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Jimmy Fallon’s best lip sync battles

- November 22nd, 2014

Read our lips: Jimmy Fallon’s lip syncing battles are getting their own show.

The popular segment on his late night talk show that pits him and other celebrity guests against each other in epic lip syncing battles has just been picked up by Spike TV for a full season order.

The show will continue the tradition of seeing celebrities embarrass and outdo themselves while singing popular songs, we would imagine, in front of a live audience.

Although there aren’t many details of the show yet, Fallon, Stephen Merchant, and John Krasinski will be producing it.

In lieu of the upcoming show, we’ve put together our five favourite lip sync battles that have aired since Fallon started hosting them.

Paul Rudd vs Jimmy Fallon:

Paul Rudd’s innocent demeanour certainly helped him out in his battle with Jimmy Fallon. Acting coyly while belting out tunes like Tina Turner’s, “You Better be Good to Me,” and Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” gave him the upper hand, but it was his comedic timing and various hand gestures that made it one of the most memorable.

Emma Stone vs Jimmy Fallon

This was one of those rare instances where both Fallon and Stone brought their A-game to the party. Fallon kicks off the soirée with a poor (but hilarious) interpretation of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” that blows Emma Stone’s retaliating “Hook” by Blues Traveller out of the water.  Ding ding ding, however, and Stone comes walloping back in round two with a killer rendition of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win.” She definitely won that round.

Stephen Merchant vs Jimmy Fallon vs Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Three competitors meant three times the laughs, and oh boy did all three ever deliver. It’s hard to declare a winner out of these three since each one was better than the last. Perhaps the fairest way to break down this legendary lip sync battle is to just list each actor’s best song.

Merchant: “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Reason? The little dips he does while flailing his hands is both adorable and downright funny.

Fallon: “Don’t You Want Me?” by The Human League. Reason? He may not be singing it, but he still manages to bring the passion tenfold with this track.

Gordon-Levitt: “Superbass” by Nicki Minaj. Reason? He manages to find an action for every single line Minaj raps, and incorporates Fallon’s tie in the process. That’s comedy gold.

Gwen Stefani vs Jimmy Fallon

Gwen Stefani’s performance isn’t necessarily the best one the show’s ever seen, but when Stefani starts grinding up on Fallon, his face is priceless. You just can’t script that kind of comedy. Unless this was scripted. Then you certainly can script this type of comedy.

John Krasinski vs Jimmy Fallon

One of the all time greatest lip sync moments occurred when John Krasinski seemingly transformed into Katy Perry and delivered one of the greatest imitations in comedy history. From the doe eyes to tilting his head back as he hits the chorus of the song, no one performs “Teenage Dream” quite like Krasinski. Not even Katy Perry.

Not-so-safe Haven for William Shatner

- November 21st, 2014

Capture shatner

William Shatner is beaming down to Haven.

Showcase has announced that the former Captain Kirk on Star Trek will guest-star in a four-episode arc on Haven, which currently is airing its fifth season. Shatner’s episodes will air in 2015, in what technically will be the second half of season five.

According to Showcase, Shatner will play “a pivotal character that has the potential to forever impact the fate of the town of Haven and its Troubled residents.”

Haven, based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour.


Watch: Jennifer Lawrence fail at singing Christmas carols on Letterman

- November 13th, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence can be called many things.

An Academy Award winning actress, a slightly above par dancer, and one of the most talked about celebrities in 2014.

Jennifer Lawrence, however, cannot be called a singer.

Appearing on David Letterman Wednesday night to promote her upcoming Hunger Games installment, Mockingjay Part I, Lawrence confessed she harnessed a deep fear of singing in public.

Listeners beware: Your ears will never be the same after this rendition of Burl Ives’ A Holly Jolly Christmas.

“I do not like singing in front of people. It’s like my biggest fear. I cried on set that day,” Lawrence said. “I’m like scarred from my childhood because I have a mother –a stubborn mother- who would just tell me I was amazing at everything and could do anything, but I can’t.”

Undeterred by Lawrence’s obvious embarrassment toward the subject, Letterman asked her when fans could expect to hear her sing in the movie.

“In front of the hanging tree, where I felt like going,” she joked.

Despite her fear of public singing, Lawrence was a good sport and joined along in performing some Christmas carols with her host.

Keep an eye out for the fist bump at the end. It’s awkward and clumsy, but full of heart, and easily the second best thing that happens in this clip.

‘Too Many Cooks’ reminds us of sitcoms past

- November 7th, 2014

Remember those catchy sitcom theme songs from the 1980’s and early ‘90s where actors awkwardly posed and smiled for the camera as their names appeared on screen?


If this is something you miss, then feast your eyes on this 11 minute-plus parody called Too Many Cooks.

It’s all very reminiscent of Family Matters‘ bumper with even Kellie Shanygne Williams’ headphone pose perfectly ripped off.

And then it gets completely bizarre.


Good job.

Posted on November 4, the Adult Swim video already has over 1,390,000 views.


Daniel Radcliffe raps ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

- October 29th, 2014

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe weaved a little bit of rap magic during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

After explaining to Fallon he had the gift of spittin’ lyrics, Radcliffe busted out a cover of Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics, with the host throwing down cue cards for each letter (a la Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues) in the background.


How did he do? Well, he got a standing ovation afterwards.

Check it out: