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Fantasy football dispute leads to two dudes scrapping it out

- October 24th, 2014

Anyone who has ever taken part in fantasy football already knows this. But it bears repeating now.

Fantasy football is an addictive, all-consuming, frustrating, exhilarating hobby that occasionally turns some of us into ranting, whining, pouting nine-year-olds all over again.

Yep, fantasy football is serious stuff. Very serious.

Don’t agree? Let me ask you something, fantasy player: The last time your team’s running back/wide receiver/tight end was tackled inches from the end zone and another player scored the very next play, did you yell at your TV? Course you did. And you cursed the coach for his play calling, the player for failing to score and, finally, your decision to play fantasy football.

So, you see, this is to be taken very seriously.

Just ask these two dudes, who felt the only way to solve a fantasy football beef was to get together in the local park and throw down.

According to fantasy football writer Joe Fortenbaugh, who provided a number of entertaining tweets about the grudge match, the loser had to leave the league, just like something out of the WWE. Fortenbaugh even tweeted that the guys agreed to a few rules, including that leg breaking would not be involved.  Hmph, sounds reasonable enough to me.

Heck, the decision to scrap it out, not hug it out, makes perfect sense to me. (As I’m sure it does to plenty of fantasy players, many of whom have a screw, or two, loose.) And having someone videotape it offers proof, if one of the playas ever reneges on giving up the game.

In fact, I’ve wanted to ask one of my fantasy football opponents to step outside on a couple of occasions. Strangely, better judgment (not a term used often in fantasy football) came over me.

OHL coach drops F-bomb on reporter following another loss

- October 23rd, 2014

The Sudbury Wolves have been having a tough time since the OHL season opened last month.

Sitting in last place in the Eastern Conference’s Central Division — and last overall in the league — with one win in 11 games, the Wolves are struggling mightily on the ice.

On Wednesday, the Wolves faced the highly-skilled Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, losing 7-2. It was their 10th-straight loss.

Following the game, a clearly frustrated Wolves head coach Paul Fixter met reporters outside the dressing room. Watch as Fixter loses his composure on Sault Star sports reporter Peter Ruicci’s line of questioning.

Today, the coach released a statement through the team’s website, apologizing for his choice of words.


No word yet on whether Fixter will face any disciplinary action from the OHL.

Canadiens’ P.K. Subban dresses as Michael Jackson for Halloween

- October 23rd, 2014

There’s a reason our Mike Zeisberger referred to P.K. Subban as the Deion Sanders of the NHL.

He’s “flamboyant”.

He has “flair,” Zeisberger added.

“In other words, Prime Time on Skates.”

And, apparently, away from the arena, too.

The Habs’ defenceman became an off-the-ice highlight reel this week when he portrayed Michael Jackson at the Canadiens’ Halloween party.

While this garb was undoubtedly professionally done, Subban’s Thriller costume was just another opportunity for the 25-year-old to be front and centre.

Maybe Phil the Thrill can take some lessons in how to engage the public.

Portland Timbers owner lashes out at fan-run Twitter account

- October 22nd, 2014

Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson is under fire after telling the operator of a Twitter account representing his club’s supporters’ group to “STFU,” a common social media acronym for shut the f— up.

A representative of the Timbers Army, one of the most loyal supporters’ groups in Major League Soccer, took aim at the club for failing to address defensive issues ahead of Tuesday night’s Champions League loss in Honduras.

Fans were also critical of the lineup head coach Caleb Porter deployed.

That led to Paulson, one of the more vocal owners in MLS, becoming, uh, overtly defensive himself.


Portland’s eventual 3-1 loss saw it exit the CONCACAF Champions league in disappointing fashion.

Then Paulson had to answer for the comment he deleted the next day.

Justin Bieber brags about ‘dangling’ men’s league opponent

- October 22nd, 2014

Apparently the Biebs does more than ball.

Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber’s fondness for basketball is well known.

But it turns out the 20-year-old from Stratford, Ont., thinks highly of himself on the ice, too.

Bieber tweeted out a video late Tuesday night claiming responsibility for what he deemed a dirty puck “dangle”.

What he failed to mention was the dude he twisted up could hardly skate.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Ignoring that the competition appears to be a non-competitive men’s league, Bieber does well to finish off the play glove side.

Shades of Mario Lemieux?