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Charter of Rights and Freedoms, for Animals?

- November 24th, 2014

Ok, now I’ve heard of everything – a Charter of Rights and Freedoms for animals to call their own?

An  animal rights group from Canada has proposed the ground-breaking “Charter of Rights and Freedoms for Animals” as not only a way to further the protection of animals but (in my opinion) further the agenda of this one particular Animal Rights group.

An organization calling themselves ‘Animal Justice’ launched the idea which would “guarantee the rights and freedoms that make life worth living, and give all animals a chance to have their interests represented in court.”


The group claims there is a huge gap between how Canadians care about animal welfare and how the legal system views it, and are hoping a petition draws the attention of policymakers. 

 According to the group’s lawyer: “A charter would give clear guidelines on how animals are to be treated and how we expect to live with them… free  from suffering, live meaningful lives which they can express natural behaviours and socialize.”

It actually took me a few seconds to check the calendar, as I was convinced it was April 1st and this was all a big joke.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and I’m a huge proponent of conservation and wildlife management, but come on now people, give your head a shake!




Shriner charged in incident with Animal Rights group

- April 10th, 2014


I would like to share my frustration regarding an incident with Shriner’s senior chairman Lionel Rowe, in a scuffle involving a member of Animal Rights Group, Ottawa Animal Defense League (OADL) member Len Goldberg.

As someone who’s personally had a brush with this same organization; several years ago when I brought my young daughters to the Shriners Circus at the St Laurent Mall, I know exactly the frustration Mr. Rowe must be feeling. (Well, everything but the being charged with assault part)

Evidently the OADL was finally successful in suckering someone into a fight; as I’m quite sure this was their intent all along with this upstanding member of the Shriners. The OADL tried the same tactic on me which, fortunately remained nothing more than a shouting match. (I made sure to remain calm and keep my cool)

The Ottawa SUN confirmed in an article yesterday that “The chairman of the Capital Shrine Club is to appear in court this month after a protester was allegedly choked outside a Shrine Circus performance at the RA Centre last year.”

The report went-on to say; “The OADL claims Len Goldberg was participating in a legal protest, sanctioned by a City of Ottawa permit, on public property near the RA Centre. It claims Goldberg was assaulted with a choke-hold that lasted about 30 seconds and only ended when the attacker’s hands were pried off”

During the incident I had with this OADL, my passage to the Shrine Circus was actually blocked by these so-called legal protestors handing out propaganda pamphlets. One member of the group told me (as I walked hand-in-hand with my daughters) that  I should be ASHAMED that I was subjecting my kids to such animal cruelty!

Cruelty? I asked, as I went-on to explain to this individual that I was a supporter of the Shriners and all the good work they carry-out in their children’s hospitals.

We exchanged a few words but there was no reasoning with this bunch.

He would not listen to anything I had to say and went-on to berate me for my support of the Shriners. (One of my daughter’s was crying by this point) Feeling me heart-rate on the rise, I choose to push past the barking sound of his megaphone, but not before tossing a few pamphlets in the air!

Although I felt like tackling this individual to the ground myself, I knew it would get me nowhere and only serve to further their cause.

Evidently in the case of Shriner’s chairman Lionel Rowe, he was unable to keep his cool, allowing another misguided animal rights group another small victory.

Yes, in a twisted sort of way, lawsuits of this nature play right into their hands!

My thoughts go out to Mr. Rowe and the rest of the Shriners. May this one unfortunate incident NOT tarnish the image of an organization that donates millions each year to aid crippled children, at no cost to the families, I might add.

Whose needs are being served by the Ottawa Animal Defense League?

I have no idea…it certainly isn’t the animals.




Barenaked Ladies cancel SeaWorld Show following Animal Rights petition

- December 5th, 2013



I just knew the Barenaked Ladies were doomed after they parted ways with original leader singer (heart and soul of the band) Steven Page!

Following a recent petition by an Animal Rights Activist against the band’s upcoming performance at Orlando’s SeaWorld, Barenaked Ladies have chosen to cancel the show altogether; in yet another apparent ‘cave to pressure’ from a radical ‘tree-hugging’ organization.

A resident of St. Catharines started a petition asking Barenaked Ladies to reconsider their SeaWorld concert scheduled for Feb. The petition received nearly 12,000 signatures (still scratching my head over that) and included a suggestion the band watch Animal Right’s propaganda flick  Blackfish -  a film portraying claims of abuse to killer whales in large theme parks.

In a post on their Facebook, Barenaked Ladies stated; ” We’ve talked things over, and decided not to play at Seaworld at this time. We watch movies too, ya know!”

So, without coming out and saying they’ve heeded to pressure on basis of cruelty at SeaWorld, the Ladies claim their decision to cancel had more to do with their fans than Animal Rights. (eyes rolling…)

Dammit, I just knew that infamous line from If I had a Million Dollars where the Ladies sing they want a fur coat, but not a REAL fur coat that’s cruel – would come back to haunt us!!

Come on guys, your decision to cancel SeaWorld has EVERYTHING to do with Animal Rights and ‘perceived’ cruelty to animals portrayed in some propaganda film, why not come out and admit it?

On a more personal note, I am already booked to visit SeaWorld with my family in January (have e-tickets on me as we speak) even plan to write an article about it, and if you think this guy is canceling because of some PETA-style petition or video, you’ve got another thing coming!

