Valley Fishing & Outdoor Show this weekend!!

- March 24th, 2015

Get ready folks, the Valley Fishing & Outdoor Show is here!!

The 15th annual Valley Fishing and Outdoor Show arrives this weekend in Carp! The brainchild of my old pal Dave Arbour, this year’s show is set to run from this Friday March 27th until Sun March 29th at the Carp Fairgrounds and Arena, and will feature everything from casting ponds to archery, shooting and fishing simulators.

With more than 100 exhibitors and lots of hunting and fishing equipment this truly is the best the valley has to offer. And this year, I will there hanging out in my very own booth.

Stop by and say hi to the Outdoors Guy!


From Dave’s Site:

Located at the W. Erskine Johnston Arena 3882, Carp Rd off the 417. 

The Valley Fishing & Outdoor Show – Come get your Redneck On

The Valley Fishing and Outdoors Show has gone REDNECK CRAZY.

The Carp Fairgrounds and Arena is located in the Village of Carp (3832 Carp Road) and is once again the site of this year’s event – the largest of its kind.  Three buildings will be hosting the event this year, with one building dedicated just to firearms for sale or trade. The fairground offers lots of free parking.

This year has it all – with boats,  to get you on the water, outfitters to help you plan your next great adventure getaway, and tackle shops and hunting gear to help outfit you for your season. This year’s show is full of great prizes thanks to our many sponsors. You could win a pair of Monster Spectacular tickets for May 30th at the CTC Centre, fishing rods at the casting pond, a Muskie charter from Muskie Canada or a cookbook from Jeff Morrison “The Outdoors Guy”. This year’s event is truly interactive and a family oriented event with games for the kids and young at heart to test your skills in shooting, archery, casting and fishing, soap carving, fly tying and more.

New this year is Fish Cleaning demonstrations by Jeff McNaughton from MNRF and “Ask the Butcher” with Steve Moss from Mossy’s Smoke Shop. Their demonstrations and tips of the trade will help you turn that trophy catch into a tasty treat. Also new this year will be live entertainment from the Felhaver Band on Sunday to help you kick off the winter blues and put a “jig” in your step as you get ready for spring and the new fishing & hunting season. Amanda Kingsland from Y101 will be on hand Saturday on the main stage to host “The Redneck Runway”, a fashion show of all the new and latest clothing to help keep you warm, dry and looking your best. 

Seminars: We are pleased to be offering an outstanding line-up of presenters on the main stage this year.  John Anderson one of the world’s foremost renound Muskie speakers and television guest and tournament pro will be on the main stage Friday and Saturday.   Canadian Hall of Fame inductee Big Jim McLaughlin will take the stage Sunday. Big Jim has been an integral part of Canadian sport fishing for 30 years and is always a hit at the Show.  The Ottawa Fly Fishing Society will also be taking the main stage on Friday evening.  They will also be giving demonstrations and lessons on tying flies throughout the weekend.  Saturday Len Dickinson will present on “the travelling hunter”.  Len is an avid globe–trotting hunter who will be sure to pass on his tips to make sure your next hunting trip is a memorable one. 

The third building at the show will house the Gun Show.  Admission to the Fishing & Outdoor Show also gets you into this venue.  A Show within a Show! There will be 50 tables of firearms for sale and trade.  These vendors will help you find the perfect firearm for your upcoming hunting season.

So come on out and get your REDNECK on. Free parking and reasonable admission rates, makes this an affordable outing for the whole family. 

 Bring in your receipt and ID to Dave’s Hunter Saftey Booth and write your Turkey Exam at the show!

Haven’t ordered the DVD? Don’t miss out, follow the link to order!

We have a great line up of seminars this year with some new faces, and old friends!

Check back regularly for times!

Seminar Overview

Friday Saturday  Sunday 
6:30 pm -”Fly Fishing”-Ottawa Flyfishers Society  10:00am -”The Traveling Hunter”-Len Dickinson 10:00am – “Muskie Fishing”-John Anderson 
7:30 pm Muskie Fishing”- John Anderson  11:00 am – “Fish Cleaning & Cooking Demonstrations 11:00 am – “Falhaver Family Band”
  12:00 pm – “Muskie Fishing” -John Anderson 12:00 pm – “Ask the Butcher” -Steve Moss 
  1:00 pm – “Rendneck Runway Fashion Show” – Amanda Kingsland Country 101.1 1:00 pm – “Wild Game Cooking Demonstration” 
  2:00 pm – “The Traveling Hunter” -Len Dickinson 2:00 pm – “Big Jim McLaughlin” Canadian Sports Fishing Legend 

There will also be a top-notch chef on hand, a Miss Redneck fashion show, great prizes and more.

