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Semyon Varlamov takes a tumble in the gym

- July 28th, 2014

Colorado Avalanche goaltender Semyon Varlamov had a pretty good performance last year.

He finished first in wins, first in saves and first in save percentage.

Those are pretty respectable stats.

However, Varlamov’s performance in the gym during the offseason? Not so respectable:

This just proves that professional athletes aren’t perfect and can embarrass themselves.

At least he’s in the gym while most of his buddies are probably out on the golf course.

(h/t Extra Mustard)

Japanese star breaks 10 blocks, then throws out first pitch

- July 28th, 2014

And people say everything’s bigger in America.

Guess they haven’t seen how the Japanese present a first pitch.

Takeda Rita is a 23-year-old Japanese film star and martial artist.

On Sunday she tossed the first pitch at the Chiba Lotte Marines versus Seibu Lions game in Japan.

But before she threw the pitch, Takeda had to do one thing: Warm up by putting her head through 10 blocks of what appeared to be cement.

Take a look:

Pregame action in Japan looks like something of a nightmare. I’m mostly referring to the fuzzy mascot creatures standing behind home plate.

Oh, and don’t forget strippers, Japan has strippers, too:

(h/t to The Big Lead)


Dutch cyclist Niki Terpstra takes a wiz during the Tour de France

- July 28th, 2014

Dutch cyclist Niki Terpstra gave the Tour de France’s yellow jersey a whole new meaning late last week.

Cameras caught the 30-year-old urinating mid-race.

It was disgusting. It was uncleanly.

It was something most would hope to avoid witnessing.

Most of all, it was …


A camera tracked Terpstra as he broke from a pack before pulling to the side of the road and dropping his left leg as a steady stream of pee landed in a ditch parallel to the road.

He did well to ensure fellow riders weren’t sprayed.

You know, like when you attempt to dump a beverage out the window of a moving car.

Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali might have won the race, but Terpstra won the Internet.

Nigerians celebrate their pants off amid table tennis glory

- July 28th, 2014

Following a substandard showing at the FIFA World Cup, Nigerian pride has been restored.

By the Central African nation’s ping pong team, no less.

The Nigerians claimed a bronze medal in the men’s team table tennis event at the Commonwealth Games on Monday in Glasgow, Scotland, topping India 3-1.

Following Ojo Onaolapo’s Match 4 win, the Nigerian team celebrated their pants off.

No, seriously. Check out this celebration.

That wasn’t the only memorable thing Nigeria’s ping pong team produced at these Games.

Check out this insane 41-shot rally during a quarterfinal meeting between Nigeria and Singapore.

Singapore went on to top England for the gold medal.

Former MLBer loses over 100 pounds, surprises former team

- July 27th, 2014

Dmitri Young showed up to the Washington Nationals and Cincinnati Reds game in Cincinnati on Friday, and I’m pretty sure no one knew who he was.

The former MLB big man who spent 13 years in the majors (St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Washington) and was named to two All-Star teams, lost over 100 pounds and wanted to show off to two of his former teams.

Young used to weigh 295 pounds and was the third heaviest player to ever play in the MLB.

Take a look at the all new Dmitri Young now.

His drastic weight loss had many scratching their head, wondering who the skinny guy walking around the dugout was, so he brought along a hat to remind them.

“Oh you’re that Dmitri Young!”

(H/T to FTW)