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Duchess pregnant, ‘friend’ says

- July 14th, 2014

Does she look pregnant to you? Does it matter? Rumours swirling after “longtime friend” Jessica Hay tells Australian show the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a sibling for Prince George. (Photo:

If you thought all the “is she/isn’t she” hysteria about whether the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant would be limited to the lead-up to her first child, you would be wrong.

(But if you follow the royals, of course you would know that would be wrong.)

There is a new report from Radar Online, which reports on an interview with “longtime friend Jessica Hay” on Australia’s New Day radio show, that the duchess is once again expecting.

“Kate’s inner circle are buzzing with the news that she is pregnant,” Hay said. “I’ve heard it from several different friends of theirs now and they’re saying that they think there’s going to be an official announcement in weeks.”

Let’s just be clear here. Hay claims she has “heard it from several different friends.”

She has not heard it from Kate, her so-called “longtime friend.”

(Gee, I wonder why?)

Hay says the recent coverage of Kate changing up her hair has deterred people from noticing she has a fuller face like she did when she was expecting Prince George. Kate also has “rosy cheeks, she’s letting her greys show again, and whenever she’s out in public she goes to great lengths to hold something over her tummy.”

Kate always holds stuff over her stomach.

Prince George will turn one on July 22.

Does Kate do enough?

- July 4th, 2014

Kate and William at Wimbledon on July 2. (Photo: Toby Melville/Reuters)

On Friday, there was an interesting debate taking place in my Twitter feed.

Blogger Marilyn Braun was discussing the Duchess of Cambridge’s volunteer work with other royal followers and questioning whether the good will people show Catherine might wear thin if she doesn’t do things.

Kate has been out this week attending Wimbledon and visiting workers at the M-PACT Plus Counselling programme at a London school.

Coverage of both events highlighted how great her curly hair looked.

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Royals enjoying a drink

- June 27th, 2014

Canada Day is on Tuesday and some people have taken Monday off, meaning this is a very long weekend for them.

No doubt for many people, an alcohol beverage or two (or more!) will be part of the festivities.

So to celebrate, here are our favourite royals enjoying a wee tipple.

Camilla enjoys some wine at the Seaport Farmers’ Market in Halifax during her most recent tour of Canada in May.


(Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images/AFP)

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Boy takes selfie with the Queen

- June 24th, 2014

At first the Queen did not look amused when a teen boy took a selfie of himself as the monarch walked past him Tuesday during a visit to St George’s indoor market on June 24 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


She might be thinking, “What does he think he’s doing?” (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/AFP)

But then, is that? I think it is. Yes – it’s a bit of a smile!


(Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/AFP)

The Queen is known to enjoy her own electronics – she has an iPad and has had her grandsons show her new apps. As well, she was the reason the palace started a YouTube channel.

But I’m not sure if she’s really jumped on the selfie bandwagon.

The Queen is in Northern Ireland for an official tour. She also stopped by the set of Game of Thrones Tuesday. And everyone on Twitter really, really, REALLY wanted her to sit on that throne. She did not.


Do it! Do it! Do it! She didn’t sit on it, but the Queen did check out the Iron Throne, which is on the set of Game of Thrones. (Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters)