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Fishing on Atlantic Queen ll in Rye, New Hampshire

- October 2nd, 2013


A Port-side view of the Atlantic Queen ll docked at Rye Harbour, New Hampshire.

This summer, my family and I had the good fortune of spending the day aboard this marvelous vessel in search of New England torpedoes – otherwise known as the mighty mackerel!


With the prospect of going after the coveted Boston Bluefish, I had brought my muskie rods along  just in case, but as it turned out this would be a mackerel-only voyage and heavy equipment wasn’t required.

Oh well, next year for Blues perhaps…


A nice view of Rye Harbour. You may have heard of Rye, New Hampshire if you watch the TV show Wicked Tuna. The new season features a tuna boat out of Rye called the Pin Wheel featuring youg gun Captain Tyler McLaughlin.

Rye NH is just a short distance up the coast from Gloucester, Mass where the show is filmed out of.


A nice shot of the famous lighthouse which sits on the Isle of Shoals –  a rock outcrop approximately 6 miles off the coast, and a spot I have fished around several times over the years. Isle of Shoals is very picturesque location that many tourists cruise out to and photograph.

Keep your eyes open when you’re there as you might even spot a seal. We saw several throughout the day! Apparently the warmer water off this coast this year has brought out more seals than ever before, and in turn more sharks!

The torpedo action started…they may not be especially large, but what these fish lack in size they make up for in muscle! 


Terrific day to be out on the Atlantic Ocean!



My daughter Grace with a good-sized mackerel, one of 8 she pulled-in that morning, and more than double my catch for the day.


 A nice bucketful of colourful macks!


An inside look at Captain Brad’s wheelhouse. Shussh, don’t tell anyone!

I felt privileged to be allowed inside to take a few photographs. Brad and the Atlantic Queen ll staff were more than accommodating to my family and I this summer.

A quick peak at Captain Brad’s electronics. Please disregard those ‘numbers’ folks - fans of  Wicked Tuna also understand how secretive captains are about that sort of thing. 


A great big thanks to Tony Carnes, the rest of the staff and crew of the Atlantic Queen ll, and to Captain Brad Cook for an incredible day out on the water! Oh, did I mention they also do whale watching?

If you’ve never done a fishing charter off the New England Coast, be sure to stop-by Rye Harbour and check out the Atlantic Queen ll, otherwise known as the Big Blue Boat.

I have been out on more than a dozen fishing charters in New England over the years, and the Atlantic Queen was, by-far, the best operation I’ve seen yet. Sure, we didn’t get any Bluefish, but that’s all in the timing, we had more makerel action than you can shake a stick at!  For Bluesfish , I will just plan to vacation a bit later in August next time…

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Bass season is upon us!

- June 19th, 2013

Avid bass angler Randy Rosenthal poses with his personal best largemouth caught on opening weekend at an ‘undisclosed’ lake. The fish weighed just over 6 pounds and was live released.


Bass enthusiasts of FMZ 18 were, no doubt, out in hordes this past weekend for the coveted bass opener.

And if you don’t think there’s anything special about Micropterus – be they salmoides or dolomieu – just ask one of the local bass fishing organizations. 

Ottawa is slowly becoming a largemouth & smallmouth fishing Mecca, thanks to groups like Renegade Bass, Bass Anglers of Ottawa and Petawawa Bassmasters. 

And, of course, we cannot forget the coveted Ottawa Valley – otherwise known as FMZ 15 or Pembroke District – which is where I do the bulk of my bass fishing each summer, at our trailer in Cobden. Bass opens in that District this weekend (Note: See this Thurs Pembroke Daily Observer – Outdoors Column – for more bass info.)

Speaking of bass fishing, where is your favourite bass lake or river? Without giving away all your tricks, I invite all the bass nuts out there to tell us where you like to catch old bucket mouth!

As a converted bass guy myself  I am slowly being ‘lured’ away from trout, pike and muskie, and towards the elusive bass.

Drop me a line with your bass plans or send me a tip I’m not fussy.




