says:

    Someone should tell Dave that everyone gets it . He doesn’t read our comments, wonderful no need to repeat it over and over no one s upset about this momentous decision. Someone should tell Dave to just stick to his pompous laughable bull shooting! I read it and enjoy it immensely.

  17. ChokerHater says:

    @ Bobby
    fair enough, I’m not a big CBC fan either, I think it is ridicules to have a national broadcaster collecting 1.4 billion a year when all the other networks make it on their own, however, I don’t like a monopoly, on anything, and Rogers now has one and it’s for 12 years. You can’t compare the US Open golf tournament going to one broadcaster because that is one golf tournament, one weekend of the year, now if Fox wrapped up all the PGA golf, year round, I would be against that too.

    QUOTE FROM BG:He is a national embarassment. He is phoney and and his personalithy is totally contrived. He is HNIC’s version of Jersey Shore. I never enjoyed that either.

    but I’ll bet you watch him anyway. I know lots of people who can’t stand him, but watch him anyway, kind of like J.R> Ewing (sp)

  18. Bobby Goodman says:

    Honestly Choke, most of the time I leave the room (but can hear the fool). He is manufactured, veneer, invented and illigitimate. He served two teams in the NHL, Boston (where he couldn’t win the Cup) and Colorado. No others expressed interest.

    Check out this guys history in the game. He is one of many who bounced around from team to team and league to league. He had a 2bit show on weekends and he was marginally entertaiing (I still remember him having Ty Dummi and having him hold up his arms and marvel how he was slight but extremely tough and took on anybody. It was course, crude but it was fresh. He wore ordinary cloths. Then the CBC got him and the transformation began. He became a characture of himself.

    It offends me that he is paid 700k for his nonsense. I offends me that he will call out kids for beautiful goals. It bothers me that those kids (be it Juniour or NHL) are criticized for scoring a bautiful goal (there should be no celebration?). He doesn’t respect talent but he loves any lunch pale lug who ever played the game. He swapped spit with Maclaren and Orr on National TV…he was giddy with excitement! He shows clips of dump ins…dump ins!!!!! I would rather see skill! He has been, is now and for ever will be a terrible influence on kids.

    Dum Cherry had a brother who played in the NHL and he just as well could have been made into a “Canadian Icon”. Canadian Icon, that offends me the most. Icons are not figments of someone’s vivid imagination brought to life. I know some who have done business with him and met him and he isn’t friendly, he is tighter than a muscrats AH and that’s water tight and dumb as spit. The mispronouncing names and bad grammer schtick is old and borrowed from Dizzy Dean. He was orignial but it morphed to the absurd. Even some writers have cnceded the lack of sincerity with his “devotion” to the Military. The CBC saw an opportunity and they took advantage of it! It’s all planned, rehearsed and contrived…this is Iconic?

  19. OD99 says:

    Mike check out capgeek.com – you can look up Cowen and there is a button to calculate if a player is waiver eligible or not.

    Pretty good site to see how overpaid some players are and what bargains others can be…also let’s you know which teams might have to move bodies simply due to finance.

    Anyway, it shows Cowen as waiver exempt through the end of this season and I would tend to believe it.

  20. Mike8888 says:

    I guess you’re right. I looked up the waiver rules the other day and it’s a combination of different things including age, number of games played, etc.

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