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Red Wings’ Tomas Tatar takes knee to head from linesman

- October 1st, 2014

Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar was on the wrong end of an unfortunate incident during Wednesday night’s pre-season game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Tatar was shoved into the boards by Blake Comeau and directly into the path of the linesman posted at the blueline. The linesman tried to jump out of the way, but his knee ended up knocking Tatar in the head.

Tatar looked woozy after the hit and had to be helped off the ice.

Fortunately, it appears he’ll be OK.

“He got hammered pretty good, said it’s worse than UFC,” coach Mike Babcock told “He’s going to be fine.”

How did this elderly lady end up in the Giants dugout?

- October 1st, 2014

What happened to this lady? Is she lost?

How did she get in the dugout? Did she come through the clubhouse?

The cop certainly has no clue what she’s doing, either.

Keep your eye on the top left of the video below.

(h/t Barstool Sports)

Floyd Mayweather is stunned this stranger doesn’t know him

- October 1st, 2014

A lot of people know who Floyd Mayweather is, but not everybody knows who Floyd Mayweather is.

Let’s face it, he may be the highest-paid athlete in the world but boxing isn’t exactly mainstream these days.

So when the champ graces the public with his presence it’s understandable somebody might not recognize him.

This, if the below video is to be believed to be authentic, is stunning news to the undefeated fighter.

Warning: Foul language alert

Usain Bolt, for what it’s worth, had a chuckle at the quip about him.

(h/t For the Win)

Flyers cave in to boobirds, bring back ice girls

- September 30th, 2014

A handful of Philadelphia Flyers fans voiced their displeasure, and the NHL franchise decided that was enough.

The ice girls are back.

Judging by the video showed to fans Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center, the skimpy outfits may also return.

This, of course, stems from the apparent “outrage” by fans who soundly booed the team’s all-male 12-person ice crew during pre-season games last week.

It was thought the new-look ice cleanup team was a response to a Mother Jones article published in June quoting anonymous Flyers ice girls about horrible working conditions, including low wages and being forced to wear their outfits in the frigid outdoors.

What was already a questionable situation has now only been made worse. The initial change didn’t come off as inclusive — women can clean ice in pants and sweaters, too — and now the Flyers have to deal with the backlash of a flip-flop that has caused hockey fans to question the club’s priorities.

Those at the rink cheered Tuesday when the latest changed was announced on the scoreboard, but the reaction on Twitter was overwhelmingly opposed.

In fairness, the ice crew auditions page doesn’t specify whether candidates need to be male or female, and makes no mention of the uniform.

Philadelphia’s home opener is Oct. 9. We’ll know for certain by then what, if anything, the Flyers will take from this public relations blunder.

Washington Nationals fan bartering playoff tickets for threesome

- September 30th, 2014

A Washington Nationals fan purporting to be the opposite of a “gross, old dude” is attempting to barter a pair of playoff tickets for a promiscuous night with a pair of women.

A nameless Craigslist contributor in the U.S. capital is seeking sex – well, a threesome – in return for two “Diamond Club” tickets to Friday night’s National League wild card game in Washington D.C.

If that wasn’t already enough, the tickets, the poster claims, offer luxury seats that include free drinks and gourmet food.


“I am willing to part with these tickets to you and a friend in exchange for a threesome (two women only),” the poster clarified.

“I am not some old gross dude, actually 24 and athletic,” he continued. “I just can’t go to the game and don’t really need the extra money, and have always wanted to take place in a threesome.”

Attempts to reach the poster by email weren’t immediately returned Tuesday night.

But we’re guessing he was hoping to see a very different email pop up in his inbox considering his demands.

“Please send 2-3 photos of you and your friend so I can see what we’re working with.”

The post has since been flagged for removal.