Outdoors Guy Annual trout trip solves mystery

- May 27th, 2013

Fishing2013 012

(Sr. Outdoors Guy with a nice cold water brook trout we caught, with surface temp ranging from 49 – 54 degrees F)

My annual trout fishing trip to Temiscaming with my Dad and brother-in-law’s is a time I look forward to all year long..regardless if we catch a lot fish, mystery or otherwise.

This year certainly was a great trip fishing-wise, and a very poor one weather-wise, with bitter cold daytime temps and even 3″ of snow on the tent one morning!

Oh well, when you’re catching fishing like this, who cares!!



fishing2011 018

(Photo of ‘mystery trout’ now beleived to be an Aurora trout)


Fishing2013 005

(Here’s Bruce with a great looking male brookie pulled from ‘Lac Perdu’)

This year we released 12 trout(10 brook, 2 mystery) - the most trout we ever have released; including one fish well over 3 pounds!



(Not a bad looking camping spot!)



(Not a bad tent set-up too!)


Fishing2013 006

 (The boys working on breakfast inside the tent)


Mystery solved!!!

Ok, thanks to Maple(& others) for their assitance in finally identifying our mystery trout!

What I had always considered to be ‘Quebec Reds’ appear to be the endangered species called Aurora trout. Although we only caught two this year (both released) we have probably caught more than 20 of these special fish over the years.

In our secret lake we call Lac Perdu, brook trout and Aurora trout appear to live together(& spawn) in harmony. The brookies account for probably 90% of the lakes population with Aurora accounting for maybe 10%.

Now that we know what they are, and after reading up on this rare fish, we will no longer keep any of them from this lake. According to what I read, the Aurora experts are not coming out and labelling the Quebec Aurora’s with that name, as they claim all Auroras’ are found within Ontario waters.

The QC Aurora’s currently found in only 2-3 lakes(I gues 4 now), at the moment, appear to be a mystery. The original Aurora’s were distributed only in lakes around Sudbury, and most of those fell victim to acid rain.

Just one more reason I enjoy my annual trout fishing trips. You never know what you’re going to catch!

Here are some close-up shots of the QC Aurora we caught two years ago. The ones from this year were released safely at boatside and no photos were taken:

fishing2011 019


fishing2011 021

fishing2011 022

fishing2011 023

You can see how they differ from regular brook trout with a lack of ‘halo’ spots and lack of vermiculation on the fins and upper half of their body.







Muskie Day this weekend at Valley Sportsmen and Outdoor Show

- April 2nd, 2013


Don’t forget the Valley Sportsmen & Outdoor Show this weekend in Carp and, courtesy of my friends at Muskies Canada, here are details on ‘Muskie Day’ which runs all day Saturday:


Muskellunge are the largest freshwater predators in our waters. They are rare, elusive and magnificent to see in the wilds.  Some anglers have had close encounters with a big muskie.  Catch-and-release has been very effective in producing a world-class, sustainable fishery for muskie in the Ottawa area.

On April 6, Muskies Canada will put on a full day of information, workshops and seminars on muskie fishing at the Valley Fishing and Outdoor Show at the Carp arena.  Muskie Day is included with general admission to the show. How-to workshops will cover all aspects of equipment and baits, casting and trolling techniques and how to handle, photograph and safely release these important fish.

There will also be keynote presentations throughout the day about the muskie fishery on the Ottawa, Rideau and St. Lawrence River systems.  Several announcements will be made during the day that will benefit the muskellunge fishery in the Ottawa area.

The event is being held by Muskies Canada and will feature six chapters located throughout eastern Ontario and western Quebec. Muskie Day partners include Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ottawa Riverkeeper, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and Parks Canada, and Ottawa River Muskie Factory. John Anderson, a well-known Ottawa River guide will be a keynote speaker.

 “Muskie Day will help everyone better appreciate the muskies that inhabit our local waters”, says Peter Levick, Chair of the Ottawa chapter. “We need to be able to catch and handle these fish in a way that ensures their long-term success. We also want to help everyone see how healthy watersheds support more dynamic fisheries, ensuring a place for muskies which are at the top of the food chain”.   Muskies Canada promotes catch-and-release to ensure a sustainable muskie population and we are also involved in important initiatives that improve habitat and monitor water quality.