For more information:

Bounder Magazine – Spring Wheels Edition

- March 23rd, 2015

If you have not yet picked up the Spring(Wheels Edition) issue of Bounder Magazine, I suggest you get moving.

Bounder is marketed as a Men’s Magazine, but its appeal transcends all gender lines. Whether you’re a ‘sitter’ or a ‘pointer’ who enjoys a good read, you will discover something of interest within the thick, high quality pages of this publication. 

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Publisher Brian Warren, Bounder is getting better and better with every issue. It can found ‘scattered like a shotgun blast’ throughout the Ottawa valley and across town, in a number of different outlets.

I usually pick mine up at Metro and Canadian Tire stores.

For features on classic cars, dogs, men’s health, music, fishing, comedy, hunting, local entertainment, and regular columns by such folks as  Randall Moore, John Switzer, Mark Papousek, Dave Brown, Delmer & Cecil and more. 



Canada Safety Council on firearms safety

- March 12th, 2015

I received the following Press info. from the Canada Safety Council this winter, and thought perhaps it would be of interest to hunters and gun enthusiasts.

It is interesting to note that the rate of firearms deaths in Canada has been falling for past 14 years! In 2001, there were 837 firearms related deaths, or 2.70 per 100,000 Canadians. In 2011 (the last year for which statistics are available) 679 Canadians died from shootings.

Despite a growing population, that’s 158 fewer deaths, and the rate was 2.03 per 100,000 – a 25 per cent drop compared to 2001!


OTTAWA – Firearms are present in an estimated 17 per cent of Canadian households. There are almost eight million firearms in Canada (or about two firearms for every 10 people). The majority of Canadian firearm owners have long guns, which they use for hunting, sport and wildlife control.

 “Firearms in the home must be stored safely,” says Canada Safety Council president Jack Smith.  The Canada Safety Council recommends locking the firearms in a cabinet, container or room that is difficult to break into, and storing the ammunition separately.”

If you have firearms in your home, or if you’re visiting someone who does, Smith advises you to make sure safe storage practices are in place. The Canadian Firearms Program has a toll-free number you can call to discuss any safety concern related to firearms. 

Dr. Alan Drummond, with the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, says long guns are a major concern for doctors in rural areas, where firearm ownership is more common. “As a rural emergency physician and coroner, I have seen my share of accidental injuries and deaths inflicted by rifles and shotguns,” he says. In his community of Perth, Ontario, he finds that incidents of firearm deaths and injuries increase in situations where an unsafely stored gun is readily available.

For safety reasons, Canadian firearms regulations require gun owners to be properly trained and licensed. The law also requires firearms to be safely stored when not in use. Safe storage includes keeping guns unloaded and locked, with ammunition stored separately or locked up. 

Firearms licences can be denied or revoked if there are public safety concerns and risks. In 2013, the Canadian Firearms Program refused 886 firearms licence applications and revoked 2,497 firearms licences.

If you observe unsafe storage or use of firearms, or have a concern about firearms, call the Canadian Firearms Program’s toll-free (non-emergency) number during regular business hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. nationwide, Monday to Friday.

Telephone: 1 800 731-4000

You can also email

If you have an urgent or life-threatening concern related to a firearm, call 911 or your local emergency police number.


About the Canada Safety Council

The Canada Safety Council is an independent, knowledge-based, charitable organization dedicated to the cause of safety. We provide national leadership in safety through information, education and collaboration. We are Canada’s voice and resource for safety.


Maple syrup time is near!

- March 9th, 2015

There is nothing quite like the maple syrup time of year, and I have spent more years than I can recall working the sugar bush. Times I will never forget..not easy work, but extremely rewarding and downright tasty!

What a blast it was – running lines, repairing breaks, tapping, watching the evaporator, taking-off the syrup and running the old creaky canner. The whole operation is a hoot right down to the moment when that first batch of syrup comes off…man, it tastes awesome when its warm.

There is a real science involved in any maple syrup operation from understanding the sap’s sugar content at various times of the year, knowing the colour, taste and density of different grades of syrup, to skills like understanding how to build and maintain the perfect fire to keep your evaporator going steady.

