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Name that mystery Christmas animal…

- December 26th, 2013

It’s time for a little game I like to call, Name that mystery animal!!

The following three images were captured Christmas Day on one of my trail cameras.

A forth image shows a zoomed-in close-up look.

The animal in the pictures is a critter I have photographed only a small number of times over the years.

Can you guess what it is??












When beavers attack!!

- April 12th, 2013


A man in Belarus is dead following an attack by a beaver

That’s right, I said beaver!!

The man was on his way to a lake with some friends when, he spotted one of the flat-tailed critters on the side of a road and tried to take a photo.

Apparently this fur-bearer was not impressed with being the center of attention, and it attacked the man with the fury of 1000 beavers… (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face but this way no joke)

The fisherman was bitten several times in the upper thigh which severed a major artery. First aid was administered and an ambulance operator said the man died from blood loss.

Spring is an especially difficult time for beavers around the world. The young adults are pushed from the lodge to fend for themselves. Oftentimes you will see beavers (in this region) dead along the side of the road which are, no doubt, these young adults seeking out new territory.

Evidently these animals can get rather testy at this time of year as well..



Meet Bionic Bunny a wonder of Nature

- January 22nd, 2013

(Here is an image of Bionic Bunny ‘Pre-metamorphosis’ when he was just your average cottontail rabbit - see lower right-hand side of photo)

Ah, the Great Outdoors is forever filled with wonder and mystery and every once and awhile you stumbled across something special; that rare animal with a unique gift or attribute. In this case it is the story of how an average run-of-the-mill rabbit transformed into a ‘super bunny’ with superior bionic strength and stealth.

I should preface this story by explaining why bunnies are hanging around my deer feeder in the first place. Each morning when I inspect my deer trough and clean-off the top layer of snow or ice, a small amount of feed would spread out across the snow. The cottontails got into the habit of feeding on these small bits of feed and pellet.

Then last week when was away on holidays there was no feed scraps being spread about the snow, and one smart little bunny devised a plan to deal with the sudden lack of food.

Sure, we all know rabbits can jump as we see them hopping here and hopping there, but what would give a lowly cottontail rabbit the foresight to jump up into a feed trough to find food?

I surmised that this litle rabbit must be very special indeed. He MUST be Bionic that was the only explanation, and in the trail-cam series below you’ll not only witness this gifted animal’s thought process unfolding, you’ll observe its’ magical transformation from average Joe cottontail rabbit into – BIONIC BUNNY!

(In this image you can almost see the thought process unfold – “Man, if only I could get into that trough all the food would be mine”. He tries to climb the frame of the feeder but to no avail) 


(Then Mr. Bunny moves to the other side to cop a squat and ponder his options…)


(Sitting back on his haunches to the left of the feeder, you can almost see his little rabbit brain at work!)


(He ponders a bit more then something strange occurs; an actual metamorphosis begins – all right there to be captured on trailcam!)


(With the intestinal fortitude of a thousand rabbits, Bionic Bunny lunges upward at a lightly fast speed!)



(Flying through the air in this image, you can almost see a tiny little superhero’s cape blowing behind him)



(And with his master plan now come to fruition, Bionic Bunny settles-inside the feed trough for the meal of a lifetime. This clever little critter is no longer just your average cottontail. Bionic Bunny has gone where no bunny has gone before –  jumping nearly 3 vertical feet into the unknown in search of food.)



OK folks, I realize the entire tale is hard to believe had I not captured it all on trail-camera. Oh yes, and I have seen Bionic Bunny since then out in the back field. He walks a little taller than the rest of the rabbits; armed with the knowledge that at any moment he may transform again into Bionic Bunny should the need arise.

Yep, and just when I thought I had seen it all in the Great Outdoors…










Another cougar sighting in Central Ontario!

- August 3rd, 2012


The Central region of Ontario has become a hotbed of cougar activity of late, following an incident in Bracebridge earlier this month, and the trend continues…

While vacationing at his family cottage in the Dorset/Lake of Bays-area last week, Scott Hamilton (not the skater) spotted a very large and mysterious-looking black cat on the edge of the village.

“The cat was about 4 feet in length with a long tail, and was up and down a tree in seconds!” Scott recalls 

Hamilton was so taken aback by what he saw that he picked up the phone and called nearby Guha’s Lion and Tiger Farm, to see if any big cats had escaped.

Guha confirmed (as they did following the Bracebridge cougar shooting) that all their cats where in order, and explained to Scott that what he saw was, most likely, a jaguar.

Scott asked around and no one else had seen any large cats lurking around town.

Evidently this black cougar is on the prowl in the Dorset-area; creating even further mystery at a time when big cat sightings seem to be popping-up behind every tree in Central Ontario.

Although black cougar sightings are even more rare then the typical brown cougar sightings, there have been a handful documented over the years.

Back in August, 2010, a farmer in Wainfleet near Lake Erie, snapped this trail-cam image of, what appears to be a large black cat with a long tail; looking very much like a black cougar.


At the time, Ontario’s foremost cougar expert Dr. Rick Rosatte, dismissed the image as nothing more than “an eye-bending perspective on an overfed tomcat”

With this latest big black cat sighting in Dorset, the myth and mystery of the cougar(brown or black) continues …

I urge folks in the Dorset-area to keep on the look-out for a large black cat. If the Bracebridge cougar serves as an example, this animal in Lake of Bays will likely show its face again.


Mystery of Utah Goat-Man solved or is it?

- July 26th, 2012


The mysterious man seen last week dressed in a goat suit among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of Utah, has been identified as a hunter in a goat costume.

Those crazy hunters!!

When a passerby observed a strange-looking  goat back on July 15 in the mountains 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, officials said they wanted to speak with the ‘person’ to explain the dangers of such a stunt with hunting season approaching.

The Utah authorities starting getting anonymous phone calls to ‘leave the goat-man alone’ and things got even stranger.

But alas, the mystery has been solved as it turned out to be a California man preparing himself for the Canadian mountain goat season.


Should we even let this nut bar into the country?? I think that’s a baaaadddd idea!

The 57-year-old  hunter from Southern California explained to authorities that he was merely trying-out a goat suit in preparation for a hunt he has planned in Canada next year.

Ok, so Goat-Man has been solved, but are we any the wiser?

A goat costume to hunt mountain goats during the mountain goat season??

Ok, now I’ve heard everything!!