  Muskie Day  Outline  Saturday April 6 Valley Fishing & Outdoors Show, Ottawa (Carp Fairgrounds)
Timing Session Speaker
8.00 Doors Open  
 8.00 – 8.15  Intro & Welcome    Peter Levick, Chair 
8.15 – 9.30 Muskies Canada Workshop 1- Rods for Muskie Fishing- Reels for casting & trolling- Lines, leaders & terminal tackle


Retailers, Pro Staff Experts& Muskies Canada specialists
9.30 – 10.15 Managing for Muskies in the 21st Century in Ontario  Dan Taillon, OMNR Ministry staff, FMZ 12, FMZ 18 reps  
10.15 – 10.30 Break & discussions   
10.30 – 11.30 Keynote Presentation:  Ottawa –   The Greatest Musky City in the World - Resource overview, musky movements in the system (telemetry studies info), proper handling, tactics  John Anderson, Ottawa River Guide & Muskie Expert
11.30 – 12.00 Muskie Hot Stove    - Experts in an armchair session  John Anderson, Hedrik Wachelka, Jim Hutchings, MNR staff 
12.00 – 12.30 Announcement:Muskies Canada & Ottawa Riverkeeper Partnership  Peter Levick (Muskies Canada)  & Alexandra Brett (from Ottawa Riverkeeper)
12.30 – 1.00 Lunch Break   
1.00 – 1.45 Workshop 2- Casting – spinners, jerk-baits, gliders, plastics- Precision trolling tactics- Hot baits Muskies Canada Experts




1.45 – 2.15 Workshop 3- Catch, Photo, Release- Release tools- The advantage of Fishing Barbless 

- Photo tips

- Ensuring a good release      



Muskies Canada Experts
2.15 – 3.00 The St. Lawrence Muskie Fishery- Resident Muskies- Young of the Year studies- Catching the late season giants

- New 54 inch limit

Jim Hutchings, Muskies Canada Gananoque chapter & Josh Van Wieren, Parks Canada 


3.00 – 3.15  Break  
3.15 – 4.00 Muskies & the Rideau system- Muskies in the Lower Rideau                          watershed- Restoring Muskie Habitat

- Chapman Mills Project

- NEWS - Brewer Pond Project for 2013

Hedrik Wachelka – Muskies CanadaJennifer Lamoureux, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority  
4.00 – 5.00 Muskies Canada – Making a DifferencePanel discussion about Muskies Canada, our projects and special initiatives to sustain the Muskie fishery and how you can help make a difference. Chris Purdy (National President); Peter Levick, (Ottawa); Jim Hutchings (Gananoque); Tyler Duncan (Upper Ottawa Valley); Marc Pitre (Sudbury); Denis Gravel (Montreal) Tom McCutcheon (Kawartha Lakes) 
5.00 Closing Remarks Peter Levick, Muskies Canada






Fairmont Kenauk up for sale!

- March 7th, 2013




When I heard the news of Stompin’ Tom’s passing..I knew it was going to be a bad day.

 I am not sure what to think this morning, with the National Post article indicating the my favorite home away from home – Fairmont Kenauk – in Montebello is now up for sale!




Anyone who’s been following my articles over the last decade have, undoubtedly, heard my talk about this little slice of heaven. I have been going to Kenauk regularly since 2000, and have followed the history of this magnificent place since I was a boy.


Kenauk was once an exclusive private hunting and fishing club…for the Quebec Senators and political elites like Pierre Trudeau and Lester B Pearson. It was known as the Seigneurie Club and famous for its moose and deer hunting, as well as top notch trout, pike and bass fishing. Contrary to what some articles are reporting, there is no bear hunting at Kenauk.


The immense 65, 000 acre estate is currently owned by Oxford Properties which acquired Kenauk from Fairmont Hotels back in 2006. There is no word as to why they have decided to put the property on the market.

 I was doing some quick math, and if all the regular contributors here at the Outdoors Guy Blog put-in 4 Million apiece we could all be co-owners.

Ahhhh, dare to dream!!!