The Barenaked Ladies went on to say that “The SeaWorld folks have been gracious, and extended us invitations to the park to learn more about what they do, and how they do it”

My suggestion to the Barenaked Ladies:  take SeaWorld up on their offer next time before running off to the Big Smoke with your tail between legs, I bet even Rob Ford goes to SeaWorld!!

Oh and another suggestion: get Steven Page back!!



Animal Rights Group sabotage trappers

- August 19th, 2013

Thanks to the fine organization US Sportsmen’s Alliance for this recent Press Release. Looks like radicals in the US have stepped things up in their quest to end conservation!


The extremist animal rights group known as Earth First! recently published a how-to manual for illegally sabotaging wolf hunts and traps .  This was in response to a recently introduced federal bill to allow wolf hunting in most of the U.S.

The Earth First! Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual gives detailed instructions on how to sabotage traps and free trapped wolves. The 12-page manual also refers to trappers as “slob hunters” and “amateurs, a##holes, and part-timers whose techniques are crude.”

The manual, written by a group referring to themselves as the Redneck Wolf Lovin’ Brigade, tells activists how to find addresses of trappers so as to follow them from their homes to their trap lines.  The manual provides advice on how to secretly follow trappers and leave no trace of footprints nor fingerprints. It also instructs individuals to trip traps to render them ineffective.  It also states that “any type of trap line interference is illegal, so you might as well do a thorough job and totally dispose of any traps you find, as this is no more illegal than simply tripping them and leaving them intact.”

The Redneck Wolf Brigade is correct when they state that any type of trap line interference is illegal, as is hunter harassment in all 50 states. Over 25 years ago, USSA wrote the hunter-harassment language that was used by the majority of states when they passed laws protecting hunters, anglers and trappers from being able to enjoy their sports.

Wolf hunting is currently legal in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.  USSA has helped lead the fight to gain the delisting of the Western Great Lakes Wolf from protected status by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and has seen much opposition from animal rights groups such as Earth First!

Here is a glimpse of the drivle contained in this manual:

Hunt sabotage, also known as hunt sabs, has a long and glorious history in the United States and elsewhere. Hunt sabs are an effective tactic at stopping, inhibiting or drawing attention to the massacre of wildlife. Hunt sabs most often include direct intervention and are meant to disrupt a hunt. Actions can take the form of a blockade comprised of dozens of people at the office where wolf hunting permits are sold, or along roadways where hunters are engaging in hunts. But it also includes powerful propoganda, such as flyering communities before a hunt, or sharing this manual at your local NRA meeting and outside permit offices.



Cougar attack on toddler sets off debate

- September 2nd, 2011


The Vancouver SUN, earlier this week, reported on a serious cougar attack to an 18-month old toddler in Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim National Park.

Here is the article by Cindy E. Harnett:

An 18-month-old boy, who was pulled by family members from the claws of a cougar in Vancouver Island‘s Pacific Rim National Park Monday night, is in serious condition after being flown to B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

“He is being monitored closely,” said hospital spokeswoman Tracy Tang.

Julien Sylvester was walking just three metres in front of his grandfather and another adult when the cougar lunged from a forested area at the edge of the beach, Parks Canada confirmed.

The cougar was momentarily daunted by Julien’s grandfather, then lunged at the boy’s four-year-old sister. The cougar did not make contact with the girl, who was unharmed, Parks Canada spokeswoman Arlene Armstrong said.

“The cougar surprised them really quickly from the forested edge,” Armstrong said. “It was a very quick encounter.”

The grandfather immediately “got the child to medical attention,” Armstrong said.

Julien was taken to nearby Tofino hospital and then airlifted to B.C. Children’s Hospital, where his mother Sarah Hagar remained by his bedside on Tuesday.

“The family is focusing all of their energy on their son’s recovery and are asking the media to please respect their privacy today and in the days ahead, so they can concentrate on their son’s health,” said Tang, in a statement.

The attack occurred at 6 p.m. Monday night at Swim Beach in the Kennedy Lake day-use area of the national park, about 16 kilometres east of the community of Ucluelet, B.C.

Four officers from the Conservation Officer Service, tracking dogs, Ucluelet RCMP, and West Coast Search and Rescue launched a full-scale search Monday night to track and trap the cougar. About 20 Parks Canada staff are also involved in tracking, co-ordinating the search and communications. The search continued Tuesday.

If found, the cat will be killed because it poses a public safety risk, according to Parks Canada.

“The family members did everything right,” said Armstrong. “There’s no indication the family is at fault.”

Family members who witnessed the brief attack acted properly by maintaining eye contact with the big cat and aggressively scaring if off, Armstrong said.

Although the latest word is the young boy is expected to make a full recovery, Doctor’s say the child did suffer brain damage from the cougar’s jaw and teeth which had pierced his skull.

Now (as expected) the Animal Rights ‘do-gooders’ are out in full force running to the animal’s defence, following Parks Canada’s decision to hunt the cougar; labelling it as a ‘serious threat’.  

There are comments out there like; “The fact this cat did attack a child shows there is something wrong with it” and “A healthy, well-fed cougar would not attack a child in the company of two adults” and “It’s not the cougar’s fault for hunting for food”

You already know my thoughts, so what do you think?

Should any predator (be it a cougar, bear, wolf, coyote) which has attacked a human, be hunted and destroyed, or should it be left alone because it was only acting on its natural instincts?

Please feel free to way-in and share your opinion.