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Shriner charged in incident with Animal Rights group

- April 10th, 2014


I would like to share my frustration regarding an incident with Shriner’s senior chairman Lionel Rowe, in a scuffle involving a member of Animal Rights Group, Ottawa Animal Defense League (OADL) member Len Goldberg.

As someone who’s personally had a brush with this same organization; several years ago when I brought my young daughters to the Shriners Circus at the St Laurent Mall, I know exactly the frustration Mr. Rowe must be feeling. (Well, everything but the being charged with assault part)

Evidently the OADL was finally successful in suckering someone into a fight; as I’m quite sure this was their intent all along with this upstanding member of the Shriners. The OADL tried the same tactic on me which, fortunately remained nothing more than a shouting match. (I made sure to remain calm and keep my cool)

The Ottawa SUN confirmed in an article yesterday that “The chairman of the Capital Shrine Club is to appear in court this month after a protester was allegedly choked outside a Shrine Circus performance at the RA Centre last year.”

The report went-on to say; “The OADL claims Len Goldberg was participating in a legal protest, sanctioned by a City of Ottawa permit, on public property near the RA Centre. It claims Goldberg was assaulted with a choke-hold that lasted about 30 seconds and only ended when the attacker’s hands were pried off”

During the incident I had with this OADL, my passage to the Shrine Circus was actually blocked by these so-called legal protestors handing out propaganda pamphlets. One member of the group told me (as I walked hand-in-hand with my daughters) that  I should be ASHAMED that I was subjecting my kids to such animal cruelty!

Cruelty? I asked, as I went-on to explain to this individual that I was a supporter of the Shriners and all the good work they carry-out in their children’s hospitals.

We exchanged a few words but there was no reasoning with this bunch.

He would not listen to anything I had to say and went-on to berate me for my support of the Shriners. (One of my daughter’s was crying by this point) Feeling me heart-rate on the rise, I choose to push past the barking sound of his megaphone, but not before tossing a few pamphlets in the air!

Although I felt like tackling this individual to the ground myself, I knew it would get me nowhere and only serve to further their cause.

Evidently in the case of Shriner’s chairman Lionel Rowe, he was unable to keep his cool, allowing another misguided animal rights group another small victory.

Yes, in a twisted sort of way, lawsuits of this nature play right into their hands!

My thoughts go out to Mr. Rowe and the rest of the Shriners. May this one unfortunate incident NOT tarnish the image of an organization that donates millions each year to aid crippled children, at no cost to the families, I might add.

Whose needs are being served by the Ottawa Animal Defense League?

I have no idea…it certainly isn’t the animals.




Premier Wynne approves ‘experimental’ spring bear hunt

- April 7th, 2014

Wonders never cease, the Liberal government has decided to go ahead with an experimental six-week spring bear hunt beginning on May 1st.

Premiere Wynne’s camp indicated this weekend that the government has concerns about “public safety and human-bear conflicts.”

This decision will undoubtedly stir animal rights groups who have always maintained that a spring bear hunt orphans far too many cubs.

I will be a guest this morning with my old pal Ed Hand on his radio show Talk to the Hand.

For those who missed my segment earlier this week, log onto 1310′s website:

Thanks again to Ed for opening-up discussion on this very important issue. Be sure to check out his show Talk to the Hand on 1310 News!



Ontario beards and spurs on the way!

- April 1st, 2014

(Imacdon with a nice looking Tom!)

With three weeks, or so, left until Ontario’s 2014 Spring wild turkey season, its a time that many hunters have been waiting for with baited breath!

Although I had promised myself that 2014 would be my year for turkey hunting, it didn’t quite happen but next year for sure..I mean, I took my turkey seminar over 20 years ago so I’m due!

Every morning on way into work I am taunted by gobblers all over the place! I predict some good calling conditions ahead if this spring-like weather continues into late April.

What are your plans for turkey season and where are you headed? By the way, next issue of Bounder coming-out in the next week or two.

Gobble gobble!!



A farewell to Duke…

- March 17th, 2014

Frequent Blog contributor, avid hunter and dog enthusiast Ian MacDonald had an extremely difficult weekend…

We was forced to put down his favourite hunting dog Duke – a decision our friend Ian came-to, no doubt, with heavy heart.

Here is Ian’s story…


Put my old dog down today, that was tough.

I’ve been a dog guy since I was 15 years old. Every dog I’ve had has been a good one. They say you only get a good dog once in your life.

Duke was the best.

There was not a ground hog or racoon he could tolerate. He did not have much respect for coyotes either. He was unbelievable on pheasant and ducks. I went pheasant hunting one time with a fellow who said he had a good dog. There were 3 of us and we had 12 pheasants put out, Duke flushed all 12 and retrieved all 12.

I ‘ve seen him chase a duck 3/4 of a mile across the lake get out on the other side of the lake and bring the duck back.

We used him for chasing deer the few years we did not have a hound. I always knew when there was a deer around.

My new dog has big feet to fill…”


Ian’s old pal Duke was also the star of his own story in a Blog article from October, 2012, entitled My Favourite Hunting Companion:



Coyote Seminar – Getting to know our wiley neighbours

- March 3rd, 2014

A seminar entitled;  Coyotes – Getting to know our wiley neighbours, came to Ottawa Friday night…too bad I only heard about it on Saturday after reading SUN Columnist Susan Sherring’s article.

According to Sherring’s column, the seminar given by Dr. Stan Gehrt - a world renowned wildlife ecologist from Ohio State University… was brought to the nation’s capital to “provide insight on how people in urban and rural developments can coexist with coyotes,”

It  would have been nice to attend this seminar since it is  topic near and dear to a lot of people’s hearts in this City and something I have been covering over the past few years, however no one in the City thought to mention it. Having someone who covers the outdoors locally attend the seminar, and then sharing details afterward would have been a terrific idea, don’t you think?

Ottawa’s wildlife seminar series is intended to increase residents’ knowledge and appreciation of wildlife to “promote coexistence through understanding and respect.”

Did anyone attend this seminar, I invite you to share the details of what was presented. There seemed to be some concern over the cost of this seminar, although I find $1300 to be minuscule compared to the importance of dealing with the Urban coyote situation we have.