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WATCH: OHLer scores bizarre shootout goal

- October 31st, 2014

It took a couple seconds longer than a usual shootout tally but, hey, it still counts.

Adam Laishram scored the second of four shootout goals for the Belleville Bulls in their 3-2 win over the North Bay Battalion on Thursday.

North Bay goalie Jake Smith made a blocker save on Laishram’s shot but didn’t stick around afterward. Thinking he made the save, Smith started skating towards the bench. But the puck eventually landed about a foot outside the crease and promptly bounced over the goal line.

The on-ice call was that the attempt was a non-goal but, after a review, the ruling was reversed.

If the original call stood, the Battalion would have won the game since they were ahead 2-1 in the shootout. Instead, the goal extended the shootout, which North Bay would eventually lose.

As Yahoo! Sports points out, this is the first time Laishram has been used in an OHL shootout.

Belleville captain Jake Marchment summed things up pretty well on Twitter following the game:

(Thanks to Buzzing the Net for bringing this story to our attention.)

Flyers scared silly by ‘snake in cooler’ prank

- October 31st, 2014

One phobia that extends right across society is the fear of snakes.

And, yes, even NHL players are afraid of them. Or, at least, those who play for the Philadelphia Flyers.

As a Halloween prank — not sure what snakes have to do with Halloween but, well, whatever — Flyers equipment manager Derek Settlemyre decided to leave a cooler with a fake snake inside in a conspicuous spot near his office. He no doubt knew the players would swing by looking for a nice, cold Gatorade.

What they got was entirely different.

The reactions of the players — and Settlemyre, for that matter — are priceless.

Did you see assistant coach Ian Laperriere, one of the toughest customers you’d ever meet on the ice during his playing days, nearly crap his pants? Or Zac Rinaldo, with his best New Jersey mob line?

Broad Street Bullies? Pfft, not quite.

But, if I was Settlemyre, I’d be expecting payback. Soon.

October Horror Show! The Sabres are so bad they could use the Grim Reaper

- October 30th, 2014

Unless you’re a Carolina Hurricanes fan, it doesn’t get much worse than the Buffalo Sabres, a failing NHL club that has managed just 11 goals through 10 games this season.

They’ve been shut out in four of their last six games, ending with a 4-0 shellacking at the hands of the embattled Toronto Maple Leafs earlier this week.

With the Buffalo Bills still playing meaningful football well into October – yes, that’s rare – the Buffalo News has shifted its attention to tearing a strip off the city’s hockey franchise.

Adam Zyglis, a cartoonist with the paper, came up with this “Horror Show” beauty in Thursday’s edition.

Add up the results from the dates listed in the cartoon and it’s easy to see how bad this Sabres team actually is.

Over the six games mentioned, Buffalo lost by a combined 27-5.

Come to think of it, maybe Zyglis should correct his cartoon.

Wouldn’t the Grim Reaper be more apt, seeing as he’d be able to put Sabres fans out of their misery?

Happy Halloween, Upstate New York.

Caps’ Chimera has nose rearranged, misses less than half period

- October 30th, 2014

NHL players know a couple of things come with the territory: They’re gonna lose some teeth and their face will probably get rearranged at some point.

After Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, Washington Capitals forward Jason Chimera is living testimony to the latter. I’m guessing that as a long-time NHLer, he’s already experienced the former.

Chimera tried to throw a hit on Red Wings defenceman Brendan Smith early in the first period but didn’t come out of it unscathed. Not by a long shot.

Somehow, Chimera’s nose took the brunt of the damage, as you can clearly see in the video below. (The money shot, such as it is, comes about 46 seconds in. And, yeah, it is pretty gnarly so you’ve been warned.)

But, being the hockey player he is, Chimera had his broken nose fixed up and played the rest of the game.

He missed six minutes of play. Yes, you read that right. Six minutes.

That, friends, is the epitome of toughness.


NFL cheerleaders lose team-issued outfits to don creative Halloween wear

- October 29th, 2014

Who says it’s the “No Fun League”?

Cheerleaders around the NFL this week donned Halloween garb in place of their typical team-issued outfits.

And some of the costumes were actually pretty creative – particularly the Tennessee Titans’ “Laces Out” girl crouching down in the front row.

Our renowned costume analysts took a shot at figuring out what each of these young ladies is dressed as.

Here it goes:

(Back row L to R) Wonder Woman, Minnie Mouse, Fire Fighter, Cat (Cheetah?), Pilot, Tina Turner, Bat Girl, The Green Lantern.

(Front row L to R) Jasmine, Football, Hippie, Mario, Luigi.

Scroll down to check out some of the other costumes that appeared on sidelines around the NFL this week.

Then check back Thursday to see our gallery of athletes dressing up this year.

(L to R) Cheetah, Pirate, Princess of some kind, Valentines Day lingerie, Unknown

(L to R) Wonder Woman, Robin, Normal cheerleader?

There are a lot of repeats here.

A few things stick out here – Tinker Bell (front left). And what appears to be a Marilyn Monroe attempt (front right).