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Another summer of Ontario cougar sightings!

- July 11th, 2014

Last summer you may recall my interview with Shawn Heggert; a man who lives in a small town southeast of Ottawa. Shawn is an avid outdoorsman – hunter and fisherman – like many of us are, and is always watching the fields and forests near his house for signs of wildlife.

While driving his vehicle near Mountain last summer, something peculiar caught his attention.

A large brown ‘cat’ with a long tail was running along the roadside in front of him. It was a cougar and Shawn knows wildlife well enough to realize what one looks like.

“I wasn’t hard to tell this guy was a cougar, I mean, he was only 30 yards away and it was  broad daylight!” said Heggert.

Upon returning home, Shawn got on the Internet and began searching Ontario Cougars, which led him to one my articles in the Ottawa SUN from Summer, 2012, with the story of the cougar shot by Police in the Muskoka’s.

Since I interviewed Shawn about his cougar sighting last summer, copious other sightings have flowed, like sap in springtime, to my email Inbox . I have received, on average, 1 cougar sighting per month over the past two years and from all over the place.

There must be something to it is all I have to say! Could it be that all these sightings are from ‘pets’ or ‘formerly captive’ cougars?

Sure, the one killed by police two summers ago in the Muskoka’s had evidently been a captive animal (it had been declawed) but there are far too many sightings, across the province each year to ALL be escaped pets.

It seems no one wants to believe that a remnant population of the (now believe to be) extinct Eastern Cougar might exist in Eastern Canada, yet the sightings continue to grow in numbers. Or perhaps the other theory of an west-east expansion is more plausible? (This is the one I subscribe to)

At any rate, the number of cougar sightings continues to grow and expand into areas of the province beyond the current central & eastern Ontario cougar hotspots.

I mean, I’ve heard of cougars (4-legged) being spotted within ear-shot of downtown Toronto!!

It will be interesting to see what transpires with this one the MNR are actively trying to live trap in Peterborough.(Story by Pete Fisher of the Peterborough Examiner) To my knowledge, this is one of the first efforts the Ministry has made to live trap a cougar. (Not even sure that live trapping was attempted in case of Bracebridge cougar killed by police)

Many of the folks who’ve contacted me since 2012 stated that they got in-touch with their MNR office and were told, flat out, that cougars DO NOT exist in the province.

This live-trapping effort in Peterborough suggests that our MNR now admits, in this case anyway, that we may have some large cats roaming the province of Ontario after all.

Seen a cougar? Drop me a line anytime! I don’t own a culvert trap, but I’m willing to listen intently with an open mind!



Note: Since I know Pete Fisher of the Peterborough Examiner, I contacted him yesterday about this story; which falls close to his backyard. He is providing me with updates…

When Animals Attack – Goose Edition!

- June 27th, 2014

Kerry Surman after goose attack

Ottawa cyclist Kerry Shurman had no idea what was in store for her during a leisurely ride on the Trans Canada trail between Stittsville and Carleton Place.

All was going well until a family of seemingly harmless geese appeared on the trail before her and suddently all hell broke loose!

After giving the waterfowl some space, Shurman thought she’d just ‘zip past’ them and on her way but somehow misjudged how fast she was pedalling, or perhaps she startled the geese.

In a split second the final goose in the group, which appeared larger and evidently more agressive than the rest, was up in her face faster than you can say cooked goose!

The forlorn fowl wrapped its wings around Shurman’s head, as she recalls, and the next thing she remembered was lying on the ground in pain unable to get up!

Fortunately another cyclist happened-by and brought the dazed and badly injured cyclist to seek medical attention.

Kelly Shurman suffered a concussion, face lacerations, a fractured cheekbone and a loose tooth! She spend 5-days in the hospital before being released.

It just goes to prove, you never know what an animal is capable of until they’re on top pounding the pickles out of you!

A Canada Goose though? Who’d a thunk it!

As a footnote to this story, reports say that while lying injured beside the bike path, Shurman also contracted poison ivy! (If being attacked by a goose wasn’t bad enough)



BC Bigfoot captured on film!!

- May 5th, 2014

(Screen grab of famous Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot video)


Finally we have more video evidence to prove the existence of Gigantopithecus, otherwise known as Bigfoot or the aboriginal term Sasquatch.

While hiking in the Tantalus Range near Squamish two years ago, a BC man is creating waves on YouTube after recently uploading the footage.

“I can’t see it very well,” the man says “It’s this little black dot walking in the middle of the snow in the middle of nowhere.”

The shape does appear to be moving up the mountain. “If that’s human why would you walk up that ridge or that snow line?” “Why would he not just go straight down?” he adds.

You be the judge!



P.S. Some of you may recall the discussion we had regarding Big Foot three years ago around this time:

Name that mystery Christmas animal…

- December 26th, 2013

It’s time for a little game I like to call, Name that mystery animal!!

The following three images were captured Christmas Day on one of my trail cameras.

A forth image shows a zoomed-in close-up look.

The animal in the pictures is a critter I have photographed only a small number of times over the years.

Can you guess what it is??












When beavers attack!!

- April 12th, 2013


A man in Belarus is dead following an attack by a beaver

That’s right, I said beaver!!

The man was on his way to a lake with some friends when, he spotted one of the flat-tailed critters on the side of a road and tried to take a photo.

Apparently this fur-bearer was not impressed with being the center of attention, and it attacked the man with the fury of 1000 beavers… (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face but this way no joke)

The fisherman was bitten several times in the upper thigh which severed a major artery. First aid was administered and an ambulance operator said the man died from blood loss.

Spring is an especially difficult time for beavers around the world. The young adults are pushed from the lodge to fend for themselves. Oftentimes you will see beavers (in this region) dead along the side of the road which are, no doubt, these young adults seeking out new territory.

Evidently these animals can get rather testy at this time of year as well..