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Prince Harry gets in on photobombing action

- July 29th, 2014

Prince Harry gets in on the photobombing action. (Photo: Facebook screengrab)

The Queen smiled sweetly over the shoulders of some unsuspecting Australian athletes taking a selfie last week – now her grandson has gotten in on the photobombing action.

We have to admit, though, Prince Harry is much more enthusiastic about his photobomb.

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Queen photobombs Aussie athletes

- July 24th, 2014

The Queen is a photobomber! (Photo: Twitter)

I love the smile.

During a walkabout while visiting athletes at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday, the Queen photobombed two Australian field hockey players who were taking a selfie.

The photo was tweeted by athlete Jayde Taylor.

The Queen is clearly smiling and looking at the camera as Taylor and another athlete take the self portrait.

I love everything about this photobomb. Well done, Your Majesty.

Happy birthday, Prince George

- July 22nd, 2014

Curious George! Prince George checks out a butterfly that rests on his dad’s hand during a visit to the Natural History Museum in London on July 2. The royals released three official photos ahead of Prince George’s first birthday Tuesday. (Photo: John Stillwell/AFP)

It’s been a tough year for Prince George.

His first 12 months have been filled with so many challenges – entering a new world, eating solids, playing with toys, bonding with his parents and extended family, being adored by millions and, it appears, learning to walk.

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