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The Farmers Buck by Barry Scollan

- December 13th, 2010
Below is the story and photos of one very successful local muzzle-loader hunt; courtesy of Richmond’s Barry Scollan. 
The Farmer’s Buck
by Barry Scollan

“On December 4th using my brother’s 50 cal. tradition muzzle-loader, I decided to hunt at my neighbour’s farm.  That morning as I was walking to my watch I noticed a large deer in a corn stubble field. The deer was a long distance from me eating corn.  It made its way to a cedar bluff and disappeared out of sight.  I ran down toward my watch hoping to cut the deer off if he decided to come out. 

Before I made it to my watch the buck crossed ahead of me and headed into a swampy area, cattails and long grass.  I figured he was gone… 

Just then I could see large antlers over the grass as the buck turned and came back out of the slash. When I could get a good shot, I shot.

After the black smoke cleared I could see the buck running toward the swamp and then he fell in the high grass and slash. 

I reloaded my gun and watched to see if he was getting up.  I radioed my hunting partner Rick Todd and he came over from his watch to help me field dress the buck and bring him out. 

I have been successful hunting with the rifle and shotgun, but this was my first deer with the black powder. 

It was a hunting moment I will never forget.”




Thanks to Barry Scollan for sharing with us the story and photos of his magnificent buck.