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George R.R. Martin heartwarmingly refuses to kill boy, 13

- July 24th, 2014

REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

George R.R. Martin refuses to write a 13-year-old British boy into his books and give him a ”gruesome grizzly death,” even though the kid forked over his entire life savings.

But the Game of Thrones author did send the kid a heartwarming letter and donate $10,000 to the U.K. Wolf Conservation Trust in his name, reports The AV Club.

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Dwayne Johnson talks Sunshine Boy photo on Fallon

- July 23rd, 2014

We can all rest easy now that we finally know what the Rock was cooking.

It was Pop-Tarts, and he was carrying them around in a leather fanny pack from 1997.

‘Hercules’ star Dwayne Johnson appeared on Fallon Tuesday night to promote his upcoming blockbuster, but before they could delve into talking about the film, the Tonight Show host had some questions about Johnson’s infamous Sunshine Boy photo.

“Let’s take some time with this one, let’s take some time,” Fallon said to the slightly embarrassed Johnson.

Of course, one of the first question’s Fallon had was what the fanny pack was carrying.

“Pop-Tarts and condoms,” Johnson answers, smiling.

Fallon also wanted to know, or rather see, the best friend that had to be sporting the same fresh ’90s look as Johnson.

“I want to see the best friend that’s wearing the exact same outfit,” Fallon said. “You don’t just do this by yourself. You do this with a buddy, and you go, ‘Trust me dude, this is awesome!’”


Johnson admitted it wasn’t the definition of a “chick magnet” outfit, but argues he pulled the look off anyways.

At one point during the conversation, Fallon asks Johnson who took the photo, to which Johnson responds he can’t remember.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Dwayne, Jimmy, that Sun photo (from our archives) was taken by none other than Kate MacConnell.

Netflix releases trailer for adult cartoon starring Will Arnett, Aaron Paul

- July 22nd, 2014

Netlix has debuted the trailer for BoJack Horseman, the media giant’s first-ever adult comedy.

Will Arnett stars as BoJack, the boozed-up, washed-out, out-of-shape star of the ’90s sitcom Horsin’ Around.

The show, from TV newcomer  Raphael Bob-Waksberg, features an A-list cast, including Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul as Bo’s human sidekick, who pretty much looks like a cartoon version of Jesse Pinkman, and Amy Sedaris as Bo’s feline-ex agent/ex girlfriend Princess Carolyn.

All 12 episodes will hit Netflix on Aug. 22 at one minute past midnight for your bingeing pleasure.

‘Simpsons World’ is an unlimited pass into Springfield

- July 21st, 2014

UPDATE: FX has confirmed the Simpsons World app will only be available for U.S. subscribers. There are currently no plans to bring the app to Canada or other countries around the world at this time.

Homer Simpson once profoundly asked, “What’s the point in going out? We’re just going to end up back here anyways.”

I agree with you Homer, and it looks like FX does too.

During the TCA’s on Monday, an annual gathering of television critics and industry professionals in Los Angeles, FX president Chuck Saftler announced the creation of Simpsons World, a heaven for all Simpsons fanatics.

The multi-platform app will not only allow viewers to watch every episode of the series made to date, but will also give them ample access to trivia, character biographies, and an “ultimate” episode guide with actual scripts embedded into each episode summary.

Saftler confirmed the episodes would be partnered with commercials and in order to use the app, you must be an FX subscriber.

If that’s not a good enough reason to purchase cable, though, you probably won’t find one.

The Wrap also reported that subsequent to Simpsons World is a tool called Simpsons TV. Within Simpsons TV, users can bookmark their progress through a season, or personalize a viewing playlist based on specific characters or themes.

In order to prep for the launch of Simpsons World, FX will be carrying out a marathon of all 552 episodes –an event that will take a week a half of around the clock broadcasting. The marathon will kick off on Aug. 21 and run through Sept 1.

Personally, I think they’re missing the boat by not coordinating it to run over the Labour Day long weekend, but I’m not an executive at FX.

The Simpsons World app will be launching on all Apple and Android devices, as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms in late October.

John Oliver, muppets sing hard truths about U.S. prison system

- July 21st, 2014

John Oliver knocked it out of the park again on Last Week Tonight with this lengthy and scathing condemnation of America’s grossly overburdened, racially unequal and increasingly privatized prison system.

And because it can be frustratingly difficult to make people care about the welfare of convicted criminals — even though so many of them are behind bars for the kind of minor, non-violent drug offenses that most of us are guilty of committing on the occasional weekend out/college party — Oliver uses muppets to get his point across.

The result (“It’s a fact that need to be spoken; America’s prisons are broken”) is both funny and poignant.

Kudos to Oliver for tackling complex topics, and going for the full breakdown, rather than one quick punchline.