Its not as easy as its sounds!

Old school syrup producers have never used modern gauges and I’m sure never worried about it either. They can read more in the webbing off their ladle than a thousand sophisticated gauges could ever that is science in itself.

The final product is a thing of beauty and there is really nothing in the world that compares to the taste of fresh maple syrup, or taffy on snow.

Now get out there and enjoy some pure Canadian goodness!!

The forecast looks good for sap to run over the next few days and lets hope favorable temperatures remain long enough for a great season!


Winter fun in the Great Outdoors!!

- February 19th, 2015

My February column is now out in the fabulous Pembroke Daily Observer newspaper! Shout-out to my pals Anthony Dixon and Tina Peplinkie who bring the daily news to folks in the upper Ottawa Valley!

Check it out online:


Winter fun in the Great Outdoors! 

 Photo courtesy of Jeff Morrison<br /><br /><br /><br />
Avid winter angler Grant Bailey with a nice walleye pulled through the ice.

(Avid winter angler Grant Bailey with a nice walleye pulled through the ice.)

Ice-fishing fanatics up the Ottawa Valley are coming off one of the busiest weekends of the season. This past weekend, Ontario residents were out in full force enjoying the merits of Family Fishing Weekend – a province-wide initiative celebrating the sport of winter angling and without the otherwise mandatory fishing licence. Seven years ago it was decided that a festive winter fishing weekend would be adopted to mirror National Fishing Week events during the summer. But hey, just because Family Fishing Weekend is behind us doesn’t mean ice fishing is done for the year. This bitter cold snap has ensured several more weeks of safe and solid winter angling!

Sportsmen’s Show this weekend

Ottawa’s Ernst and Young Centre plays host to some 25,000 outdoor enthusiasts this weekend. The Ottawa Boat and Sportsman’s Show is Eastern Ontario’s largest outdoor recreational event and a great opportunity to browse the latest in outdoor gadgetry, new watercraft and see some few familiar faces. The show will feature more than 150,000 sqare feet of exhibitor space offering this year’s best place to buy a boat, accessories and gear. Preview this year’s hottest boating and fishing tackle, plan your next outdoor getaway or learn how to fish from some of Canada’s top fishing pros. Any event that features Big Jim McLaughlin is alright in my books!

Valley Fishing and Outdoor Show in March!

The 15th annual Valley Fishing and Outdoors Show arrives next month, better mark it on your calendar! The brainchild of my old pal Dave Arbour, this year’s show is set for March 27-29 at the Carp Fairgrounds and Arena and will feature everything from casting ponds to archery, shooting and fishing simulators. With more than 100 exhibitors and lots of hunting and fishing equipment this truly is the best the valley has to offer. And this year, yours truly will be on hand hanging out in the Redneck Barn. There will be a top-notch chef on hand, a Miss Redneck fashion show, great prizes and more. Come out and say hi, I’d love to chat! Best of luck to Dave Arbour who is undergoing surgery this week. Get well soon my friend so you’ll be ready for your show in March!

Testing testing

Thank goodness this winter for Kamik’s Snow Shield ultra-cold weather boots I had the pleasure of trying out. This homegrown boot manufacturer, which has become world-renowned for its winter footwear, has somehow produced a pair of boots worthy of walking on the moon. These beauties are rated to -100 Celcius and are completely waterproof with 900 Denier and seam-sealed construction. The large format winter boots boast a moisture wicking lining, special Lace Lock snow collar and are encompassed by a patented lightweight synthetic rubber shell. The removable 24mm Zylextreme liner and 4.5mm EVA insole were just what the doctor ordered recently at Petrie Island’s Oziles ice fishing village. The Kamik Snow Shield boots are ideal for ice fishing and make standing on the frozen hardtop seem like a warm summer’s stroll in the park! For more information on Kamik’s full-line of winter footwear:

Quebec brochure now available

For anyone planning a trip to Quebec this year, the 2015 hunting and fishing brochure is now available. With a full rating system, facilities breakdown and sporting opportunities, the hunting, fishing and lodging brochure is a handy guide for non-resident sportsmen. Contact Quebec’s Ministry of Tourism at: 1-877-BONJOUR

Big ones through the ice!

With the winter angling season now in full swing, I am searching for big fish stories. If you have hauled a lunker through the ice, I would love to hear from you. Your big fish story may be featured right here in my March column. Send your story to and feel free to attach a photo.